TwitterIt's no secret that Twitter is holding a tight rein over third party developers with their limited number of tokens rule. We've seen clients go under because of it on both Android and Windows Phone, and it certainly was a factor in the development and release issues we've seen with Carbon that has everyone up in arms.

In case you haven't been keeping up with it all, Twitter has placed a limit on the number of users who can connect an application to their Twitter account. Folks writing new apps are allowed just 100,000 "tokens" by default, severely limiting how many users can actually use their application with Twitter. There's plenty more rules, and if you're in a position that needs to know them all be sure to visit the Twitter developers site

There is something we can do to help, though. When you connect an application to your Twitter account, it's listed in the account settings online. From there, you can revoke it if you're not going to use the application, thus freeing the token for someone else to use. It's pretty simple to do once you know it's there, just look in the settings > apps section of your Twitter page on the web. It's a small, but important thing we can do to help the developers who make Android great. Hit the break, and see exactly how it's done.

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icebike says:

Thanks for posting this Jerry, heard it mentioned in the podcast, and had to go looking for it, because I never knew it was necessary.

dancing-bass says:

Thanks Jerry! I'd heard about "the token" but didn't know exactly what it was, or why it was important.

I've now released all the "other" twitter apps that I'd tried out over the last while. Just have stock and Carbon for Android tokens now (plus stuff that uses Twitter for verification, like Discus, Dropbox, etc)

KenvinKay says:

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vansmack says:

Wow I had 25 tokens taken up, half of them almost 3 years old when I was first trying out all the Twitter apps. Thanks for the reminder - I've now freed most of them up...

senote says:

Possibly daft question coming up - does this apply just to apps or does it also apply to websites I've logged into using my twitter credentials. Does it apply just to twitter clients or does it also apply to picture sharing apps that allow sharing to twitter?

icebike says:

Websites too.
They appear in the list, and you can revoke them there.

Mobius360 says:

Great and thanks, I definitely have some I can free up.

tim242 says:

Why would you want to use an app that limits subscribers and requires freeing up tokens?


Why would you want to use a service that is easily outfeatured by services like Facebook, Google+, etc.? I'd rather have few accounts on broad services rather than many accounts on niche services.


Wow! Great info. Had no idea that I had so many open tokens. Forgot how many twitter apps I've tried on both ios and Android. All are revoked now except Tweetbot, Falcon Pro, and Tweet Lanes

mrich70 says:

appreciate it Jerry. I didn't even know that area was there.

n8ter#AC says:

If you end up not liking the new app, then you're potentially locked out of using the other one? My advice, don't ever free up a token, especially for an app you initially paid for that may now have limited tokens.

icebike says:

If you aren't using it, what's the chance you are going to go back to it?

If everybody freed up tokens, there will be plenty left if you decide you want to go back to using it again.

Hording is a mental illness.

greyhd says:

Thank you for posting this, cleared up a few tokens.

Tid Bit says:

Dang, I had 5 tokens being used. I freed those up for others to use.

JRemy22 says:

Nice call out...I had a bunch I was able to clear that I haven't used for a few years.

Jesse Gruber says:

What twitter app is in the pic??


davidwal83 says:

Just did it got rid of the ones I do not use. I stopped the IOS and windows phone ones.

Does this apply to all apps with access to your Twitter account, or just those you've granted access to since the change was made?

Thanks Jerry, I've tried out somewhere between 30 and 45 twitter apps in the last couple years. Freed up a bunch, most of them are ones that no one uses, or were beta versions...But nonetheless, thanks!

tailsthecat3 says:

Y'all have some seriously low standards for what makes a twitter client any good.

VDub2174 says:

WOW! Looks like I had a bunch to free I knew I was addicted to trying out new twitter clients.

Byzantium says:

I'm surprised to see you using Windows 8, Jerry. I would have guessed you were an Ubuntu power user full time.

Not for free I wouldn't. I paid for it they would need to compensate me for that privilege.

chaz_uk says:

Done and done.

Only Carbon left, everything else freed up!

joshua.worth says:

Definitely down to free up all the tokens I didn't pay for.

I've stopped using twitter until they reverse this stupid policy, let em fall I say...

Tietherope says:

I freed up about 15 tokens including Carbon. Falcon Pro is my client of choice.

edmicman says:

Can you sell tokens? Do I smell an upcoming market for tokens since apparently they are a limited resource?

KwietStorm says:

Beyond ridiculous that we "have" to do things like this. Twitter is really on a roll...

brainvision says:


just a question, please: using the same account on 2 devices with the same program.. how many account am I using? 1or 2?

thank you very very much.. ;)