New keyboard free to try for first month

Fleksy is a new Android keyboard that's been in private beta testing for the past several months, and now it's out on Google Play for all to try. With large keys and an emphasis on prediction and auto-correction, Fleksy is designed to allow users to type without necessarily looking at the screen — just hammer the keys with your thumbs and use swipe gestures to toggle through corrections and delete words. It's an example of the kind of thinking behind the autocorrect feature of most on-screen keyboards taken it its logical extreme — often you can miss every single letter and Fleksy will do a reasonably good job of piecing together what you mean.

Fleksy is free to try for the first thirty days, after which it'll cost you $3.99. Grab it using the Google Play link above.


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Fleksy keyboard exits beta, now available on Google Play


Pretty nice, but it needs to have capital and lower case letters on the keyboard. Maybe add a comma/period button. It also would be nice to have a swipe feature.

I'm with you on the period and comma keys. Having to click over to a separate punctuation menu almost every sentence gets frustrating very, very quickly.

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Hold down on the letters to get alt punctuation, don't need to switch.

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If you double space you will get a period, if you swipe down after the period you get a comma. A button should be better, but this works. I got used to it rather quickly. I like how the keys pop up when pressed. I'm going to give it a try for a few days, hope Swiftkey withdrawal doesn't kick in!

I forgot about this. I like the stock 4.4 keyboard so I'll pass on this for now. Maybe I'll try it on my S3.

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I like the stock keyboard as well but like having bigger keys. The last Swiftkey updates seem to make the keyboard slower responding. This looks clean and efficient and worth taking the free test drive.

Swiftkey is great, but i agree with you. It's much slower now than it was before. I love the prediction engine and when it works, it's magnificent, but lately, it's been missing alot more than it use to. And when I touch type, Swiftkey is maddening for me. Perhaps I'm just too used to touch typing since i learned to type on a virtual keyboard via the iPhone.

Installed Flesky this morning and it's working great so far. So far loving it more than Swiftkey.

Oh thank God you posted this. I thought there was something wrong with my phone! When I type my wife's name, it now shows up as "Evilly" instead of "Emily," and the predictions are just terrible now. If I try to swipe through the letters, it will get maybe 25-30% of the words accurately. I used to be able to type whole paragraphs without even looking with maybe 90% accuracy.

The stock keyboard is getting pretty good at prediction and correction, but there's one case that I think should be easy - and it never catches it. Often while typing, I'll go for the spacebar and hit the C or V instead, so you get 'words' like thisciscstupid. You'd think that autocorrect would be able to identify strings of valid words glued together with C's or V's. But it doesn't even offer that as a fix when you highlight the mess.

Does anybody know if Swiftkey (or any other) handles this case?

I just tried your example on SwiftKey. Everything was good up until the "c" after "is." It was definitely able to handle "Thiscis" and know that I meant "This is," but after that second "c," it assumed "This Cisco." Then it gave up.

I have this same problem while typing. But for me, I always hit the B, instead of the space bar. It has become frustrating for me while I test out all the different keyboards. I still like Perfect Keyboard the best. But Fleksy has some promise.

Set it as default and when I went to type in a message, the keyboard was invisible. I am using a Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII and I believe it may have incompatibility issues.

Omg. I loved it so much I just bought it. Beautiful keyboard. Especially the light theme. Was using SwiftKey but I think ill stick to this. I esp like that it can go invisable. Wondering if of learns you over time.

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It reminds me of the Blackberry 10 Keyboard and gestures.. Gonna give it a try!

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Absolutely.. Both are beautiful and efficient keyboards. Loving the invisible feature too!

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Clean & beautiful. Symbols need to be more accesible before I can be really efficient with it

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Trying it out since correction of inaccurate typing is the most important feature for me in a keyboard. Let's see if this beats SwiftKey, because so far nothing does for that. Annoying though that it doesn't recognised missed space bars. And has no comma, !, ? buttons. I can live without the period with double space entry.

Turns out you can long press for punctuation and numbers!

But so far I think the correction is not very good. Too aggressive, and you have to have the correct number of letters typed for it to be able to guess what you were trying to say. I don't think I'll pay when my trial ends.

It has the period and the double space period function. I just downloaded it and an trying it out. Its really accurate and the swipe gestures are really cool. And in not even looking at the keyboard as I type all this. Very accurate

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Yeah I worded that sentence weird above. I meant that I can live without a period button since it can add one on double space.

What about it? I've been playing around with it and like the mini keyboard without space bar, backspace, enter keys etc. There are gestures for all of those.

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Downloaded it and plan on using it through the trial period. I'll make a decision on purchasing it during that time. I do have to admit that, so far, I'm pretty happy with it. Larger keys are what I've wanted for a while. Swiftkey always helped with corrections to my large finger inspired errors. I've found that I'm actually making fewer mistakes with the larger keys. I haven't been comfortable doing thumb typing since I surrendered my Treo and it's physical keyboard oh so many years ago. I just may be able to go back to that method with this setup.

I have a Note 3..so I need them to update the app with some top numeric rows..but must say..it's a very nice keyboard. .

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Long press the keyboard icon (left of the space bar) for the mic.

Also holding down the empty spaces below A and L will bring up punctuation and other symbols just like the top row does for numbers.

Well, actually if you hold down for a bit the letters in the lower row you get a different symbol. So Z is the comma button, and the empty space below A is the period button, etc.

Just like a regular keyboard, without them being displayed.

Lasted 10 minutes before going back to the Google keyboard!

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I think the invisible mode is fantastic. Silly thing though is that it takes up more space than the mini version. I am a SwiftKey guy all the way but this thing is fun. How do I get a carriage return in mini mode?

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In case anyone cares, when on mini keyboard you can touch the lower right corner of the screen and swipe up for a return/enter. Capitalization works the same way from the lower left corner (or hold after swiping up for caps lock).

Maybe I missed it but I don't think that study was in the tutorial.

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I honestly thought that this was the BB10 keyboard.
But that's not a bad thing. Spacing is great and the gestures are pretty much BB10 identical so they're really quick and they work once you get the hang of it.

I'm sorry, I'd love to try this, but are all of the requested permissions really needed (such as reading my contacts)?

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Love the spacing on it as well but after a couple of hours of use I switched back to SwiftKey. Need to have the microphone arrows and punctuation visible at all times. Also while I find SwiftKey's themes uncessarialy limited they are far better than light or dark. I like my phone to reflect my personality or given mood.

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It looks great and the autocorrect seems to be pretty good, it lacks a few languages though, like Chinese, hopefully they add them soon.

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So far I'm loving this keyboard it's impressive . But it's difficult to get use to.

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I wanted to like it. But having to gesture to space is a no go for me. I love the intelligent spacing with Swiftkey. I honestly can't type without it.

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I tried it over the weekend but just can't get use to it. I don't like how I can't easily ignore a spell correction and punctuation is awkward.

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