AT&T Galaxy S4

16GB pricing confirmed at $199 on-contract, $639 off-contract

It looks as though the early Staples document that leaked a release date of the Galaxy S4 on AT&T as April 26th was off by just a couple of days. Folks have pointed out to Engadget that they're seeing official pre-order availability and pricing for the S4 on the AT&T website. It's showing up for us as well, with pricing as you'd expect -- $199 and two years of commitment for a 16GB model in either white or black. Those willing to go off-contract will pay the hefty $639, and if for some reason you want just a 1 year contract, you can shave that down to $449.

If AT&T is your carrier of choice for the Galaxy S4, the anxious among us can get their pre-orders in today from the source link below. The site indicates free shipping, and people who have gone through with it are receiving estimated arrival dates of May 3rd for the devices. Have you pulled the trigger on this one yet? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Source: AT&T


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Galaxy S4 pops up on AT&T website with April 30 ship date


Ok... so you can get a 16 GB version of the boring old school GS4 for $640 or a 64GB "developer edition" of the innovative and exciting museum quality HTC One for $650, for those who want to hack the HTC One as much as possible or not. Your choice.

Hmmm?!? Do the math!

Compelling picture of the GS4 btw.

Those are your opinions, which are fine, personally I find them both to be great looking phones.

Side note I used to work in a museum, almost every prop was made out of plastic.

Innovative? You talking about the Blink Feed?That's the only "innovation" mentioned thus far by any reviewer. Sounds like most want to get rid of it. Or at least the option.
Museum quality?????
It's a handsome, striking device but let's keep our feet on the ground.
S4 is "Old School?" If the One is a huge success (I hope), you can bet that when it's time for the next iteration of the One, it will look very much like the current one, with a few body tweaks ala iphone4 to iphone5 or S3 to S4. Following the trend of those two, the HTC One will probably stretch the screen and make minor design changes. That's it.
Then you can call the next HTC One "Old School" too.

BlinkFeed the only innovative feature? Really?
Nreeldeep... your entire diatribe sorely lacks a shread of credibility. Samsung wouldn't pay for this post, I hope.

Please don't even attempt simple math.

BTW don't you just love that physical button nestled in between two capacitive buttons? What's up with that?

At least with the S4 you have the *OPTION*
of making the memory 80GB's with adding a
64GB card, no *OPTION* to do that with the HTC One.

People who care more about fashion than function are Apple
cronies, cause that's what the HTC One amounts to,

I'm a guy, it's a smartphone, I care about function,
it's not a purse!!!

I agree with the first paragraph. But then you go on to sound just like an Apple cronie.
You topped it off by managing to get "I'm a guy" and "purse" in the same sentence. Uh...ok

But, isn't Android going more and more away from storing things off on cards? As it is, it's a pain to store music and things like that on an external card, and you can't put apps on them anymore as far as I know, unless it's through a root or something.

Just curious what makes it a pain? I put music, video, etc on all my devices with SD storage and it's no more difficult than on the devices with only built in storage.

I don't need the OPTION because I got a 64GB One for only $10 more than this 16GB S4. I understand a few people might need more than 64GB if they have vast porn collections, but I and most others don't. If you need more than 64GB in a phone, you are the 0.01 percenter.

Jay, I suppose you haven't heard. External storage causes data fetching glitches and lock ups with certain apps. Have fun because you'll probably have to pop your battery.

My thoughts exactly. I have been waiting forever it seems like for this day, but I am waiting for the 32 GB model. So, where is it AT&T?

Well, you can buy a microSD card and make it 32GB if you want. Isn't that what all the Galaxy users are on about these days?

But its still not the same, its simply external storage, no system integration what so ever. I still don't understand the nerd use case. Your still capped at around 2GB for app installation since the S3 doesn't have a universal partition for all media and application storage. Buying a microSD will not make it better unless all you store is just music and videos lol.

Just did the math. Samsung is full of themselves and a 16GB plastic phone is never worth $640 off contract, replaceable battery or not.

It does come with dozens of more sensors than other phones. That being a few more motion sensors, humidity and a thermometer. On top of that they have the new finger hover thing on the screen.

Those probably drove up the cost.

But keep in mind that repairing a HTC One by yourself or replacing the battery is impossible. You'll be required to send it into HTC.

Dozens more sensors... SlimJ87D ? Really?!?

Many are smarter than you may believe. And they can also do simple math.

Yet you can repair your Sammy. Wow, that's good. A necessary skill set.

Logical N2BBU? "I did the math and sealed batteries suck!" Absolutely brilliant!

I also wonder why Samsung has NOT yet provided review units to editors?

Why the lag? Whizbang unstable on 4.2.2? Touted features like look away or hover finger not working? Makes you go ?!? hmmm?!?

Dayum! Off contract you get 16GB for only $10 less than a 64GB HTC One. That must be some expensive plastic you got there Sammy.

Come on, AT&T. Since Google Music can't be downloaded to external storage (or apps for that matter) my 32GB external SD card goes almost unused for the Note II. Looking to pick up the S4, but if 16GB is once again all they're offering on Samsung devices this year, then it makes me consider going to HTC.

Tough choice. I know I'll get flamed for this, but I'm absolutely in love with the One's hardware(who isn't?!). But after watching The Verges video review, I couldn't handle HTCs software. Here's to hoping AT&T pulls through this year.

I know there's other ways to get it on the ExtSD card, but honestly I'd rather just take two steps rather than use a middle man. If I absolutely have to, I will use this or similar options so I appreciate the advice!

But Spotify doesn't offer all the music that I listen to. Doesn't offer all the artists I listen to. If I want to limit myself to Spotify's limited selection, then yes.

I ordered early on 4/16/13. Then today I received email saying my order is on back order and it will be shipped as soon as it is available! I immediately called and canceled the pre order. Defeats the purpose of pre ordering, I will just go to store and pick it up on the 30th.

Was troubleshooting with At&T yesterday, they were telling me that their system says the 32 gig is available. When they double-checked, because it's obviously not on the web page, they told me that they have notes in their system saying pre-orders for it will begin next week. We shall see!