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Facebook has been making several improvements to its app in regards to photo sharing and uploading, and this latest update continues that trend. The changelog is just three bullet points. First, photo tagging has been improved to be faster. Second, you can now choose an album when uploading photos -- no more mashing everything into a "mobile uploads" album. Lastly, there is a bug fix related to photos not uploading for users with certain languages (although they're not listed).

If you're not one of the billion people using Facebook regularly (over half primarily on phones) and have yet to install the app, maybe now is the time to at least take a look. You can grab it at the Google Play Store link above.


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Facebook app receives photo-focused update


Wow thought they would have all resources on getting the native app out...kinda pointless to fix the current if a newer app is "near"...way to keep letting android users down suckaburger

Anybody know if notifications actually work yet? Even after doing the 'Blackberry hack', I still couldn't get notifications for PMs.

Comments don't show up under pictures on my Atrix 4g.

Edit: sometimes it works, it's kind of a toss up. Regardless, it wasn't happening before the update

I prefer friendcaster pro as well but it has issues too. If any of your friends have 3rd party apps disabled you won't see any of their posts. Also it doesn't show everything, mine won't show any instagram shares for example. I've talked to One Louder about these things and it's basically Facebook not playing nice with their APIs. Probably the same thing Twitter is starting to do.

One of the reasons I continued to use friendcaster has just been fixed with the album uploads. I like the app better, I wish it were truly full featured.