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Just 10MHz of spectrum will bring in a minimum of $1.56 billion to the FCC

The FCC announced Friday that in January 2014 it will be holding its first notable spectrum auction since 2008, opening up 10MHz of PCS H Block spectrum for purchase. The auction will begin with a minimum price of $1.56 billion for the 10MHz of spectrum, which is expected to have Sprint and Dish interested in a purchase because of their current holdings of adjacent spectrum.

Some are skeptical that releasing just 10MHz of spectrum in this auction will hurt the amount of potential bidders and therefore revenue for the FCC, citing that only one or two parties are interested in this spectrum. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel is hoping that the FCC can reconsider holding off on the auction until a more sizeable chunk of spectrum, say 65MHz, was available to be auctioned off all at once.

Whether the FCC decides to hold off and add more spectrum to the auction or just go ahead with its initial plan of just selling off 10MHz, there's really no downside to getting more spectrum in the hands of wireless operators. It will be interesting to see how high the bidding goes in January considering the small amount on offer.

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FCC schedules auction of PCS spectrum for January 2014


ATT is acquiring unused spectrum from Verizon, some how. Unused spectrum shouldn't be able to be sold between companies when they do not own it and they are leasing it from the FCC. If a company can't use the spectrum it acquires it should automatically go back to the FCC and be auctioned off again. Telecommunications industry needs heavier regulation, these companies just make up their own rules most the time and the FCC rarely acts until someone has to point it out to them

The FCC has stated some of the money will go towards expanding the network used for first responders and law enforcement, but hasnt indicated how much of it will go to that cause or what the rest will be used for.

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Is there any equipment on the market today that can use make use of this? I know it will be a part of PCS, but won't this be similar to Sprint using band 25 equipment that no one else uses? Won't they have to make another band to include this?

I wish the FCC forced handset makers to use band 25 whenever 2 is called for. Then their would be a better chance operators could roam. This spectrum will only add to the Balkanization if they don't do it right.

Given other options, I'd rather not pick band 25 because of low penetration. Wait and watch the amount of money that gets dropped at the 600 MHz auction.

I want band 25 for roaming in addition to the soon to exist 600 mhz band.

Every wireless carrier has some PCS spectrum and three of them have AWS. Let all handsets have those two and your good for urban roaming. 600 mhz might be the solution for rural roaming. Otherwise you'd need band 12 (including 17) and 13 to cover 700.

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And I get to play with all kinds of different frequencies just by having my Ham license. Anywhere from 3-50mhz to 144 to 400 to even 900mhz and 1.2ghz. Ham radio is alot of fun. Something about taking stranded copper wire, soldering it to a coax connector and talking around the world with 100 watts is just a lot of fun. There are other fun things to do. Satellites. Yes ham radio operators have repeaters on satellites. I've even talked to an astronaut on the ISS. There is also voip linking radios. Endless fun on ham radio. They pulled the code requirement for the extra class license which opens those bands up to alot of new people. Psk31 Is another fun mode. Look if up if you guys are interested. FCC is my friend.

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