While I often bounce back and forth between browsers on my device, I always like to check in on Firefox and see how their beta is doing. As of beta 4 I wasn't prepared to make it my default browser yet but the latest build, beta 5 is now out for everyone to test out. Some improvements have been made to the overall workings of this build so I'm going to give it a good go. Check it out the improvements:

  • Increased responsiveness to panning and zooming
  • Increased JavaScript performance
  • Faster start up and page load times
  • Major stability improvements

The new beta 5 version is available in the Android Market right now; you'll find the download just right after the break. Leave some comments on whether or not this build is working better for you. Curious to see how many of you all out there are putting it to the test.

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reverepats says:

not too bad....might give it a couple of days of use beore i decide to make it my default

waltah#AC says:

Just downloaded it to my Atrix. Pinch zooming on AndroidCentral had the checkerboard thing going on in Firefox but there was none at all on stock browser. After using an iPhone for a good while I hate seeing that checkerboard when page refreshes.

E_man says:

I'll give it a go I suppose. Dolphin HD/Mini are the browsers to beat.

myersjesse says:

Does it support flash?

Matt Brubeck says:

No, Firefox 4 for Android is not yet compatible with Flash. That is not planned until a future release: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=630007

brandeks says:

Until it has Flash support I'm sticking with the default browser.

Agreed. Flash support or GTFO.

joshua.worth says:

I don't see the link but the probably didn't add Optimus V support :(

Firefox definitely has no love for the optimus phones. I don't know why.

Matt Brubeck says:

Firefox contains native libraries compiled with the Thumb-2 instruction set, which a feature of ARMv7 processors. This optimization makes the libraries smaller and faster, but prevents them from running on phones with ARMv6 processors like most of the LG Optimus line. For more info, see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android#System_Requirements

likwidsoul says:

Seems kind of sad that most third party browsers now support flash and a giant like Firefox can't pull it off yet. I think I will stick with the stock chromium browser.

itch808 says:

Opera Mobile (NOT mini) for me.

-Pinch-to-zoom is smoother than FF
-Scrolling is smoother than FF
-Smaller package
-Quicker to load

-Neither can select "User Agent" to get android specific or desktop specific versions
-Neither supports flash

FF renders pages slightly better than OM. But other than that, a moot point

Matt Brubeck says:

Here's a mobile Firefox add-on that lets you change the User Agent header:


itch808 says:

thanks, that addresses one of my issues

tim242 says:

Text reformat on zoom option does not work. Needs option to disable side bars. Due to its size, needs an exit option. Looking better though!

waydavis says:

Is this for some android phones and not for others. Waiting on Guava, which will real fast and snappy.

Matt Brubeck says:

Yes, this is only available for phones with newer processors. For details, see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android#System_Requirements

SeanBlader says:

I absolutely love Firefox on the Galaxy Tab, but as someone said above, I do occasionally miss having flash for it, so I need to go back to the stock browser.

VagrantRadio says:

What phone is that in the image above?

VagrantRadio says:

Anyone, anyone, bueller..

Matt Brubeck says:

It looks like the HTC Desire HD (or a variant like the AT&T Inspire 4G or Verizon Thunderbolt 4G).

I wonder how much better this version is than the last on battery life. The last build killed my EVO battery - On a full charge I got less than a day using just 3G and having the 3500 size Seidio battery. After I removed it, battery life went back to normal (approx. 2 days of use between charges).

BenJ#AC says:

I really wish Mozilla would just give up. No Flash support is an automatic fail. Add in the choppy rendering on scroll and zoom, crazy long initial load time, and a seemingly total disregard of the fact that some phones don't have a gig of ram to work with... I just don't get it. Dolphin HD does everything Firefox is trying to do better.

FreudSlipped says:

I'm enjoying Sync and will use FF for that purpose. As far as a default browser though, Dolphin is quicker and renders pages better.

ssethv says:

I just don't get it... I have tried every browser out there on the market and nothing quite satisfies me like my stock Hinc browser!!! Am I missing something?