Evo 4G on the Palm Touchstone

There it is, folks. The Sprint Evo 4G rewired to work on the Palm Touchstone inductive charger. No more plugging in the phone to keep it juiced -- which with the Evo you tend to have to do a bunch. All it takes is a Touchstone, Palm Pre back cover, a bit of wire and a few simple tools -- oh, and no fear of voiding your Evo warranty. But it may well be worth the risk just to up your Evo cool factor and nerd cred. Full instructions are now available, and it actually looks fairly painless. [Good and Evo]

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JohnnyKat says:

Nice Job!!

I didn't have the Touchstone when I was using the Pre for a year, and I'm not rushing to re-wire my EVO, but this is just cool news!

Now what does the Pre have going for it?

WebOS was fun, and maybe someday will bring me back- but right now I'm love'n my 4.3" screen!!!!

likwidsoul says:

That's pretty slick. But can't you just wait for power mat to release a product for the evo. Shouldn't be to long.

n64kps says:

Have you ever used the Pre/Touchstone combo??? Much better than anything powermat has ever come up with.

fr4nk1yn says:

I'd rather have my compass than a touchstone charger.

crxssi says:

This doesn't affect the compass. The magnets are in the base, not the cover. The cover just has some steel circles to give something for the magnets on the base to grab.

It WILL affect the ability to detect metal, but I am thinking it should not overly interfere with the compass.

But even if it did cause a problem with the compass- do we really care? The compass is not all that accurate (from my experience) and GPS blows it away.

I would be far more worried about damaging the phone with the mod, or the back case bulging.

I just use stand alone battery chargers have for almost everyphone

ebay item # 250641711190

2 bats & a charger

crxssi says:

Hey!!! Thanks for that tip! OMG what a low price... I am going to take a chance on it.

Thud says:

Check out this flat wire tape, it would make this conversion a lot easier.