Flappy Bird alternatives

Flappy Bird is dead. Long live Flappy Bird replacements.

Flappy Bird was removed from the Play Store this weekend, leaving many self-professed addicts high and dry (and in some cases, absurdly angry). You’re in luck!  There are many great games on Google Play which can certainly fill the void.

Amazing Cupid

Flappy Bird alternatives

Amazing Cupid is a cleverly social twist on the now-burgeoning Flappy Bird genre. Players control a cherub by tapping with each flap to dive downwards, against a constant upward flap. As always, the goal is to get through as many gaps in incoming obstacles as possible without touching anything, but the catch here is that you're trying to get a certain goal in a certain amount of time in order to read a secret note from a friend. If you don't the message is lost forever, not unlike Snapchat. It's a fun and cruel idea to make friends work secret letters, especially if used in the implied romantic situations. The humor shines through (and might even be amplified) by the slightly broken English. It certainly helps that the art and gameplay are polished too. 

Download: Amazing Cupid (Free)


Flappy Bird alternatives

Badland is a beautiful side-scroller where players guide cute little blobs through a forest that’s being taken over by machines. In the process, you gather items that will cause your creature to spontaneously multiply, shrink, grow, speed up, or slow down. This makes things very interesting since the maze can get very hectic, and since it’s always scrolling, you stand the risk of getting crushed behind obstacles against the edge of the screen. The blobs in Badland certainly flap, so you won’t be missing out there. Oh, plus you can touch just about everything without losing. 

Download: Badland (Free)

Floppy Bird

Flappy Bird alternatives

Flappy Bird clones swarmed the Play Store as soon as the original made it big. Perversely enough, now they’re the most viable option if looking for a Flappy Bird replacement. Of the lot, Floppy Bird is the best. It retains the 8-bit feel, the challenging physics, and the overall bird theme. It’s not perfect, though; there’s an obnoxious ad that sticks around half-way into the middle of the screen, it takes two taps to reset for the next round, and the more complex pipe structure might ruin the simplicity you’re used to. If you’re at a PC, Flappy Doge is pretty good too.

Download: Floppy Bird (Free)

The Impossible Game

Flappy Bird alternatives

If Flappy Bird has given you a taste for the seemingly-impossible, The Impossible Game is sitting in the Play Store, just waiting to crush your spirits with insanely difficult platformer challenges. This is not just a name. It really is impossible. This is a game that will beat you up, and for some god-awful reason, you’ll keep crawling back to it for more. It may even make you wish for simpler times, when Flappy Bird was still around.

Download: The Impossible Game ($1.99)

Jetpack Joyride

Flappy Bird alternatives

Is a classic side-scrolling endless runner where players control Barry Steakfries, a bureaucrat gone rogue in a top-secret science facility. His minigun jetpack keeps him aloft while you work your way into the complex, avoid security systems, and snag other classified technology. You’re scored based on how far you get before being taken down, and can spend coins gathered on new gadgets and vanity items. Plus, you can run along the ground sometimes, and not just faceplant like an idiot.

Download: Jetpack Joyride (Free)

Those are our favorite Flappy Bird replacements right this second, but what about those of you that don’t have access to it anymore? Those that do, how long do you intend on keeping it on your device? Have many of you straight-up given up on Flappy Bird in frustration? If so, take a gander at our tips guide before uninstalling.


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Five Flappy Bird replacements to fill the pipe-sized gap in your heart


It's not a substitute. It is a replacement. But a damn fine one that 1 ups that simplistic drone of a game in every category.


Badland is in a whole different category than Flappy Bird. I realize that the mechanic is similar, but Badland is much more of a puzzle game, and super immersive. And the art/graphics are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Don't get me wrong, I love them both. But they really can't be compared.

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Not sure. When i try to reply from web app i just get a list of my previous posts.
Works fine from Android app though.

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Guys, I like this site, but really, stop creating articles like this. Especially so many in a row. We know you guys do this for the ad revenue from people searching those keywords in Google...

That said, I do like "The Impossible Game" though. It was one of the first games I installed back when I got my Nexus S.

If you had previously downloaded it you will still be able to buy people who never had it never can unless of course they sideload it

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If it was supposedly pulled on Sunday and I downloaded it today on Monday on both tablet and phone, its still up on the playstore

Still available, a simple search on the play store isn't so hard... now everyone shut the fuck up about this game already! *sheesh*

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...MIght want to change the name of this site to Flappy Bird Central. This game must be like video crack with all the stories about it here.

I don't understand. I though it was removed from the play store, not your device! It seems like the only people upset about this are those who already downloaded it and play it.

So many flappy bird games, but if you want to see a racing game with a unique twist take a look at animal farm racing on the appstore.

I just did 125 in flappy bird omg. My heart was pounding so bad at 92 because my cousins record was 118 and I just had to beat her. I lost my cool and head butted a pipe at 125.

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How could you comment without reading the article...oh wait, that's actually what you're expected to do.

Carry on

I heard that Phil was originally going to write this article, but every time he tried he started crying over the thought of Flappy Bird going away.

I heard that every comment you make sucks my hairy nuts... and you continue to prove it with each comment. It's great though when you try to be funny but fail miserably every time, so please carry on...

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Jetpack Joyride plays like Floppy Bird. But ... the other night I got a notification. Investigation found it was JR notifying me of an available upgrade. I would understand if I were playing the game but had not for days and got a ringing notification. Fastest uninstalling I have ever done.

If your Dead set on playing the original Flappy Bird. The. Apk file is easily downloadable at any of the hundreds of websites that saved a copy of it. And don't forget about Flappy Bee in the Google app market. Jet pack joyride is fun and you don't need to be online to play it either.

Hey guys, I can't see the comments in the comments section unless I log in, anyone else experiencing the same ?

Badlands shouldn't be classified as the same category as flappy bird but nonetheless best game from this bunch. Have the full version on iOS. Beautiful game. But shouldn't be classified with these games. Badlands is more of a adventure puzzle than what ever flappy bird was

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