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If you're an HTC Evo 4G owner who is looking to take your gaming to next level status then you'll want to be looking at picking up an EVOtainment System. Sure, it looks rather silly considering it's a bunch of Nintendo Wii accessories and a generic Evo GPS dashboard mount all stuck together with some nuts and bolts but judging from the video it'll turn you into a mobile Goomba stomping machine when you couple it with an awesome Nintendo 64 emulator.

Do-It-Yourself kits are currently available for purchase at the source link for only $9.99 while quantities last. Keep in mind however, neither accessories nor device are included. They're just sparing you the time of having to piece it all together with a screwdriver. Check out the video after the break folks. [WFB Gadgets]

There are 26 comments

sveilien says:

How do you get the Wii remote to connect to the EVO if you are using a Sense ROM? I thought that wasn't possible yet.

pattavino says:

You have to have a none sense root rom like cyanogen. Just installed wiimote today haven't had time to hook it Up yet.

Jonneh says:

All that's left is hooking up a coffee machine to the bundle. :D

rub2008 says:

N64 emulator is still way too choppy on my evo? Is there a reason why? Does RAM space have something to do with that? I have 50mb left. I have a stock EVO btw.

briankurtz79 says:

Stock evo needs about 120 free to run smooth.

crxssi says:

No such thing. Android, like Linux, will cache programs and unload them when more "free" memory is needed. It is very difficult to really know how much memory *can* be available.

Roshizzle731 says:

quite a bit over the top. if your that hard up for gaming you might want to look into getting a life.

Dragon1473 says:

I'm not necessarily the "hardcore gamer" that I used to be, but this would be great on my commute. And i definitely have a life, fulltime job, and fiancee. I could make my 90 minute commute go by much quicker playing emulators on something like this.

tl;dr your "getting a life" comment = invalid

Geek factor 11. What's not to love

kstagg says:

DIY-kit or WTF-kit?

Seriously - while an ingenious mod, and nothing I surely could come up with in my wildest dreams, it's not exactly svelte - is it? Save yourself some some time and heft and get these:

hmmm says:

I'll wait for the BlueTooth game gripper to be released.

Jonneh says:

The kickstart never reached even half the $30,000 requested :(

kstagg says:


jesusprice says:

could u imagine seeing someone with that out in public?

onixblack says:

Yes and it would be epic

mdmitchell13 says:

I think it would be fun to whip one of those out during a boring class :)

wes008 says:

Oooooooh! Ok,I'm gonna make one now. Except mine will be called the Thundertainment! (guess why)

El Jefe says:

I'm not familiar w/ the Wii because I don't have one, but does the bottom controller have to go through Wiimote to work? Does Nintendo not make a Bluetooth variant of the bottom controller?

And don't PS3 controllers work over Bluetooth? Has no one made an app that will allow any other Bluetooth controller to work with these emulators? This setup using a Wiimote, steering wheel, & another controller seems like a giant fustercluck instead of using a different controller that is more functional than Nintendo's controllers.

crxssi says:

1) Yes it does. Although I don't know why they can't just use the WiiRemote to control the thing instead of the classic controller.

2) No

3) I believe so, yes.

4) Don't know

ssethv says:

Wow... Ridiculous... If I saw a grown man, in public, playing this, I would litteraly laugh at him... now I can understand a child, but I don't think a child can root and do this to his phone. Hopefully, his mom or dad can do it for him.

th0r615 says:

Ah yes... the video games are only for children argument...

ssethv says:

never said that... if you read it, it says "grown man... in public" = overkill... i have nothing against video games. and to be honest, I wouldn't let a child play some of the video games on the market. IMO, and I reiterate, IMO!!!

Cubfan says:

Does this come with a helmet clip so I can free up my hands to eat a cheeseburger and drive?

cMARVEL360 says:

WTF?! Serious gamers don't even own a wii.

pretty sweet idea... i posted something similar back in july

SiNafey says:

wow.. when does serious gamer and wii ever have anything to do with each other? "yo guyz check out meh leet phone" ROFLMAO