Total markets now 85 as EE claims 55 percent population coverage for 4G​

EE, currently the only 4G LTE operator in the UK, has announced that it's expanded it's 4G network coverage to 11 new towns this morning. From today, EE's LTE goes live in Aldershot, Basildon, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Hitchin, Horsham, Leatherhead, Letchworth, Stevenage, Warrington and Weston-super-Mare, bringing the total number of towns and cities covered to 85.

This, EE claims, gives it 55 percent population coverage for 4G, eight months after the the initial 4G switch-on last November. EE is expected to remain the only option for 4G coverage in the UK until rivals O2, Vodafone and Three launch their LTE networks towards the end of the year. The operator recently launched "double speed" LTE by allocating more of its 1800MHz spectrum to 4G, bringing speeds of 50-80Mbps to some users.

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Mike Watling says:

Would be good if they hurry up and do Swindon. Pretty much every other town or city along the M4 has been done... I keep selling EE on the assumption it'll be on by xmas, hopefully they won't make me a liar

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speculatrix says:

Selling mobile services needs a gift for exaggeration and bending the truth.

ACADM says:

What are the chances of those later operators installing LTE Advanced? As they already have in South Korea and are doing in the USA.

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dodge3003 says:

4G....I do not even have 3G on EE. It's a disgrace in this day and age to still have 2G only areas.

Ben Joynes says:

No sign of Lincoln? Damn.

76Tinman says:

I am on EE for my work mobile... Have to say not seen 4G once and the 3G is terrible!