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There are traditional ways to launch a phone, and then there's the OnePlus way. The launch of the OnePlus One has been anything but conventional, with a metered invitation systemm set up to order phones as they become available instead of pre-ordering and then waiting like a schlub. But if you don't want to wait for an invite, OnePlus is offering the opportunity to engage in some marketing of your own for a chance to get an invite, or possibly to even win a black 64GB edition.

It's rather simple, really. You get five chances to get an entry: like OnePlus on Facebook, join their email mailing list, tweet about the giveaway (spam your followers!), follow OnePlus on Instagram, and/or post in the OnePlus forums.

Entries are open through the next week, at which point 2500 invites for the 64GB OnePlus One will be given out, as well as the aforementioned black version to a lucky winner. At least nobody's being asked to destroy a perfectly good phone this time.

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Free OnePlus One plus 2500 invites up in 'Storm of Invites' giveaway


I'm not sure that I ever jumped on the "scam" bandwagon that you're driving, NoNexus, BUT - scummy I can get on board with. I think the company is being run by spoiled teenage boys, and they can suck it.

Gee, more shenanigans just to get the minuscule opportunity to spend my money on your product? No, thanks.

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I was going to get this phone but not after all this. Just sell the phone like a normal company.

The whole purpose of this phone is to bypass those expensive segments. No money to the distributors channel, no money on marketing. I think it's an interesting idea, using the internet to globally launch a new device/brand. Not sure if it'll work, but I don't mind anyone trying.

Do you know what the best marketing tool is? Having an actual product with a happy consumer base that goes into the world telling people about how great your product is. The cheapest, best form of advertising is social media - the problem is that they have to actually get out more than a few thousand to their customers, something they don't seem to be capable of.

The 2500 invites more than likely are because they can't muster more than a few thousand phones. This has to be one of the worst launches in human history, even if the product is good - which is looking less and less likely.

"Having an actual product with a happy consumer base that goes into the world telling people how great your product is."

If only we lived in this perfect world. It SHOULD work this way, yes, but tell that to HTC who has the best non-stock android phone on the market with little to show for it. They're very slowly starting to turn the ship around, but it's a much slower process than it should be, given the device they're offering. One Plus is selling devices at cost, which means that the purchase of these devices doesn't go back into the production of making new ones, which means that the supply line only exists at the whim of whatever their cashflow is. It's no wonder this is a slow and painful launch, but this is the frustrating reality of trying to distribute a high end device at the lowest dollar possible.

HTC is getting killed because their marketing is terrible. Look at Samsung's commercials - all of them always focus on some kind of feature that their Galaxy Devices have. If you watch their latest Galaxy S5 commercial - you know that the phone is water proof, has an amazing display, and an awesome camera with tons of features.

HTC's commercials with Robert Downey Jr. don't show anything.

If I go to my local Best Buy, Verizon Store, ATT store, Sprint Store, T-Mobile Store, Radio Shack - all have advertisements in the front window for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Apple is the same way - their commercials always highlight features of the software/hardware of the iPhone or iPad.

Though that would be nice, it's obvious that as a start-up they don't have the ability to manufacture and ship 5 million units from day 1.

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Lol... How about 5k? Wait no I am shooting to high. How about they ship 500?

Oh yeah they can't

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Boy this phone has lost it's hype so fast......rightly so too. This whole "invite" thing has really put people off and become a joke. Shot themselves in the foot.

I am hoping they can stick around and continue the cheap high end phone thing and maybe get on Sprint somehow. I think the Nexus 5 or maybe 6 is the end of the cheap google phones so it would be nice to have another high end option that uses mostly stock android. Looking at the comments though it would seem they aren't doing a great job of pleasing people.

I wouldn't switch companies for a phone. AT&T has data caps and T-Mobile coverage is spotty for my area so GSM is not an option

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Ugh. I don't mind the concept of using an invite system as a controlled sales rollout since they're a new manufacturer with all the production issues that that entails (if it were as easy as "just selling it like a normal company," they obviously would be), but the promotional stunts are getting really, really old.

Assuming there are about 1 million entries to the contest, similar to the previous contest. You stand a 1.25% chance of scoring an invite, if you successfully complete all 5 submissions, .025% if you complete only 1 entry. Not worth my time.

What in the hell are they doing? Losing hype, so they are trying to get others interested in it now? Just release the damn phone. I was thinking about picking one up, but now I'm not so sure anymore. What the hell are they going to ask people to do to get an update pushed out?

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I can't wait for this phone to finally be available. Not because I want one but because the quicker it comes out the quicker it will go away. The hype over this phone has been borderline offensive to anyone with half a brain. I don't really blame the company though because only nerds and tech geeks will be buying it so they need to make sure that as many of them actually do.

I think the hype beast has been slain on this one. The last few articles' comment sections have been dripping with (in my opinion, justified) negativity. Ever since it was revealed that it's really just Oppo, not some exciting startup, opinion has turned on these clowns.

Screw the Oneplusone. Dumbest marketing gimmick I've ever seen and they still aren't ready. Way to ruin the interest of a device that on paper was desirable. hoop jumping here...I have an idea...why don't you just sell you phone like a normal company would do...or is that to innovative for you

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Ahhhh........basking in the glory of the invite. Crawl inside that critter's pelt and live it!

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I am curious why every android fan site or publication seems to miss or forget to report on the incredible backlash in OnePlus own community . I have never ever seen so many negative comments or responses on a product forum or a dedicated facebook page.. Hmmmm.

I have been saying that but the apologists around here shoot it down...

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I didn't mind the whole "Invite" system/idea.... I have no problem following them on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and what not.. I had no problem signing up for their website and checking out their forums... Just put me on a list.. Random order or by order of when you became a fan of one or all of their different social media platforms used to promote the device.... I do however have a problem with this constant hoop jumping they keep throwing out there... I got fed up and unfollowed them on every one of the things I had been following them on for months now..... No problem with a new device and 30 - 60 days to market........ I have cash and I wouldn't mind paying a little more.... without the hoops... They've turned something that had potential to nothing more than a joke... Not worth my time. I'll save my money and spend more on the LG G3, Note 4 or the next Nexus device (if they put out a Nexus 6)

I've got about 30 minutes invested in invite seeking, forum surfing. If it bears If big deal. Keep it real.

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All u ppl complaining, im sure you all entered the contest anyway. LOL

Just like i did, lol

Im getting a G3 anyway. ;)

You know, for $300 you can get a decent Optimus G Pro in good shape, with 32 GB storage plus an SD slot, and a 5.5 inch 1080p screen. No invite required. And CM11 is available for it.

Food for thought.

It's been so long..... That anyone that had saved up the $350.00 to buy this should by now have saved up $700.00 to buy a real phone from a real carrier that has the financial backing to actually produce devices.
As much as I'm disappointed with the engine in the LG-G3, I would pay twice the price and live with it's faults before I gave ONE PENNY to these guys.. It's like a few of them got permission to use the equipment after hours to see if they could slap a phone together with what are most likely reject parts.. And how the hell can Cyanogen 11s not work stable from cyanogen themselves and developers on XDA have been building stable releases for a while now.. One Plus.. I hope you read this: YOU ARE A JOKE.

Honestly, the invite thing isnt that annoying to me, IF, and only IF its because they can't meet the demand of having millions of sales day one.

This particular promotion is annoying because they are basically telling you to tell everyone to look at a phone they can't buy, so in turn they are sending more and more people to create a higher demand they already cant fill.....seems backwards

What? "Day 1" has come and gone... They are officially in "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT!! WE DON"T HAVE ENOUGH PHONES! AND YES! CYANOGEN 11s HAS ISSUES SO YOU HAVE TO TAKE COLOR OS v1.2 OKAY!!
Millions of phones.... You're dreaming dude.

Nex......... My Man!
It's ok to agree with the Raider... I don't Brown Nose here at AC.. from the top down.. I tell it like it is.
It's my view.. My soap box.. I don't give a sh!t if the editor and chief disagrees with it.. to each his own.
But you know what? I've found my interim phone.. I'm going with the Huawei Ascend Mate 2.. 720P LTPS Poly Silicon display @ 6.1 inches VERY power efficient, Quad-Core 1.6, 4050 mAh battery.. getting 2 days use everytime with 8 - 9 hours screen time.. it has some app monitoring features I really like, panoramic selfes and cost $299.00 bucks.. That will do just fine for me for now until Black Friday / Cyber Monday.. Then we can look at the Prime's and the price adjusted Note 4.
I can't wait to put the command line to that thing.. :-)

Buying a phone shouldn't have to be work. Just like these days, you shouldn't have to WORK (waiting in line for hours) to be in the front of a concert. I get the marketing, but it's just stupid. You are invited to spend 500 dollars or whatever it is to buy our phone which no one outside of geek worlds knows about. 6 months from now they will be pulling a Moto X and begging people to buy them. Good riddance.

Not going to do this... Stopped participating in their forums as well.

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I have given up on this phone as well. I was more than ready but now it's just pissing me off how they are handling it.

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They are just using people to spread word on their phone. I highly doubtful they are giving that many invites when they can't even produce phones.

This is getting depressing. Lg hurry up and release the g3 so I can stop sufferimg

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At this late date, might as well wait for the Oppo 7, that pretty much has the same spec, sd card if you need one, 2k for just 100 bucks more. Oppo says July, which at this rate, will be about the same time the masses MIGHT get a chance to buy the OnePlus One.

Yeah you should really review how terrible their system is and how much bs all of these contests are when they can't even supply the customers they already have with phones yet they want to advertise more. Give your current fans a chance to buy before you start trying to get more customers