Evo custom ROM

In a weird twist, while everyone was waiting for the Evo 4G update to show up, the folks over at XDA-Developers have just released the rooted users version of it.  Don't ask, we have no answers about the how or why :) It looks like the rumors of the 30FPS cap being lifted were true, but it's still too soon to see if the Gmail and GPS "issues" have been addressed. 

We normally suggest that everyone on the darkside who has rooted their phone wait a day or two for the developers to release a "root-friendly" version, but this time we don't have to.  Follow the source link to grab the ROM, as well as new cellular and WiMax radios while they're still hot! [Xda-Developers via Android Central ForumsThanks b0ricua!


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Rooted version of Evo update released before OTA actually hits


Saw this in the forum, went over to XDA to take a look and came back to this on the front page. Downloading it right now!

Wow, I'm glad I started the download before Jerry posted this. Have a feeling some servers are going start smokin right......about.......now

b0ricua Two big nasty mutilated Jerry thumbs up :) but to be fair black ice posted this first at 9:03pm in the 9/22/2010 EVO Update posted to Sprint Support page forum