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The ESPN ScoreCenter app has just been updated with a pretty handy feature for Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) owners. With the latest update -- version 2.3.2 -- users that have a Galaxy S3 and a Smart TV (any DLNA compatible device, really) can push ESPN video from the phone to the TV over the local Wi-Fi network.

This is functionality we usually only see for specific boxes, or with specific manufacturer tie-in, so it's interesting to see ESPN integrate it at the app level -- and see it work with any DLNA device to boot. Hopefully future updates will expand functionality past the Galaxy S3 as well.

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Running the At&t Galaxy SIII on CM10 and no such luck must need touchwiz

BrianTufo says:

Dang that sounds sweet! Going to try it out!!

tnixon99 says:

Just tried it with an LG tv and got "communication error"....wish I knew how to fix that.

tnixon99 says:

I take that is now working beautifully....pretty awesome.