We're big fans of Evernote around here. We've been checking out the Beta version of 2.0 for a while and have been totally pleased with the updates. Now available in the Android Market, version 2.0 brings with it a ton of new changes. Not only to the UI but also to the whole application itself. Evernote has been listening to user requests for quite some time and the 2.0 release shows that when it comes down to it, they know how to make suggestions work for them and the end users. Some of the new features include:

  • New Home screen
  • Dramatically faster
  • New Search interface
  • New views, more options
  • Easier sorting and browsing
  • Offline notebooks for Premium users
  • Improved Widget and Homescreen shortcuts
  • Simpler note creation and multiple attachments

That's not even all of the new features but rather, a small portion of what can be found in the version 2.0 release. You can hit the break for the video walk through of the new features as well grab the download link. [Evernote Blog] Thanks Adam!


Reader comments

Evernote v2.0 now available in the Android Market


I had to uninstall the app & re-install to get the widget. Anyone else have issues finding the widget when upgrading from the previous version?

cool. very nice update!

But are people having problem with the market today. It took me many tries to get it downloaded and installed.

I downloaded it. The UI improvements are nice, but what I really want is support for text selected in my mobile browser. I'd like to be able to select "Share," and have Evernote as one of the options.

Anyone else having a problem of placing a shortcut for the updated Evernote app on their home screen? I'm using an EVO.

Update: Able to place shortcut now. Must have been my phone.

What I need is to be able to create a note on my phone. Share it with a specific user and have them be able to modify/view/edit.

No problem being a premium user for this and no problem requiring other user to have Evernote installed.

From what I can tell you can only share through the website?

my .02

Is it possible to set an alarm or reminder in Evernote? I currently use Catch to setup a task on my phone that I need to be reminded about later. Is that functionality available in Evernote? Thanks!