Michael24j asks this in regards to the upcoming EVO 4G LTE, but it's just as relevant for phones like the LG Viper and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

With only five or so markets with LTE this summer, is it worth it?

I currently have the EVO 3D, (and the original EVO 4G) and have for almost two years gotten use to using 4G Wimax. However, I live in an area that probably will not be on a LTE rollout priority list anytime soon. Was wondering if anyone else out there is going to wait to buy this because you will have to return to Sprint's horribly slow 3G network or if you are planning on getting it regardless? I want the new stuff with the phone and really never use the EVO 3D, but I don't think I could live without 4G.

And that's a tough question a lot of folks are going to have to ask themselves. Stick with an older phone and continue to use Wimax (while it's still around, which will be a little while yet)? Or upgrade and wait on your township to get Sprint's new 4G LTE data while making do with 3G.

As a reminder, Sprint has announced Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Baltimore and Kansas City will be its first cities with 4G LTE. 

We tackled this one on this week's podcast. And the consensus among us was that it might be worth waiting a little bit. For as stoked as we are about the HTC One line -- and the upcoming EVO 4G LTE -- if you rely on Wimax data (or are just really, really used to having it), you'll likely be happier with what you've got now instead of waiting in the slow lane for LTE. Either way, here's to hoping Sprint expedites its LTE rollout. 

Should Michael24j wait? Are we crazy? Let us know in the EVO 4G LTE forums.


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From the forums: Is a Sprint LTE device worth it if I won't have LTE at launch?


Couldn't agree more. Where I live we'll be lucky to see LTE by 2025. Even though I travel a lot I rarely have use the wimax on my OG EVO.

What I don't understand is all the people complaining about Sprint service. I've been with them for over 10 years and have rarely had a "terrible" 3G connection and even more rare is a dropped call. I know I can't convince those of you that have had problems, but likewise I'm not swayed by Sprint bashing.

Yeah, it really seems to be split through out the country of how fast/slow Sprint's data is. Where I live it's really slow. Good thing I have wifi because I would be pulling my hair out if not. Calling is a different story though. It's always clear and rarely do I drop calls.

That thinking comes from Folks comparing CMDA with VZW and Sprint to AT&t 3G speeds back in the day which blew them out of the water (until the iPHone came and crashed the party) . . . But I've had At&t (first) Sprint(second) now Verizon... And CDMA is really slow compared to GSM 3G networks.... If you've never experienced different you can't really tell.

I thought about going back to Sprint for the EVO but I can't leave Verizon LTE speeds and get stuck on Sprint 3G.... I'd die. I might see what's up when there's Sprint LTE in Boston.

How did you compare the network? Did you use website to website? Or how?
All we have to keep in mind not all the website downloads equal.
I had VZW back in July, and I'm in VZW 4glte coverage, I never seen any faster speed or slower than Sprint service. So to me 3g OR 4g lte seem to the same.

All phones being equal... Verizon LTE will blow the same device with LTE turned off out of the water.

Perfect test?... Downloading podcasts... Try that. And you'll see exactly what I mean. Uploading Files with apps like Dropbox. Webpages difintely load faster. If you're comparing Wimax and LTE depending on coverage area i can see with you... But 3G? You're a mad man.

I'm working in the medical field, there is other doctors and I return our phones to VZW, because we were getting the same speed as Sprint, so we decided to go with Sprint it's cheaper at this point.

It is not uncommon for me to get 36kbs download speed on Sprint's 3G here. And I am in a major metropolitan area (ranked 36th in the country with 1.7 million people). Sprint's 3G here has been getting slower and slower over the last few years as they add more and more devices.

We never got WiMax at all. And now we have to wait for LTE. It is frustrating, but I have seen a very solid leak that our area should be in the 2nd round of LTE rollouts, which might happen in 2012.

Spring coverage is all over the place. I live in Los Angeles. I'm happy with the speeds. It's good enough, I guess. However, when I'm in Las Vegas, about 8 time a year.. it is very slow. I've done a couple of speed test, and they show 32Kbps. I haven't gone to a webpage that takes less then 40 seconds to load. After a while I give up. So, it depends on what you are doing. Texting or emails are fine, since after I sent it, I put my phone in my pocket and don't really care if it takes 1 second or 30 seconds to send.

I have been concerned with the fact that the new EVO is an LTE device and that i won't have LTE in my area when i get the phone in a few weeks. I was just relieve while talking to my friend who works for Sprint to find out that the new EVO 4G LTE WILL in fact support WiMax. Which makes sense because i have read in many places that Sprint plans to support WiMax until 2016.

My sentiments exactly, My area hasnt even gotten to taste 4g wimax yet for my Sprint evo 3d,, so I think its highly unfair that some will get LTE and Ill have to stick with 3g. (Which I barely get one bar of that anyway) And no Im not in the boondocks.

Does anyone here have a feeling of deja vu, besides me? Didn't this exact same scenario happen with the EVO 4G and WiMax? We all know how successful that was. It's worth it.

People please...step back a second. 3G will be great until LTE drops in your market. For those of us who never got WiMax, this post's question is of little concern.

I don't think its going to be the same as the Wimax roll out. We all know that lte is what sprint is going with andthey are not relying on another company to do the work (clearwire). So once it starts it shouldn't stop.

SUPPOSEDLY this LTE rollout is going to be much faster and more aggressive than the WiMax stuff. Of course, I guess we have to wait and see.

Sprint will also be rolling out 800Mhz LTE-Advanced from the salvaged Nextel towers/frequencies. And from what we can tell, the Evo LTE will *NOT* be able to use that, only the weaker 1900Mhz LTE. It is a shame the phone is already crippled out of the gate, but it could take years before the 800Mhz rollout really gets going... by then, the next Evo will be out, anyway, and people will be ready for an upgrade.

>crippled out of the gate
>could take years before the 800Mhz rollout really gets going

It can't use something that doesn't exist. How is that crippled?

Gotta agree with you,joba. I'm still rockin' the OG Evo 4G, and I have never had access to WiMax except when I'm in the Atlanta area(hour and a half away) which is rare. I run on 3G all day every day and I have no problems. The download speeds are decent. I usually have access to WiFi so no biggie anyway. I just hope that the Sprint LTE role out is much better than the whole WiMax fiasco.

My main concern is getting a phone with a great screen, 1 gig of ram and dual core processor. Therefore the new EVO fits the bill. I don't really trust the latest and greatest networks that never role out the coverage they promise.

Agreed, I could care less about 4G...3G and WiFi work great for me. LTE will be icing on the cake when it comes, I just want the Galaxy Nexus ASAP

The big upgrade with a couple of the new devices is Ice Cream Sandwich. The new Evo 4G LTE will also have a better camera than the Evo 3D, along with having a better screen. While those are all pretty compelling additions, I'm not sure that those are enough to trade down from Wimax to 3G/EVDO. But I think it's a matter of personal preference.

I understand that the Evo 3D will eventually get ICS, so that will probably be irrelevant at some point.

Probably best to wait until the LTE rollout is in your area before making the trade.

I would agree. The EVO3D is still a solid phone that easily runs pretty much everything you could want on it.

The only feature I could see upgrading for would be the camera. Personally, as somebody stuck on Sprint's 3G network, I wouldn't sacrifice 4G for that. But different people have different priorities.

Sometimes people get too caught up in wanting the latest and greatest rather than evaluating what they actually need and use.

Rarely use Wimax when I had Sense ( I have a Wimax tower in the city over). Now im running MIUI v4 ICS and its not 4G capable and I really dont care. BUT, I really do wanna see what all this LTE talk is about, so im very curious.

DUDE!!!! Thank you for this information!!! At first, I was pondering the whole 4G question, now I'm confident that Chicago will at least have some LTE action when this phone is released. As I suspected, more cities are being worked on.

Sweet, thanks for the info. My areas are all listed in rounds 1 & 2. I use WiMax as much as I can but I get a weak signal with it at work so my usage on it is very low. I can live with 3G and WiFi knowing I'll be covered sooner rather than later. Now the hard part is which phone do I want for the next 2 years. In a perfect world I'd get the Evo L1E with CM9 installed from the start. Maybe sense 4 will be good, I just like the ICS holo design and it's frustrating the phone makers and carriers are not building off it from what I've seen so far.

For those of us in Sprint's large markets -- Chicago, New York, Los Angeles -- we already have WiMax with our "old" devices. So keeping our devices until the LTE network is available isn't much of a problem. We just have to forego experiencing the great new technology for awhile; hopefully for just a few months. So, logically, we could wait to upgrade, and hope that we won't have to wait any longer when supplies run out. My question is why the larger markets have to wait at all? Wouldn't it be more advisable to upgrade the larger markets first? At least financially? Aren't the largest number of customers in those markets? Aren't those markets where the highest competitions exist? I'm just sayin'. However, what happens when we can't get WiMax reception? Our devices revert to 3G. So, the same occurs if we can't get LTE reception. What's the difference??? And I see that we're scheduled to be in the first wave of LTE. So we won't have to wait long, if at all.

Those in currently developed WiMax (large) markets should not get priority (although some will have both wimax and LTE coverage before areas that have no current wimax get anything) since they already have 4G Wimax and customers utilizing it have Wimax devices.

It will be nice when LTE comes to the entire network but I really do not understand people complaining that they aren't first in line for LTE when they already have existing wimax customers. At least you have 4G, many of us have been paying the $10/mo 4G/Smartphone fee and never received the services we were expecting.

Be glad you currently have 4g on Sprint already (which will be supported until 2015) and enoy LTE when it gets to your area. They should have the entire network covered with LTE by the end of 2013.

There are those of us in major markets (mine is 1.7 million people) that never got WiMax at all. We have been waiting FOR YEARS for 4G. So why should we have to wait while other markets that already have 4G can be upgraded yet again? Not exactly "fair".

That said, looks like our area is slated for "2nd round", so I feel a bit more confident, again. 3G speeds in this area are already pretty poor and getting worse every year :(

This is exactly why I left Sprint and joined a T-Mobile prepaid plan with an unlocked Galaxy Nexus; Sprint is just in a state of flux that I no longer have patience to deal with. 4G WiMax is pretty much everywhere here in Chicago, but given that it operates on such a high frequency, in building reception is terrible. 3G around here is also a huge joke; I would average less than 100kbps on Sprint's EVDO network, and oftentimes, my phone would report that I had no data connection.

So, while the Evo 4GLTE looks like a great device, I'm kicking myself for even having bothered with Sprint over the past 18 months given the huge headaches I had to deal with. T-Mobile isn't perfect, but I consistently get 3-6mbps without having to switch on a second radio ala LTE/WiMax.

I wonder why anyone would want to be on Sprint at all? No LTE for at least one year and their 3G speeds are like Edge. Their big selling point is all the data for same price, at those speeds it takes minutes to just DL the Google home page. Great phone but the worst Network. I can not understand how anyone can put up with that. When that phone was first announced with LTE, I laughed and wondered what the hell is everyone talking about, no one has even mentioned they won't have LTE for a long time. Finally someone has pulled their heads out of the sand and asked the dirty question. That Phone is like owning a Corvette and having no roads to drive it on. Just my Opinion. I have accounts with Verizon and T-Mobile, both carriers are pushing out kick ass speeds in my area. Love it.

They're cheap, and offer unlimited data which I why I joined (I jumped from Tmobile). There speeds are avg at best, and obviously AT&T / Verizon here have faster, more constant speeds.

I'm coming up on my 2 year contract with Sprint (OG Evo 4G), so I may jump ship for AT&T to get the One X.

I'm constantly on my phone and hit 3 or so GB per month...limit me to "3G" on Sprint and I'd be lucky to hit 1GB/month given how slow it is. Unlimited data on Sprint? They can offer it because network speeds are so slow you can't possibly go more than a GB or so on 3G...

I do not have 4G WiMax in my area (San Diego) and have 5 lines. Between the 5 lines I regularly go over 20gb/month combined. And that is through Sprint's 3G network as indicated on my billing details.


To say that no one ever can or will go over a Gig a month is BS at worst and and overgeneralizing at best. Different users have different experiences and usage patterns.

I can only imagine what my total data usage is if I were to start tracking WIFI usage. And by the way there is an app for that as well.

Am I upset that my area never received any real 4G? Of course! But I will reserve judgement on LTE until it is deployed

"can't possibly go more than a GB or so on 3G"

I'm gonna have to argue that. In the past 12 months I've had monthly data usage from 2.5 GB to almost 5 GB. Lots of listening to Pandora, a bunch of Netflix, and a whole crap load of web browsing. Works just fine.

I'm constantly on my phone. 9 days into the cycle, and I'm at just shy of 1GB. I'm on wifi at home, so it's mostly streaming netflix and music during the day. Quite frankly, I'm surprised it's not higher.

I have experienced all 4 major networks in Boston. Each of the four gives the most reliable / fast service depending on where you are in the city. The only reliable fast data connection I can achieve inside my house is Sprint 4G WiMax. I am lucky if I can get Edge like, or slower speeds with any of the other 3 carriers. There are other locations with similar results where I receive a strong 4G Sprint signal, and the best from the other 3 carriers is weak, slow 3G, or no signal. Forget Verizon LTE with the Galaxy Nexus at these weak locations. Don't get me wrong, Verizon LTE can be fantastic in some Boston areas, I have experienced speeds that I cannot achieve with my home ISP. However, there are other locations in Boston where Sprint 4G WiMax is the speed / reliability champ by a large margin, and / or, Sprint's 3G is faster than the other 3 carriers' 3G. So in answer to your question, in some areas, Sprint is the best choice based on actual usage not a network coverage map.

I love living right down the street from Sprint HQ :)

Hell yes either this phone or the GS3.....cant make up my mind until we see the specs of the GS3

It really comes down to how much you use Wimax. For me I use it rarely during my lunch period to download ROMS, that's it. The building penetration is so awful that it is pretty much worthless to me. I could be on Wifi though if I wanted. I just don't like dealing with the authorization webpage at my hospital to enable the wifi.

Wimax gets me about 8-10Mbps download speeds and 3G gets me about 800-1200Kbps so if I had a reliable Wimax connection I actually used or needed often I would never update to LTE until I knew I could make use of it. Sprint's first LTE will be the 1900mhz band so if you get a decent 3G connection from them now you will get the same signal strength out of Sprint's initial LTE. When they go to 800mhz it will be even better which will be in 2014 sometime.

As it is now I am on Wifi most of the time and when I am not I am just browsing RSS feeds or whatever where a 3G connection is just fine. I can even watch youtube over 3G. So for me I will be upgrading to the EVO LTE and getting rid of my Nexus S 4G.

If you buy and sell your old phones you really don't lose much upgrading yearly or even sooner so I really have no problem. I don't feel I will be stuck for two years. I will be buying the EVO LTE outright and selling my Nexus S 4G. When my contract is up in 6 months I will use it to buy the best phone on Sprint and sell my EVO LTE or sell that new phone if I don't like it as much and make some money using my contract. You really aren't stuck if you get a new phone now and want something else in 6 months.

Wimax sucks terribly... the LTE better be much better. i've almost gotten used to paying extra 10 bucks to not be able to get 4g service on my evo3d in the majority of new york areas.

All Sprint smartphone users pay the $10 a month, regardless of if you have a 4G capable phone or if you even have 4G in your area. Has nothing to do with 4G.

yes and no... that $10 charge use to be called the "4G" charge and was applied to people who bought a 4G device. after awhile Sprint renamed that charge to the "Smartphone fee" because soooo many people complained about how they had to pay for 4G but didn't get it in their area.

I thought I read somewhere that Sprint will eventually move it's frequency from 1900mhz to 800mhz not too long after it rolls out LTE.

Are the current Sprint LTE phones even going to be dual compatible? Or are they just going to screw another bunch of customers on an upgrade where they choose a device and are never going to see that service (like the people who chose Wimax phones & never got the service?)

Sometimes I'm shocked that Sprint is even still in business!

Initially sprint will only have LTE on the 1900 MHz network, but part of sprints network vision plan which is already underway will take the iden spectrum of 800 MHz and use it to upgrade its EVDO and 1X netork which will increase 3G speeds about 7 times what they are now, and then by 2014 it will add LTE to that 800 MHz. These initial phones won't be compatible with that LTE 800 MHz, but they are compatible with the EVDO/1X enhancements on 800 MHz. Either way the speeds on both 3G and LTE will be pretty amazing.

You are misinterpreting the information.

First, there will be nothing 900Mhz on Sprint. What you mean is 800Mhz.

The Evo LTE will *NOT* support 800Mhz LTE. Only 1900Mhz. But it will support 800Mhz CDMA for making telephone voice calls and extremely old/slow 1x data.

I have connected to a 4G tower 3 times in the year I have had my Evo3D, and that was only while traveling. I knew going in that Wimax wasn't coming to area soon, but I Sprint has announced that LTE will be coming to my market by the end of the year. Knowing that I will probably upgrade sometime this summer, using my last yearly upgrade.

I'm shifting to AT&T when my contract is up. My area was promised 4G yrs. ago and it never happened, even though it is just 20 miles down the road. Heck, the 3G sucks in my area. I can already hear the CS reps or the store employee saying, "You will get LTE soon" From the blurry LTE map posted recently, my area looks to be forever in the "roaming" market (whatever that actually means) by the time their roll out is completed.

I bought my HTC Evo 4G on the first day it was available, in part on the promise that "4G will be in this area by December", which had been told me at a corporate store (and at another store, which I don't remember if it was corporate or retailer). It never happened, and it won't happen.

About three months ago, I started considering options, as I had less than six months left on my Sprint contract - I could bust it for $50 to go to another carrier if I wished. The only phones Sprint had for sale at that time were WiMax phones, and the saleswretch couldn't tell me when the LTE phones would be out. He didn't get why I wouldn't buy a WiMax 4G phone when WiMax wasn't in and never was coming to the local area - it apparently wasn't covered in his training material for how to respond.

I jumped to Verizon because they started offering "double data", they offered 4G LTE locally already, the Rezound was $100 less than the Razor or Nexus, it had HTC Sync, and I'd gotten a coupon from Best Buy that knocked another $50 off the cost of the phone.

I left Sprint and haven't regretted it. By comparison, a month later a co-worker bought a Sprint iPhone and ended up returning it - his data was slow and he was literally dropping 90% of his calls (Sprint confirmed this). He decided to go to Verizon, and bought a Rezound as well, since the iPhone is still 3G.

The moral of the story: Sprint promises a lot, but I've seen a broken promise on local WiMax deployment, I've seen how they've dropped everything but unlimited data that differentiated them from ATT & Verizon, and I've seen the 3G slow down with the influx of new iPhone owners. It was enough to make me switch. And btw, I understand that Verizon is still offering "double data" (if you ask for it) and I've never come close to my cap yet.


I have decent wimax coverage where I live but I doubt I'm going to wait. I'm using the original Evo 4G and I just can't get enough on it because of the limited internal memory. It will be worth it to me to upgrade and wait. I can always use wifi most places I use wimax.

In response to Doug. My Sprint contract with unlimited runs me $79 a month total with my company discount (Evo 4G). My buddy is grandfathered on unlimited with Verizon and he has an iPhone. His contract runs over $100 a month with a larger discount than I get from Sprint. I never have dropped calls and I've had wimax since I bought my phone in 2010. It all depends on the area in which you live.

F I'd get it. I got the thunderbolt when it first came out. I didn't have 4g. I also live in a small place (5000) people if that. But a few months later I had a 4g lte signal. Checked Verizon's site and it didn't have my city marked. But id turn off the 4g so its not searching all the time and drains battery.

Sprint and Verizon used to (still do?) support roaming on each other's CDMA towers. Why are they not doing something to share LTE towers? In this case, I would imagine Sprint would be paying Verizon something for each Sprint customer with an LTE phone, but why not do that? Then Sprint could instantly say they have the same LTE coverage as Verizon. And Sprint could focus their new LTE installs on areas that currently are not covered by any LTE towers at all.

I may be wrong, but I thought Sprint was allowed to use Verizon towers for voice only...not data.

As far as them sharing towers now, I doubt it would benefit Verizon to do that. Sprint shot themselves in the foot with WiMax while Verizon built its LTE network from the ground up. You think Sprint should just be able to come along now & pay Verizon a little bit from each customer & magically be in all the markets that Verizon already paid A LOT of $ getting into for the last 1.5yrs? That's not going to happen. Why would they help their weakest competitor get into every market they are already in knowing that they are the cheaper alternative?

They only roamed for voice only, so those roaming agreements will probably still apply on the EVDO frequencies, but it won't happen for LTE because VRZ is working on the 700 MHz and sprints will be running on the 1900 MHz.

I would assume that Verizon would only provide some much LTE coverage to Sprint just for that reason. They would lose their claim to fame so to speak.

If you only have 3G and won't be getting sprint LTE right away, go for it. I bought a Verizon LTE phone almost a year before it was deployed and I'm still glad I did because I just had to switch on LTE when it was deployed here, not worry about upgrading before my upgrade was available.

If you currently have WiMax, hold on to your upgrade until LTE is deployed, Sprint's 3G is horrible.

Well let me go back to when the EVO 4G was launched almost two years now. I live in a small town far from any major city and if you guys remember when the Evo 4G came out that is when the now ubiquitous $10 dollar "enhanced data charge" was first added to your bill. At first it ONLY applied to 4G devices although they never billed as a de facto 4G charge, although it seemed like it was.

When I questioned the new charge I spoke to a number of CS at different levels on Sprint and was assured 4G would eventually be implemented natiowide and not just major markets - we all know how that went. To make maters worse, the $10 charge was later extended to ALL smartphone devices (they defined those as data intensive). Over the past two years I have paid the extra charge even after WiMax deployment came to a halt, needless to say, it was never implemented in my area. At the same time, the 3G service has progressively deteriorated on speed and availability throughout my home area; at the moment I have very meager speeds at home and virtually none at work despite the maps showing my area as having "strong 3G coverage". Of course, evertime I bring this up to any Sprint CS I get the same line that no problem has been reported in my area and they offer to refresh my signal which of course does nothing.

Let forward to present time: Sprint is again offering the first LTE devices on their network with only a few markets slated for service at the time of release - surely sounds like "deja vu all over again". What I have not seen from Sprint is if they will tackle an additional fee for "extra enhanced data experience" to any of those "data intensive devices" as they did with the OG Evo deployment. If they do, as much as I like this phone I won't pick this (or any other) new phone from Sprint, but rather give the other networks in my area a trial run to see how the serive perform where I spend the majority of my time.

I've been a Sprint customer for almost 14 years now but I no longer see an advantage in having unlimited data when my local 3G service is so poor at times that GMail times-out on me. I guess this a choice every Sprint customer has to make depending on the network strength in their area; for me 3G used to be very good about two years ago, now is very slow or largerly absent when I need it.

I'm waiting. I haven't seen Las Vegas mentioned as yet with regards to LTE. And I'm saving money with my Virgin Mobile account. The problem with VM is its slow 3G speeds. My download speed is typically half my upload speed. Not cool.

For me, no It's not worth it. I bought the OG EVO on launch, thinking Wimax would be in my area soon and never got it. So I waited and even upgraded to the 3D. Well, my waiting is done. Sprint will not sucker me into renewing on a phone I can never use with 4G. I am switching to Verizon once they release something to my liking. It's been cool Sprint, but enough is enough. Tired of these awful data speeds. Verizon LTE here I come..

It was worthwhile for me when I signed up for Verizon LTE before the service had launched here. It locked me into unlimited data. I just had to suffer the Thunderbolt for a few months.

Google "Network Vision Project" and you will learn that its 3G is already improved and is about to be faster than most carriers.

Give me a break! Your "source" is a Sprint press release? Come on, man.

I can dig up old Sprint press releases claiming that WiMax is the future & going to be faster than any other carrier's 4G network if you want me to. That doesn't make it true now, does it?

Sprint is not even a consideration for me as their service sucks in central Alabama. I did purchase an LTE phone early last year though before Verizon's LTE was deployed, but it was only supposed to be a couple month wait. Unfortunately, nature had other plans as the April 27 tornados destroyed many cell towers delaying the launch until October. But, it was worth the wait as Verizon's 3G service was excellent and LTE rocks (blows away my home DSL service)!

Phoenix never got WiMax, LTE is not on the horizon as far as I know. It didn't stop me from getting the EVO 4G or the 3D.

It's worth upgrading to get the better hardware. Finally getting LTE would just be icing on the cake.

I will be getting this phone as soon as my upgrade comes.

Just hope we get LTE sooner than later.

Sprint's Outside-only 4G network is useless to me anyway, so if I got this phone and there were no LTE, it'd be no different than today. Well, I'd have a much better phone overall, but my network use wouldn't be different, and eventually it'd be great.

If you currently get wimax with the 3d then I would not get it yet till you get upgraded to lte. But if you want the next generation phone with better battery life, better screen,faster processor and don't care about lte then I would get it. I am going to wait till my 3d gets ics and more lte coverage is available. By then I'm sure that amazon or another third party retailer will have dropped the price.

From Sprint, I would not pay any more for LTE than for 3G! I got suckered into that on the Samsung Epic 4G and 4G is still not available in my area. They won't make a sucker of me twice! I expect everyone will be upgraded to LTE prior to those of us who never got the 4G get anything! I'm switching elsewhere in three months when my contract is fulfilled.

The answer is no. By the time LTE comes to you the price of the phone will likely drop.

If you're on Verizon or another carrier and already have LTE, then the answer is of course not. Again, wait and see if the price drops by the time LTE comes to you.

I'm going with LTE since I'm in Dallas. For those of yall who dont live in TX all I have to say is "Bless your heart"

If you live and work in an area with good 3G speeds, it might be worth it. In my area they're very slow - 150-500kbps average, but they trend toward the lower end.

I switched to Verizon and couldn't be happier. I live in a WiMax area and it was just too unreliable to work for me. My family is still on my Sprint account, though, and I may revisit them if the network quality ever improves.

Living in the Bay Area I can say it doesn't work in a lot of spots in San Francisco, Redwood City and as I type this out it doesn't work for me in my location in Palo Alto.

It's so spotty that I've given up trying to use it

No Phone, and I mean absolutely no phone would make me go back to Sprint unless they improve their data coverage where I live. I just left Sprint for Verizon and, although, I have no LTE (I did not have Wimax with Sprint either), at least I can listen to music in my car without losing the data signal every 45 seconds or so.