Facebook Photo Album Creator

Most people who use the Facebook app on a regular basis have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with it. While we continue to wait for a native app experience that would greatly improve performance, Facebook continues to roll out updates with basic feature enhancements. This latest one improves sharing and management of photos. Posts in the timeline now have big simple buttons across the bottom of them to "like", "comment" and "share" (where applicable) the post. Tapping the "share" button instantly puts you into an edit mode to re-share the post onto your own timeline.

On the photo side, users can now create albums completely on the device when accessing the "photos" tab from the timeline, which is a welcomed addition. The update also improves photo tagging as well. The update is worth a download if you're using Facebook, so grab it at the Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Facebook updated with improved sharing, photo albums


I wish they'd stop adding little tweaks to the current app and just work on the rewrite. Stop wasting our time with this little piddly crap. I'd rather have a native app now and wait for these add-on features to it later.

The current Android facebook app is basically a wrapper for the mobile website. A native version would be much quicker and powerful.

Great, we get more features to bog down this painfully useless app. They should put all their focus into getting the native app finished and released and then add more features later!

They should just release the native app and support contacts images sync

Android support from facebook is bad compared their support to ios