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The folks at Fring are screaming from the rooftops today about their latest update, which brings video calling to the popular VOIP-chat (and now video) service. Using the new Evo 4G (you might have seen us write about it a little lately) and its front-facing camera, you can call your friends, and each have video of the other. Of course, if your friends are anything like ours, you might just want to stick to voice. Full presser after the break.

London, United Kingdom, 27 May 2010. fring, the mobile over internet communication service, today announces the release of the world's first mobile video calls over internet on Android devices

For the first time, users of Android devices, the world's fast-growing mobile phone operating system, will be able to send a good night kiss from abroad, for free, from their mobile phones with fring.

Android device owners now join Nokia (Symbian S60) and iPhone/iPod touch users who are already making free mobile video over Internet calls with fring.

"Our users have become accustomed to fring providing them with the latest and most advanced mobile over Internet communication. With Android users on over 50 different devices logging into fring everyday, we leveraged the open Android platform to rapidly develop the first two-way video calls over internet on Android” said Avi Shechter, fring's Co-Founder and CEO. “The demand for this feature has been overwhelming as more people discover richer ways to use their mobile phones. We continue making free mobile video calls widely available, satisfying the market's want for more rich communications tools that these smart phones were designed to deliver."

Android's market reach combined with the Android OS's openness letting developers create richer communication solutions for multiple devices, enabled fring to rapidly deliver the much demanded free video calls to millions of Android users who can now share real-life experiences, for free, over their Android device's internet connection.

fring's new android version is now available for download here.

Note: video calling require fast –CPU devices. fring automatically tests your device strength to gage your phone's video calling capabilities.


Reader comments

Fring nearly as excited about the Evo 4G as you, launches video calling


You can still make calls on it without a front facing camera. People use Skype without a web cam. If you need to call someone in another country it is a good alternative. Can't wait to try it when I get my EVO and "call" a friend in France.

Of course, you could already make those non-video calls with Fring before this release.

Or via Skype, if you're on Verizon.

Note: video calling require fast –CPU devices. fring automatically tests your device strength to gage your phone's video calling capabilities.

Make that gauge. Don't want to gage (or gag) you phone's capabilities!

Fring worked great for Skype calls. My understanding is that Skype has now shut down access to 3rd party apps in order to provide Verizon with the exclusive Skype/Android app. Whatever the reason, Fring no longer supports Skype. Presently looking for a way to do video chat on my Evo...