Android 2.2 Froyo Security settings

For those of you who worry about locking down your phone -- just in case it gets lost or stolen or your wife likes to check up on your calling and browsing habits -- you now have a couple of new options in Android 2.2 Froyo.

The old pattern unlock is still there, and works as before. But new are the option for a numerical PIN unlock, or a password unlock. the PIN and password unlocks have to use at least four characters. Of course, using more than that will help keep your dirty secrets away from prying eyes for a little while longer. Check out the screen shots after the break.

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Android 2.2 Froyo Security settingsAndroid 2.2 Froyo Security settings

Android 2.2 Froyo Security settingsAndroid 2.2 Froyo Security settings


Reader comments

Froyo Feature: New security lock options


While I love the pattern lock for the simplicity, I hated it for the security. I will be turning on either passcode or password lock as soon as I upgrade to Froyo.

Having a PIN or password will help enterprise users with Microsoft Exchange security policies. In many large companies, in order to use a mobile e-mail client, the client mail app must be able to comply with enterprise Exchange policies that are pushed. So, this is another step closer to business and enterprise users to use an Android device for work as well as personal use.

I have this capability on my Sprint Palm Pre. It is great for work and personal e-mail.

I really don't get the logic of the pattern idea, at all. Intuitively, it seems to me that the number of possible patterns of, lets say, a 4 dot pattern would be at least an order of magnitude less secure than 4 digits, or even better, a mix of digits, letters and special characters.

Has anyone provided data that a layman like me can comprehend, that explains the security level provided via the pattern technique?

It looks like the screen says that you have to connect a minimum of 4 dots, so I'm guessing you could do more than that to make it significantly harder to guess.

plus, I dont remember right now, but you cant cross the same dot twice cane you? with a pin or a password you can repeat the character as much as you want...

I am surprised the new exchange policies in Froyo are not reported with more fanfare. This is the first release (via SDK) that my corporate exchange server would talk to. Someone on Engadget flagged me to the EAS security policy support on the Incredible which also works (they actually claimed eclair had support, but it does not). But finally Google has fixed the problem it has had with EAS support. It only took Palm a few months to fix their problems. Apple a year, but Google took 2 years!

I wonder if apple will sue over this, after all in the htc suit they mention that they have a paten for unlocking a touch screen device via patters and on screen gestures.

Oh my... A lot of people seem to dislike the pattern lock. Why the harsh comments? It's perfectly good for the average user! It even unlocks when you finish it, without having to tap a button. I would say it's more suited for touch screens. If you need to have a pin lock for enterprise reasons then say so, but don't hate on the pattern! :) Otherwise, if someone is going to spy on you to see your pattern, they would see your pin too...

What the hell? Why so much hate for the pattern unlock? It's way more interesting than entering some random PIN, and anyone doubting its value as a security measure really has no idea what they're talking about.

i like pattern lock . i can't figure out if it times you out if you make too many pattern lock mistakes. any insight if froyo 2.2 actually provides ability to remote wipe via exchange 2003? Crucial for corporate security.

With the password feature, are there any plans on Active Directory integration? Just an ability for your LDAP password to actively be synched with your network would be awesome.