Firefox launcherMozilla may have their own operating system to work on, but they know that the eyeballs are mostly on Android these days. Since eyeballs mean money, they're still all-in with the idea of pushing out their apps and services on our little platform.

Today, at the inaugural InContext conference, they showed what may be their most ambitious idea yet — the Firefox launcher. Branded atop the new EverythingMe launcher which came out of beta today, the Firefox launcher plans to "give people more smart, easy and innovative ways to personalize their Web experience and meet their needs in any context."

What they're talking about of course, is content discovery. The contextual engine behind EverythingMe should blend well with Mozilla's deep hooks into the web, and there's a good chance this app will stand out in the crowd of new launchers that help you decide what you see on your screen.

Mozilla says they'll keep us updated while they finish development, and soon we'll be able to have a go at this one ourselves. We're always interested in what Mozilla can do, so this one is something we're looking forward to.

Source: Mozilla


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Firefox shows off their own Android launcher at InContext conference


Very interesting idea. I think this is a much better direction for Mozilla than their own OS.

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The ability to install and run your own launcher of choice, without root would be nice, full customizability of your phones GUI should be the direction

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Disagree. It would be nice for Smart people, but when someone changes all their backgrounds and fonts to black and can't see any menus to fix it.... Having to gain root and being able to use the xposed framework is the price of entry.


You can. I have 4 (5?) launchers on my phone

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

You dont need root for a new launcher. some features of a few launchers may need root, but generally you can get most of what they offer without root.

Nope. iPhones camera was either on the left of the speaker or on top, and plus there is no home button but I does look like an iPhone.

Tried it and its actually pretty great! My only problem is it doesnt have blink feed! lol I really dont want to like blinkfeed, but every time i try a different launcher i always go back! Another thing i find myself really liking with the sense laucnher is folders in teh app drawer. Keeps my home screens only widgets.