Elan Microelectronics, a small Taiwanese outfit that recently made news for suing Apple for copyright infringement over their multi-touch technology, recently release the above video demonstrating multi-touch on an Android device. Multi-touch, with the ability to "pinch" and zoom with finger gestures, is particularly useful when reading web pages and looking at photos. Hopefully this is a feature that will come to the Android platform for all Android devices. How important is it to you that you can pinch and zoom?



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Elan Micro Demos Multitouch on Android


What device is that? It's super smooth, and while the multitouch isn't high on my list of priorities, it is something that I'd like to have. Hopefully the Magic works this well.

Not high on my list of priorities but would be nice. It would also put the nail in the coffin for iPhone supremacy. Multi-touch is the biggest "cool" feature difference between the G1 and iPhone.

memory is the only relevant thing where the iPhone is way better than the G1. and probably Exchange ActiveSync.