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What's that? The HTC Sense clock widget on stock Android? (And Froyo, no less?) Sure looks that way. What you see is called Fancy Widget, and it sure does look like it was all but stripped straight out of HTC's customizations. Load it up and it automatically snags your location and weather information. Tap it to customize clock, weather and refresh settings. It's free (donationware), and you may want to snag it soon, because we have a feeling some letters are already being written. [Market linkApp Brain] Thanks, Brett.


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Fancy Widget looks a wee bit familiar


Loaded and works on my 2.1, kind of indicates it only works on Froyo in article.

This is cool, I like what it looks like and loaded it right away. Just nice to have it as an option and for free!

Time for another C&D fiasco, just like what happened to Beautiful Widgets before it was redesigned. Lets see how long it takes for HTC to catch this.

That is what the new UI of Froyo looks like. It's just built into Android 2.2. However, there is a home-screen app in the market that adds a look a lot like that called ADW.Lancher. That's what I'm using right now.

So it seems everybody here agrees that this app is in violation of copyright and yet you also think it's OK to support that behavior by downloading it (and possibly even donating). Ridiculous.

The Android app store isn't 'curated' like Apple's and along with the upside of more freedom comes the downside of illegal and questionably legal apps being let in. And all this does is encourage the downside.

Embarrassing for Android fans everywhere.

(Flames Away!)

An there is the questionable tactics of Android Central featuring it, while presumably hiding behind the badge of journalism ....

Personally, I have more to do with my screen real estate than sacrifice 50% of it to a clock and weather report.

Dude: Android Central isn't here to look after HTC's interests, thats's HTC's job. Android Central is here for Android users and abusers!!!

Thank you AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Fancy Widget!!!!

I agree with both...not so much with Android Central featuring it (the thing exists, it's a fact to report; though I disagree with "you may want to snag it soon...")

It takes up WAY too much real estate. One reason I don't like Sense.

once HTC has it pulled, can't they have it pulled from your phones as well? (no point rushing to download it before its taken down if they'll pull it from your phone as well)

Nope, they cannot. And not only that, you can back it up to your SD card using Astro File manager and have it in case you ever accidentally delete it.

it looks great, but lacks the great things.....such as weather animations! hopefully he can get that in before HTC ends it! otherwise, sticking to BW!

Why doesn't HTC just make a widget and sell it? The design is obviously popular, and they could make a killing with non-HTCs. Imagine the # of people with WWD/BW...

Because it is a draw for people to buy their phones, which is far more lucrative. Although I agree that they should sell it. Would be nice if it could be made smaller, it is silly big on my Evo and I was shocked it had no sizing option.

You can get a 1x2 clock, and a 1x2 weather widget. put 'em together and you get a 4x1...doesn't look as cool though...

Ya nothing new. I have Beautiful Widgets and there is a theme for it that makes it look exactly like the above listed image. That is also a beautiful thing HTC can not fire off a C&D for a theme, and more so one that is free. and Yes Microsoft tried it years ago when the first Windows themes started coming out for Gnome.

Now if that is the stock layout good by Fancy Widget for now.

Stealing other people's code is wrong, even if it is technically a corporation.

Taking money for stealing said code is even more wrong (if there is such a thing)

Supporting all this by posting such an article, encouraging people to encourage theft, and participating in said theft is MOST wrong.

I'm ashamed of androidcentral right now, and at this point I'm considering dropping your news stuff from my must read list. (I'll continue to read the forums, since it has awesome devs)

They are not stealing code. They are copying a look and feel. There is a big difference. The former violates software copyright. The latter, does not.

What about devs who rip APK files out of other Android phones and port them to other devices? Is that wrong? If so many of us are using Stolen roms..and pre2.1 were using Maps, Gallery and Browser files that were also stolen. Where do you draw the line?

I agree taking donations is wrong but to provide the APK/widget is okay. These devs won't be getting a penny from me but I don't feel bad for downloading this widget that HTC has not made available outside of the Sense UI. If they ported it and released it legitimately I'd buy it from HTC. They haven't, so this is the next best thing IMO.

well android is open source, HTC Sense and their widgets are not.

HTC won't provide it to others because it's what sets their phones apart. and do you think they'd rather have you buy a widget for a dollar or two or actually get you interested in buying their phone..?

Why not release both? I'm not talking the full Sense experience on a non-HTC Sense phone but how about a widget or two? That $1 or $2 widget could lead to someone down the road deciding to buy an HTC phone because of how much they like the way the widget(s) function.

They're going about this the wrong way. A clock/weather widget isn't going to bankrupt their hardware department. It could help.

That should be a consideration, especially as HTC gets deeper into the software biz with whatever recent acquisition they made.

same reason why apple doesnt offer their OS standalone. they're more interested in selling the hardware. They are a hardware company.. If the widgets were available to buy, it wouldn't interest anyone to buy HTC phones (it'd likely do the opposite). if someone liked how the widgets performed theyd just buy the widgets again on whatever phone they get next. And if people knew they were available, theyd tend to lean toward finding a non-HTC phone, buy the HTC widgets, and have the appeal of both phones. HTC gets $1 while the other company sold a phone..??

the additional software companies HTC bought will likely go toward more of the same (Sense, widgets). Not google marketplace

if you like HTC design.. get an HTC phone

That is a case of it depends. Android is an open source os. If you are just messing with stock, it is free and open to use.

Sense however is not. If it's not an htc phone it if not ok to use.

Apps are not open source. If it's not free it's not ok to use without paying for it.

Your reasoning is terrible.

By that reasoning, I could make am android website, copy all the articles from here and post them word for word on my site so long as I didn't take money.

Yet somehow I think androidcentral would not be happy.

It is htc's right not to provider their code to other phones, and smart business sunder that is what makes their phones unique and wanted.

Androidcentral should site more integrety.

HTC should take a page from Google and lighten up. They get Android for free, so they can handle a few folks getting a freaking clock widget for free

If you guys are so worried about doing good, there are animals and a way of life dying in the Gulf right now! But yeah, the clock widget is an important moral dilemma too!

So many twisted panties over this widget... last time I checked, Android is an open source platform meaning whatever goes into it is made available to all. All who want to partake can and those who do not, do not have to. If codes are going to be locked down then hell, might as well lock down the sucker like Apple, put up the gates and the cement walls.

I don't think code should be stolen but if it's used, there should be accreditation to the maker of the code. All these manufactures jumped all over Android because they were happier than a fat kid in a bakery because they didn't have to pay anything to develop their own OS (they still pay devs I'm sure, but maybe not as much as they would for a proprietary OS) but maybe they need a better understanding of "open source" before they issue out C&D letters...

Just my $0.02 on the matter...

It is not copyright infringement to copy a look and feel.
It is not copyright infringement to reverse engineer code.

It is my understanding that this is not HTC code.

It's just plain wrong to copy a look and feel! It's lame and means you have to none of your own creativity!

To reverse engineer anything is wrong and again, means you can't come up with anything on your own that's better or competitive to what you copied!

How can anyone say this is okay?

All this commentary, yet nobody has mentioned the real issue --
Ha-Ha(best Nelson impersonation) Phil has to be awake at 8:08 AM on a Saturday :p

OSS Open Source Software. Live it, Love it. Apple tries to patent gestures, looks, and feels. We shouldn't.
+1 gbhil lmao

i know that HTC's lawyers are gonna b on their junk like *THAT* so I got the apk and put it on my laptop

Rooted Samsung Moment 2.1

i know that HTC's lawyers are gonna b on their junk like *THAT* so I got the apk and put it on my laptop

Rooted Samsung Moment 2.1

this is the whole "beautiful widgets" thing all over again. They tried to do the same thing until HTC sent them a letter and told them to stop. Granted the beautiful widget guy was selling his HTC rip offs but non the less I have a feeling this app will see the same fate.

I do have the original beautiful widgets which i installed on my nexus one and it works great full weather animations and everything.