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The whispers are true, folks. A few lucky souls already are getting their Motorola Droid X's, more than a week before they're set to go on sale July 15. And one such person is coerulea in the Android Central Forums, whose brought us a trio of photos of his new prize. Anybody else hit the lottery today? Sing out, shout from the rooftops, and above all, post some pics. [Android Central Forums]

Motorola Droid X Motorola Droid X


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A few lucky souls getting their Droid X's early


Hmmm... first the Droid Incredible, and now the Droid X shipping early to a few customers? Verizon needs to get their computers fixed already :P

One thing I noticed on this is the Tracking # originates from Canada, but the return address says Texas. Hmmmm?

Who gives a fcuk, I have EVO....Big isnt always better....and Lack of front facing cam and no 4G...who really gives a F.

i bet you use that nifty front facing camera to take pics of yourself for your myspace/facebook eh? i really see NO POINT in a front facing camera, other than dweebs like yourself thinking its cool.

Somebody's cranky. Is it really something to get that mad over? Why does it seem Evo owners are always trying to defend their phone? We all love android so why the bashing? Save it for the steve jobs disciples.

I think EVO owners are jealous, cause this phone its better in every specs you compare.

Better GPU, CPU, more brilliant SCREEN, more built-in memory, better camera, and the most IMPORTANT better MATERIAL. (I bet they used better glue for screen)

I think some of jeolousy has to do with that 3d benchmark test. The above mentioned spec difference didn't help either:)

LOL, jealous? It's all Android... If anyone's jealous, that would be iPhone users even though they won't admit it. Droid X, great device... as well as Evo... as well as Incredible... as well as Nexus One... etc. They all have a role in Android family and serve a variety of consumers. Why take away from another device's ability because something new is coming out? One thing I will say; iPhone owners stick together. You never see an iPhone 3G user bashing an iPhone 4 user. They all bash Android together in harmony, LOL. We should do the same :-)

Evo Owner, Android Lover

lol you must be a little teenie bopping girl huh? that front facing camera is really going to come in handy for taking those myspace n facebook pics isn't it? I also love how my Verizon 3g is WAYYYYY MORE FAST then your HORRORIBLE Sprint 4g ( i can't believe they have the balls to even call it 4g ). oh hey while your at it why don't you take a look at how the Droid X MURDERED your gay EVO in linpack and quadrant on that test that Phill did here on Android Central. lol oh and yeah it was not even on 4g either LOL!!!!!!!!! Droid X = EVO Murderer

Wow. That childish and immature post of yours was even more annoying than the guy you were replying to.

Show some class. You sound like a child. This is all Android. We shouldn't be against each other. We should be trying to support our platform so that it remains better than i*hone, giving us better features and opportunities, regardless of phone model.

Seriously. Grow up.

i don't think that is the case, from when i worked with verizon, they didnt put the phones in availability until the launch date

not getting the X but with the comment about the front facing camera and 4G......not everyone gets 4G, and its really not that fast anyway...and the front facing camera SUCKS! my friends with Evos say they never use it, the quality is terrible

Some of you guys really kill me. Let me start by saying I have no idea why dude just had a Evo tantrum moment but let's be clear. The Evo does not suck by ANY means. What someone thinks is "better" by all standards is purely a matter of opinion because todays smartphones (in they're respective categories of course) are more or less on the same level. Saying the Evo sucks is like being a Knicks fan and hating Jordan. Granted I can understand if its not your favorite phone, but don't make FOOLISH comments like it sucks. These new smartphones are very potential based meaning they're not as streamlined and conventional technology of old. For the guy who said the FF camera sucks and that his friend told him. I find that funny because I've taken pics with the FF cam on the Evo that rival 5mp shots I've taken with other camera phones. I get amazing quality from it. I also took a little extra time to test it in different light and different settings cuz I wanna get the best outta my product. I keep hearing 4G's not that fast but in the same breath the person will say they don't live in a 4G area. Not all of you but a lot of you do. How the hell would you know? People take things and run with it. I live in downtown LA there's a "Test" 4G tower in about a 10 mile radius from my place. It hasn't been officially announced as a 4G area yet but I pick up 4G just fine. I live on the 8th floor of a 16 story building and all service providers including at&t come in pretty strong. In my house there's an Incredible, a IPhone 4 and my Evo, Now I will admit the Verizon and At&t pick up a perfect signal in my apt literally full bars 80-90% of the time and my Evo has 1 bar off full about the same percentage of the time. At&t's 3G under these circumstances is slightly faster. Verizon and Sprint pretty much Identical trust me we do speed wars all day. But my 4G on 3 bars gets a consistant 4.5Mbs down and 1Mbs up anywhere anytime of the day or night. My point is I heard 4G wasn't that fast I've been places where it wasn't but I am also aware that 4G is in infant stages and like fine wine it WILL become better over time and its already pretty good. If you do happen to live in a 4G area the simultaneous voice and data work great. Especially given the fact that I answer the phone via Bluetooth and talk 2 my GF while destroying people in C.O.D. MW2. While streaming music from my PC to my Xbox using nothing more than my Evo. My point is, people love the Evo because it represents a huge turning point for sprint as well as mobile phones. us loyal sprint customers survived the dark ages to get to this point so we take pride in our device. I think the Droid X is amazing. I'm an Android fan at this point but I came from Windows mobile so I love HTC sense. Personally had it not been for sense there's a strong possibility I would have passed on the Evo and waited for something with Froyo stock. That's just me. Bottom line is there's things I can point out about the Droid that are whack but A. it's no point because the pros out weigh the cons tremendously. B. I have never owned the device let alone used it for more than a few minutes. C. I've learned so much about my Evo that even if I had opted to wait until a friend got it and checked it out or went to a store and played with it for a week I've come to realize there's no way I'd have a full grasp on what it can do. Granted the Evo dude didn't need to spaz out on the Droid X like that. But if you think the Evo flat out sucks or that 4G is not "all that much better" than 3G (other carries or not) let me be the first to tell you, you are not only blind but you are very sadly mistaken. WiMax is a new data technology, it brings new possibilities and functionality its not just about speed. Of course when sprint advertises it they market the highest speeds possible. But so does time warner and all other home internet service providers. That's why its called advertising -FIN- PS I must say that dedicated camera button stirs up jealously and rage in me but would I trade my kickstand for it?......probably not. LOL Sorry about the rant. I was bored.

I wonder if this person is a Verizon Store Rep who is part of the programs that give their employees a phone to be the store user "expert"???

Just a bit off topic. But food for thought.

It has been 7 months since I got my Droid Eris... and i feel like I've been using an outdated phone for months and am desperately waiting for my upgrade.

The good news, we used another account my family member doesn't use to get my Eris upgrade- and am now eligible to upgrade my phone.... But i shall wait until whatever is next rolls around.

So now here's the real comment: what do you think will be next?!

I'm really curious.. I have another upgrade since I got my Incredible, and I love my phone and don't really find myself wanting/needing more. However.. I am curious to see what comes after the Droid2.. I like the X just find but I want to know what else they can do.. the Galaxy S looks nice but I'm not a big samsung fan, especially after what they did to us Incredible pre-orderers..

yes its an HTC phone, but the AMOLED screen was from samsung, which I guess is saving their screens for their own phones or something since production isnt yeilding really high numbers of screens. so the newer batches of incredibles are getting an LCD from sony I believe.

Yes but he's talking about samsung not being able to keep up with producing enough screens to get all the incredibles out to us customers soon enough.

Hell I'm still waiting for mine, should ship on the 20th.

As a Verizon Wireless Customer Service rep, I have no clue how this is even possible. It's not available in the ordering system yet...

I'd also like to ad, as an employee I'm super jealous. I'm dying to order this and of course like the rest of you I have to wait until the 15th. There's really no way to get this thing ordered yet... this doesn't make any sense. Sadly, I'll have to wait with the rest of you to enjoy the Droid X goodness.

just imagine how that went.

Why's the fedex man here?
Verizon?!.....It couldnt be.
*opens box*
Hell yea it is!!!!

um.. for all you guys that keep saying "wow ... how in the hell. its not even available yet?!?!?" if you keep up with this site you would have seen the huge advertisement they put up about best buy making pre orders available..
i work at a verizon across the street from a best buy and believe me when i tell you it is a huge pain in the arse when people keep coming in day in and day out asking.."how come you guys aren't doing pre orders.. isn't it ur product?"..yes!! it is a VERIZON product but we in the stores are not the ones that make the decisions..and shame on you mr. customer care rep.. how did you NOT know working for the company that it was avail for preo rder at best that's my 2cents.. oh and this phone rocks.our moto rep came in with his.. all the vids and pics don't do it justice believe me..
and as a rep.. i too am jealous about having to wait for an upgrade until but lets see what comes out.. until then.. my eris will suffice.. great phone.. just never got any love from the android community for some reason...oh well..

Do you guys [or gals] think this phone will have as much hype as the i*hone in the sense that people slept on the streets overnight to get the 4th generation pos last week? The reason I ask is because, just like the rest of u, i want it the day it comes out but since big red isnt taking preorders i dont wanna be that sorry jerk driving from store to store hearing that everyone's sold out.

I didn't pre-order my Incredible and had to go from one (larger) Verizon store to another (smaller). Fortunately, the second store had them while the larger store was sold out. I went around lunchtime. It's hard to say. I think there's a hardcore group of people looking to score this device, but I don't know if it's something you'll need to camp out to get. I'm getting mixed messages about supply. I haven't seen any of the inventory screen shots like we did with the Incredible (156,000 or something like that). Motorola seems to be putting messages out there that supply will be ample. With that said, I would plan on hitting the store early, though.

Thank you! There happens to be a VZW store on my way to work so I figure I can stop in immediately when the store opens. Do you think the larger stores will get their supply the day it's available or more like over that weekend?

VZW rocks! Droid rocks! I LOL'd when I saw someone saying we ship from Ontario Canada LOL. . .. When do you ever see the country listed after the city? Common mistake I suppose ha ha ha

Well FedEx just dropped off a package from Verizon Wireless.....

Inside the DROID X and the Dock..

Unboxing as soon as I finish this post