Our pals at Engadget (hey, pals!) have their sweet little Engadget Distro, which curates its content in magazine-like fashion. And it's now available on Android. It was previously released only for iOS, so it's great to see an Android version. If you're a fan of Engadget or tech news in general, you'll want to check this app out. It looks great on Honeycomb tablets.

The app features are:

  • Weekly, curated content from Engadget, the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology
  • Share Engadget Distro content via Twitter, Facebook, and email
  • Download Engadget Distro Issues and read them offline
  • Navigate between Engadget Distro articles via swipe or in the convenient Article Viewer
  • Find specific Engadget Distro pages via the Issue Page Viewer
  • Browse Engadget Distro Issues via the Bookshelf or Cover View

Engadget Distro is a free app from the Android Market that is available for tablet devices running Android 3.0+. Please find links to the Market after the break. Engadget has even included the .apk for devices that claim to not support it, so you can find that here as well:

Engadget Distro APK


Reader comments

Engadget Distro arrives for Honeycomb tablets


When Distro was first announced I thought it was useless. But now that I don't visit Engadget in favor of The Verge, I'm glad I can get a weekly dose of what those guys are up to over there.

Why bother with yet another app for a specific source?

Wasn't this what Google Currents was supposed to do for us?

Yet another site specific app which serves nobody except the site, and just clutters every user's phone.

I don't understand why AC encourages the trend of every website, tv station, news paper, radio station, tv show, sports team, and retail chain having their own app to clutter the app-o-sphere with crapps that are single purpose.

AC should instead be pushing standardized apps like Currents, Reader (and competitive feed readers), Listen (and competitive podcast tools), and similar multi-source applications.

Of course having released their own App, it seems AC is unlikely to do anything but continue to review these single purpose apps which few ever actually install, fewer still even keep, and everybody forgets about after a week.

I'd rather get Distro on PDF. That way I coud zoom in and actually be able to read the darm thing, something not possible in their app.

I agree with Icebike. These one-purpose apps are pointless. I know how to open a website in a browser or launch a PDF reader and open a document from there.