Having sold millions of copies worldwide on those other (lesser) platforms, Flight Control for Android has landed in the Android Market, courtesy of the folks at Namco. If you're unfamiliar with Flight Control, it's a pretty fun game to play if you're looking to get in on some android gaming.

The basis of the game is to guide your planes to their same-colored runways without crossing the paths of other planes that you are also guiding in for landing. You simply trace out with your finger where you want the planes to go and should they crash -- well, game over for you.

Flight Control is available for $4.99 and includes stat tracking, high score counts and up to 10 different planes on multiple playing fields. Jump on past the break for the download if you want to give it a shot. Having played it myself for quite some time, I can say it is one of those games that will keep you coming back for more until you beat it.

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r-nice says:

$4.99 seems steep.

alovell83 says:

Seriously, this has mostly happened since day one. And then developers say, "We aren't meeting sales expectations on Android." It's ridiculous.

Let's say for a second I did buy this, if I had a $10 (flexible) budget for games in a month, it means that one or two developers might get my revenue (obviously the best two) 2X5, instead up upto 10. So, this not only hurts their own numbers, but it can trickle down to those 2nd tier developers as well.


That price is CRAZY for a game that's so "2000-and-late." I've said it before: you can't repackage your 3-year-old crap from ios to Android and think we're going to thank you for it. Especially at a higher price! I got tired of this game back in, what, 2008 on my itouch. Why the heck would I buy it now!

I'll stick with the demo of Air Control, thanks

wadech says:

It is. I bought it for $0.99 when I still had my iPhone.

cashxx says:

Lesser platforms.....all Android is is an iOS copy! Copy iOS phone, copy iOS tablet, copy App Store, copy digital newsstand, copy iMovie for mobile, where is the iTunes copy? Around the corner I keep hearing.....

Google; the todays Microsoft......All they know how to do is copy Apple.......Google start your photo copiers!!

goblueboy says:

android has great apps that are not on the iOS market. having apps on both android and iOS brings cross platform play which is great.

besides, you can sit here and point fingers here all day of who "copied" who. what really matters is who does it better and thats android all day

anyway $4.99 for an app that is already here that is similar with a lite version is really outrageous if they think we are going to going to buy it

trenen says:

Troll much?

briankurtz79 says:

Even though the g1 came out 4 months after the og iPhone and was in the works for years Pryor just as ios was. Oh, and the g1 had 3g before the iPhone fyi. Don't be a complete idiot when you run your D-sucker!

1 more point. Google(mostly) doesn't make phones or tablets and Their os isn't even remotely close to apples. I'm sure you're all over apple forums talking about how they don't have native navigation and have to use Google maps. Dumass....

Btw. If Google didn't implement HTML 5 into YouTube, iPhone wouldn't have that either.

Kedar says:

Just because the apps have square icons doesn't make it a copy of IOS.

Android is a little late in the gaming field because it focused on other features.
There are other games like Flight Control that are cheaper/free on the market.

Lastly... everyone copies everyone. Apple pretty much took the idea of a PDA/phone from Palm and put a touchscreen on it. Then they just went from there.

Roshizzle731 says:

so does that mean android and blackberry and windows did the same thing???

JustEric says:

Apple has never innovated or created anything new...EVER. (I'm not just saying that; name one product you think Apple has invented or innovated, and I'll tell you who made it first.)

Apple is the copycat company du jour. Sure, they've made plenty of other people's ideas commercially successful, but that just means they're very good slimy salesmen, not innovators.

Ironically, you mentioned photocopiers...Apple stole the GUI for personal computers from Xerox. Was that an intentional reference?

You are right about Apple being the new Microsoft. Apple is now the #1 purveyor of insecure systems and software, overcharges for everything, and pretends they created something that they stole from someone else. The only real difference is that Jobs is just a tad more insane (and quite a bit less charitable) than Gates.

Jamaicanbob says:

How about widgets? I believe they appeared way back in System 5 on some of the earliest Macs. There's also FireWire, the PDA with the Newton, MagSafe power adapter used on MacBooks, etc. I could go on. Apple doesn't invent all of the technology used in it's devices, but it comes up with innovative products using the available tech. So much so that others, like Google, simply copy. The same tech is available, but only Apple seem to be able to build products that consumers want. Of course as soon as Apple does it, then every other company follows with the claim that their product is better. We've all heard it before. What a lame and unimaginative bunch. You poor brainwashed zombie, maybe one day you'll open your eyes and see the truth. Until then, carry on.

Uh... moron... you realize this is just a developer releasing a game on a different platform, right? They're not copying anything...it's their app!

briankurtz79 says:

Yeah, and ps3 stole call of duty from Xbox!!!

Ok, that was funny :)

slovak says:

iOS copy? What have you been smoking?

master_qq says:

Obvious troll is obvious.

C'mon guys, don't feed the trolls.

m.s.johnson says:

So stop trolling android websites if your crApple is so great then...loser.

Jerzyiroc says:

o_O Hasn't this been in the market for a long time.... or was it a bootleg version?

Impulses says:

I think you're referring to Air Control, it's a clone, though a pretty faithful one. It's like Humans vs Aliens is to Plant vs Zombies (wasn't that one coming to Android forever ago btw? what happened?). Looks like the original (Flight Control) has a bit more flavor or personality, part of what makes simple games like this stand out.

Looks like it might have more content or levels/challenges than Air Control too... Although the free version of Air Control with just two levels and two variations is already a pretty good time killer. This seems like a tough sell at $5. Also, it's 22MB? Can someone share if it can be moved to SD? I'll probably try it later if not, instant refund if it can't be moved imo.

kmully says:

Or you could play Air Control Lite for free... $5 > free. I'll take free, thanks. $5 is steep!

n64kps says:

I think you mean, free > $5 ;)

JusticeAA says:

No, he is right $5 > $0.
Unless it is meant to be $0 is BETTER then $5.

Of course the full version of Air Control is only $2.96 and looks better then this.

Daniel C says:

The free version of Air Control is here and the paid version (for a bit less than USD $3) is here. Great game.

robertw0925 says:

IPhone queers will never go away. We just need to get used to it.
IPhone fans should just port android to them to find out what a real os feels like
This game is nothing new to android. I have a backup of this game on my sdcard from over a year ago. And is pretty much garbage after playing it for about 10 minutes.

DNicolasL says:

I like Air Control Full. Got it on sale last week.

Parker9706 says:

Maybe when it's $0.99

Adjei says:

Lesser platforms, what makes Android superior to anybody. See how arrogant these people have. At least the developers can make money off those lesser platforms instead of depending on cheap asses on this platform.

Why are you trolls even following an Android blog? You wouldn't find me following some iOS loving publication.

Roshizzle731 says:

maybe not but you talk bad about them just the same.

Adjei says:

Maybe if y'all got a job instead of living in your mom's basement, you would have some money to purchase apps instead of always looking for everything to be free, cheap azz suckas.

fwdixon says:

I think it's because most of us don't live in our mom's basement and actually have to work for our money that we prefer free and inexpensive apps.

thegreatheed says:

Exactly, the only basement dwellers are trolls who follow a blog that has nothing to do with them, and post inflammatory, biased comments in order to provoke actual interests followers of the blog.

davidnc says:

this game suxs on ipod anyhoo, too many planes showing up at sametime before ya can get into the game :/ and planes crash ...so i pass

RandyN says:

$4.99, way overpriced. Bought it for $0.99 on iPhone and won't pay anymore than that to get it on Android.

bkedersha says:

My life is complete!

Roshizzle731 says:

lesser platforms? is that why they had this forever ago and for .99 cents not $4.99. uhhhhhhh you might want to rethink that. if game devs don't think it's superior then it's not. without the apps your smartphone is just an overpriced feature phone.

I will now buy Air Control out of spite. $5 LOL Yeah, right.

o0HERO0o says:

I don't understand. I had this game 8 months ago and I got it from the android market. Am I missing something? Did they remove it or something?

So does anyone else not notice that the flight control free app is not actually flight control? in fact made by a completely different company that just stole the icon and called it flight control, that same company makes a flight control "pro" which is still not the same flight control from Namco.