HTC Hero update in June

Don't kill the messenger.  The Unwired reports that during a Google event in Europe today, HTC announced that the Android 2.1/Eclair update for European Hero will be released "later this summer".  Supposedly starting sometime in June, Hero owners will receive a preparatory update, followed shortly by the full on 2.1 update.  Details are a bit sketchy, but one thing is certain -- the long awaited Eclair update is still scheduled to be released.  But is it too late?

I'll agree the shift from 1.5 to 2.1 is a big one indeed, and it's possible that the speed at which Android is evolving might have left the Hero and other G2 class devices in the dust.  Let's just hope that when it finally comes, it was worth waiting for.  No word from Sprint or any of
the other CDMA carriers if this will affect their proposed update window, but I'm guessing the news won't be good.  [via The Unwired]


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European Hero Eclair update scheduled for ... June?


I can't help but feel sorry for people still holding out for an HTC authorized Eclair. All the while living in fear of Sprint/HTC and what will become of their warranty if they gained root on their phone. The other half that don't know about what can be done once gaining root on their phone probably don't know that Eclair is even in the works for the Hero. I personally couldn't have an Android phone without root if I knew it was possible. I had to trade my Eris for a Droid just for that fact, then they gained root access about 3 weeks later but I am still happy with my decision. Anyways, just expressing my sympathy for the ones afraid of the Warranty police I have never meet them nor do I want to.

And just what is wrong with trying to keep our warranties? Besides, I'm willing to bet that many people out there who want 2.1 don't want or actually need root for anything. 2.1 has features for the average Joe, like for example Maps Navigation. It's just that the only way to get 2.1 is through rooting.

I didn't say anything was wrong with waiting did I. Also why do you say that there is nothing that people waiting for 2.1 need from root then go on to say that the only way to get 2.1 is through root? Just because you have gained root access doesn't mean that you have to go crazy with it. It just allows you to put what you want on your phone i.e. 2.1!

This is really sad. I guess it's official now that us Hero owners are no longer important to HTC anymore. They're perfectly content with sitting on our money. Even if we get the update, Froyo is near now, we'll be outdated again in a few month. The way this has been dragging out since late last year is becoming more like a joke every day. I don't know if there's anything HTC can do to make this up to us. If only they've given us the 1.6 update we were promised last december, that would have been better than nothing.

It's exactly it. The update is delayed until the END OF JUNE!!! Whatever I say... The negative experience of users will certainly affect sales of HTC in the future. My next phone will be android as well, but it won't be HTC.

It's very likely, that 2.2 is released before we get 2.1

Let's put this in perspective.

The only people with a real beef should be US T-Mobile customers. Sense pretty much has the 2.1 features already covered, Sprint users have free turn by turn nav, and European and Canadian users can't use nav with Google maps regardless of which platform version they are running.

Sure the new apps being released would be icing on the cake, but the blame can't be laid 100% at the feet of HTC. Many (I'll even go out on a limb and say most) of the newer apps would be cupcake compatible if the developers would take the time to build them with the older SDK versions in mind.

In the end, waiting another month is better than using a bug-laden build like the leaked test candidates were. We're the small minority. Most users are content with what they have, don't even know of a 2.1 update, and will be pleasantly surprised when it arrives. As long as all open source licenses are followed when the product is released, HTC won't get any flak from me.

They want people to root their phones. Good idea and when doing it you can also install apps to the microSD card, which it should be doing in the first place.

They cannot justify doing this to force people to buy the Legend or Desire. Phone contracts are usually about 2 years long and Orange even have 3 year contracts now. If I bought a Hero on contract then I can't just change it whenever I want.

heck, some of us have unrootable htc heros! Here in the USA, Cellular South cdma Htc Hero cannot be rooted without major issues. we have 1.5 and we are told, maybe end of June for 2.1


I have 2.1 cdma rooted htc hero phone.. and there is NOTHING wrong with it..I get...

- better CALL quality (louder volume)
- faster response on the touch screen.
- text messages come in ON TIME... and ability to resize pictures
- did i mention i now have 2.1 market with 2.1 sense features

and as a bonus if you get the right rom (fresh), you get LIVE WALLPAPERS. ( this really makes this phone take off)
Best part of all, no lag with the wallpapers. All of the face book integration is there and even better.

For all the sprint customers, i took a "dive" and worried about my warranty. But if done correctly, no problems and you get a phone that you can be happy with for another couple months.

P.s if it matters to any of you. THE BATTERY LIFE TIME IS GOOD. i have back ground date ON, auto sync with google ON, email sync every hour. etc. and i get a solid 12 - 15 good hours of usage.

well i am happy hhaha.

It seems HTC may be dropping the ball, and as a young company, perhaps they don't have their act together just yet. But Verizon are responsible ultimately for this since they sell and market the Eris(and make dishonest promises) to their customers.

I mean if you are somewhat okay with computers this can be done. For some reason the eris was somewhat forgotten.

Hmmm.... I feel brave enough to bring in 2.1 now, but would not want to void the warranty. Usually Verizon is pretty good about honoring that.