Galaxy Note 3 Experience

Get a deeper look into the many features of Samsung's latest Note

Ever been curious about using a Note device, but never given one a try? Well Samsung is hoping that an app in the Play Store called the Galaxy Note 3 Experience will help you discover all of its great features. You get a chance to watch some promo videos, and live interactive full-screen tutorials showing how features work on the Note 3 on whatever device you currently use.

Things like Air Command, Multi Window, Scrapbook and more are all on display, and they actually look pretty good considering that everything is just running in an app. You can also see how interactions work between the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear, although that implementation is a little clunky to our eyes.

The app also does you some good even if you already have made the choice to go with a Note 3. If you install it on your device, you'll get tutorials on all of the great features at your disposal that you may not have discovered on your own. If you're at all curious about the Note 3, you may want to take a look.


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The Galaxy Note 3 Experience app shows you what using a Note is all about


Plain and simple nobody has a legitimate excuse not to buy the Note 3.

It isn't to big for anyone the feature that allows to shrink the screen from either side with one swipe motion is extremely intuitive.

The keyboard shifts from left to right, the dailer does the same thing, and the keyboard can operate in the same manner.

This is definitely the ultimate best business/productivity/multitasking handset ever made since the inception of android.

Battery life is industry leading the software solutions and feature enhancements are something never found on any handset.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

If you're not rolling with Samsung then your simply NOT ROLLING at all.

This application is great especially for those who are first time Note product buyers. I enjoy this application a lot.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

So now I'm 'not rolling' because I think...
1. Touchwiz is ugly.
2. I have no need for a phone with a stylus.
3. I can't afford a $700+ phone.
4. It is too big to comfortably fit in one hand (I've tried already)
5. I don't like all the storage hogging bloatware.
6. I don't think the rear of the phone looks very nice.
7. Phones such as the Nexus 5 have everything I need or could possibly want.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maybe mine is different than yours. It doesn't make me any less of a person than you.

Posted from the awesome new Nexus 7

Why because he's not praising the all mighty nexus he's getting paid to give an opinion?

Posted via Android Central App

No. Because ALL his posts for the past almost 2 years here, on Android and Me, and on any website that uses Disqus usually includes something about how the Note 3/Samsung/T-Mobile is the end-all-be-all, and nothing else will ever compare.

So?? For him, they are better. Nobody is calling to ban you because you think all generation of nexus products are simply the best. So, why should he be banned just because he 'thinks' Note is better than everything. Objectively speaking, all of us do the same thing -- we think what we like is the best.

You obviously don't know anything about Richard Yarrell's posts. I'm pretty sure some people here actually look for his posts on Samsung news, just to have a good laugh :D

Yes, we all think what we like is best. But Richard's problem is claiming that "nobody has a legitimate excuse not to buy the Note 3", among other things. Plenty of people have almost every reason under the sun not to want a Note 3. Many people have listed those reasons already, most notably because "I don't want a Note 3". That's reason enough. I've witnessed Richard call people "useless bums" and other petty, childish names simply because they have a different opinion than him. He constantly tells me I have a "crappy useless Galaxy Nexus on Sprint" because I "can't afford a new device every year". Please tell me how that even makes sense? Please tell me why he *shouldn't* be banned for crap like that?

And for the record, I don't think "all generation of Nexus products are simply the best". Yes, I like Nexus products more than others, but that doesn't mean I think they are the unequivocal "best". Further, even if I did think Nexus products were/are the best, you wouldn't see me spewing it on literally every post I make, because I actually *do* realize and understand that people have different thoughts/opinions than mine, and that's ok. I'm not about to try and force my opinions on someone else, like Dick Yarrell is doing. He's already been banned from AC once (under a different username). He was banned from the AC forums (under this username) a year ago. He's been banned from Phandroid (4 times), Android Police, and probably a few other websites for this same exact crap or worse. So again, why *shouldn't* he be banned?

This is without a doubt the best comment I've ever read. Couldn't agree more

Posted via Android Central App

Nobody can say he isn't passionate. He is very vocal about his liking for Samsung, like many other people. But I think it's obvious that he is not a 'paid troll'.

I have a legitimate reason, I DON'T LIKE THE NOTE 3!

1. I hate touchwiz

2.It is too big! I have personally tried it, my friend has one, I don't like the feel of it in my hand. I find the phone to be too large.

3.I have NEXUS 5! I care more about software updates, then gimmicky features

4.I have no need for a stylus.

5.Did I mention I have a Nexus 5?!

Lol okay there Hitler... Calm down.
I'll take my N5 and Moto X any day of the week.

Posted via Android Central App

Hey I was on YouTube and I saw Richard Yarell commented on a G2 vs nexus 5 video haha surprisingly he didn't come out with a Note 3 bla bla bla, instead he commented on the G2 pimp slaps the nexus 5 lol. As for his "rolling with Samsung" comment it's this exact type of comments that made me hate the iPhone the people using it thought they were almost god like for owning one, he's really having the reverse effect and making people pissed off and hate Samsung.

Posted via Android Central App

You overuse the phrase plain and simple. I have a good excuse I Really don't want a Samsung product

Posted via Android Central App

Had it for 3 weeks. Battery sucks compared to Note 2 (on JellyBeans' rom). New S-pen features are cool for people that use S-pen (I don't). An awesome phone if you have an original Note or any sub-5" phone, but not $700 worth of improvement over my Note 2, imo.

My eyes are way past their prime, the Note 2 screen is adequate for me. The Note 3 is screen is bigger, brighter and more crisp, but it's not worth the battery hit. While browsing the web, I could almost watch the battery meter drain. I can browse on my Note 2 all day long. I used Better Battery Stats and Wakelock Detector to hunt rogue processes, and could not find anything. I think my Note 3 may have been a dud but I held onto it past my return widow hoping it would improve, and it didn't. I genuinely hope my experience was an exception, and other Note 3 owners get better results. But for $700, I was not impressed.

Note3 battery pimp slaps the note2 battery plain and simple.....seriously though, I do get better battery on the 3.

Posted via Android Central App

I have a galaxy tab 10.1 and although I'm using cm10.1 and it's like a new tablet...I would suggest that you stay away from the galaxy tab range but if you want to buy a samsung tab go for the note range. My friend has a samsung laptop, it looks like he doesn't have issues, they're just a little overpriced, I bought a Lenovo and I'm really impressed with it, the samsung one of the same price had a i5 and a cheap amd graphic card while the lenovo had a i7 and good nvidia card - same price :O.

the link to the app on play store says that the app is incompatible with all my device sincluding s4 and note 3!!! Ridiculous in the extreme that the app doesnt work even on the S4 and Note 3 !!

I think a lot of the features of phones like the gs4 and the galaxy note 3 are underrated. Some people don't understand that those "gimmicky" features are actually really helpful and are used every day.

Posted via Android Central App

and for some people not everyone like what you like either... and from my guess it's probably a nexus....

Posted via Android Central App

I know it's ridiculous..... they think if you don't like the Nexus or prefer something other than that your opinion doesn't matter. And they would be trolling this galaxy note 3 post...

Posted via Android Central App

ha this reminds me of when those creeps at Blackberry created that mobile site where Android and iPhone users could demo BB10 on their own device via their browser.

I'm in the UK and the app says it's not available in my country.

The regional locking for the Note3 is getting silly!

Spare the hate, give credit when credit is due. This is the best phone made this year imo. Its packed with tons of amazing features that gets me going everyday. The battery, screen, camera and build is amazing. I've got big hands so size doesn't matter to me.

Everyone's titled to his or her own opinion but this is just my honest opinion (doesn't mean its a fact tho).

P.S. I wasn't paid to say this ;)

Posted via Android 5.0 Milkshake

The articles talks about the Note 3 but the photo is of the awesome HTC One. In my opinion best phone ever made with dual speakers that none can compare to.

Posted via Android Central App

Shared ! Good stuff.
Great device PA so to speak, but definitely not for everyone.

Posted via Android Central App

Why is it on a HTC One? So you can see exactly what you are missing. You can look at what you could have vs what you actually have.

/nah, he probably just had it handy. the One is one of the top 3 phones of the year

galaxy notes are the best loved my note 2 and now loving my note 3 it has everything a human can ask for in a phone and more

The app looks like it belongs on ios6 and it even taps into gingerbread dialog boxes. Yep, I would say they nailed the experience with this app.

Haha its funny that people get mad because you love and stand by your phone. Some mad because they don't got one and some got legitimate reasons why they don't like it. Who cares just love your phone be grateful. I know I can walk around knowing I got a top of line phone. T-Mobile note 3 baby

Posted via galaxy Note 3 Android Central App

It is amazing how it's become the Sammy vs. Nexus internally within, at least on these posts here at AC. I wonder if on imore back when the iPhone 5 came out all the 4s people were saying the 5 is not as good or something. My 4s pimp slaps your 5c!

I had a nexus, and liked it because I could rom it to my liking, adding a ton of stuff I didn't need(sorcery ruled!).....just like that ugly touch wiz that I use daily and really like most of the features. After the note2, I bought the note 3 because I wanted the features.

Some people like vanilla.....Some people like it with chocolate syrup and's still ANDROID! Woot woo!

Posted via Android Central App

I have the note 3 and I would say... It is the best phone I ever use. Nexus phone are nice but they catch match the note. The only thing bad about the note is touch wiz but come on now.... It is so easy to put another launcher on your phone. I use nova launcher... Fix. It's an excellent phone. The size really do not matter.

Posted via Android Central App