Galaxy S3 Mini

Curious to see what $349 can get you outside of the Play Store? If you head to the deals site Daily Steals in the next day, you'll get a chance to buy the Galaxy S3 Mini for just a penny under $350. This one is the 16GB model with just HSPA+ -- no LTE here -- and is unlocked with the proper frequencies for AT&T. So if that all fits the bill for you, hit the source link below.

Source: Daily Steals


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Galaxy S3 Mini on sale from Daily Steals for $349.99


this is a better deal than the Nexus 4.

Why? The Galaxy SIII Mini has a MicroSD slot.

It can accept a 64GB Sandisk MicroSDXC card.
(use your PC to format it to FAT32 first,
do not format in the phone)

I'm always baffled why people get all butt-hurt over no SD card. I mean if you absolutely need 'on-board' and 'always connected' storage then sure, but otherwise - you can always root your phone and spend approx. $1 - $3 to buy a Micro to USB OTG Host adapter and connect as much Friggin' storage as you want. Problem solved.

The Nexus 4 is a better deal than this.

Why? The Nexus 4 supports all 3G networks, supports DC-HSPA, has a much higher resolution display, twice as much RAM, higher resolution front and rear cameras, records 1080p video, a much faster processor, is on the latest version of Android, and has a bigger battery.

MicroSD may be enough for you to choose this phone over the Nexus 4 but that doesn't make it a better deal. You get so much more with the Nexus 4.

Better because of the expansion slot, not really. I prefer pure Android and with Spotify, Google Music I dont need to carry music on my phone anymore other than "offline" mode. Movies go on my Nexus 7 now. Its all about preference and I prefer the Nexus 4 over the S3 Mini all day, everyday.

It's not a great buy unless you absolutely want a device with 4" screen only. This is merely Samsung cashing off their S3 popularity. Even if you take away the context of Nexus devices selling cheap, the resolution of this device is a bit dated. Price wise, its the same as the Nexus 4 and used Galaxy Nexus are now $250 or less. Yet it lacks these features that the two Nexus have:
720p screen, pentaband radio, stock android and quick updates from Google, and correct me if I'm wrong but it doesn't support HSPA 21mbps, only HSDPA 14.4? (not that it will make a big diff in download speed, but still)

Mind you I actually prefer smaller devices and wish there are more choices for highend devices with not ridiculously large screen. Though it makes much more sense if this device have 4.2 to 4.4" screen with at least 960x540 res, so it can compete with the HTC One S, which it doesn't imo. Lastly, I'm going to say this, the built quality of this device seems similar to the S3. My Galaxy Nexus is more durable than the S3, and the Nexus 4 probably will have better built quality than the Galaxy Nexus.

One have you be intoxicated on some bad mojo to think its a "better deal than a Nexus 4".

Yep. This phone does not support HSPA+, so no real or even fake 4G. It's a 3G phone only. Sounds fine on paper, but just try doing all the things you're used to now, on 3G instead of 4G. It really makes a big difference. Plus, it's already behind in software and will likely not get upgraded to anything anytime soon, living in the shadows of the SIII and with limited carrier support.

This is a good deal. My sister will only move over to an android phone if it has a 4" screen or smaller. She refuses to get a big phone. So this will be her xmas present. Now she can get rid of her crapple phone!!

If only Google acknowledges the need for such form factor and provides another Nexus as well, the iPhone will be seriously in trouble. I'm personally not a very happy camper with a Galaxy Nexus 4.7" screen, rather had a 4 - 4.3 screen I do admit Apple has a point single hand usage with thumb does not cover the whole phone for a lot of people, all we need is just more choice under the Nexus brand, the phone given will have a smaller resolution, likely a bit slower processor and potentially a bit thicker to provide battery space, but please bring it on Google, think N4 and N4+ or N4x.. or may be N4 and N4 mini... whatever but bring that on please...