Falcon Pro for Android

One of our favorite Twitter clients for Android, Falcon, updated just in time for 2013 with a bunch of new features. The biggie is that Falcon now uses the fancy YouTube APIs for Android that Google introduced before Christmas, but there are also a few subtle tweaks that have been added, including a spam reporting button, a slider for setting refresh rates, and a logout button. Here's the full changelog for Falcon Pro 1.4.

  • Added YouTube API integration
  • Added option to Enable double tap on tweets
  • Added logout button
  • Added hide keyboard on RT
  • Added report for SPAM
  • Added mute management from settings
  • Added hashtag auto fill when searching for tweets
  • Added slider for refresh rates
  • New "More Actions" dialog design
  • Enhanced conversation view with private accounts

Any big Falcon Pro fans out there, or is the lack of multiple account support a deal-breaker? Which Twitter app do you use the most?

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seanlongoria says:

Lack of multi-account support kills it for me. Unfortunately, Twitter's new standards have forced me to stick with the official app.

moosc says:

Still can't beat plume. Falcon isn't as smooth

PJMAN2952 says:

Then your phone isn't fast. Falcon Pro is the smoothest app that runs on my phone.

I second this. Scrolling in Falcon Pro is much smoother than Plume (which I still use as my main until multi-account feature is added in Falcon Pro).

Got to hand it to the developer to continue providing constant, feature adding, updates to this app.

skitchbeatz says:

I disagree. Seems to be much smoother than Plume on my nexus 4

MrLadoodle says:

Falcon is so much smoother then Plume. Have you not updated falcon in a couple of weeks?

Plume is yucky.

xdalaw says:

I like Falcon Pro, but wish they'd include full, profile picture support.

Cubfan says:

Falcon Pro has made me use Twitter again. Love the app.

tcapote says:

Same here, Falcon Pro has brought me back to using twitter again.

Still without user search functions, also cant look at other users followers and people they are following. As good as this app is how are these functions not included?

PJMAN2952 says:

You can look at other people's profile. Just tap on their profile picture.

right, but you cant see their followers at all or search for anyone

otto says:

Good app so far. Improving all the time but for me it needs multi-account support to be really useful.

drnggaj13 says:


PJMAN2952 says:

That app looks unprofessional.

Snapphane says:

If one loves Falcon Pro but MUST have multiple accounts, you could always run two user accounts (or more) on your Nexus 7.Not the most practical way, but it will work :-P

Soooo no one has tried Slice yet? I used it for my main account @WritinRevRog77 and Plume for another...Slice is better, but I kept my Plume because I like the integration of the pictures in the tweets..but Slice...replacement for Tweetcaster...has a great UI and smooth scroll.

Falcon Pro a big disappointment for me, still, even after recent updates. It still lacks basic features that make it a no-go for my daily Twitter client. No multiple accounts, weak filtering/muting options and poor search features make it a poor choice for any kind of power user, no matter how "smooth it feels" or how slick it looks. On all of my daily use phones (Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and HTC One X), it's not any smoother at scrolling than any other client I use.

I've tried them all (Slices, Falcon Pro, Plume, Tweet Lanes, Boid Beta, etc), but it's always TweetCaster Pro that I go back to. YMMV.

tillerrw says:

I agree with the TweetCaster Pro comment. I've been using it for over a year and can't quite get myself back to any of the others.