Well, here we go again. So many awesome Android phones, so little time. I'm once again left dumbfounded by the sheer number of great devices currently available. The HTC One. The Samsung Galaxy S4. The LG G2. The Moto X. Four phones, (finally) available on all four major U.S. carriers. Or go for the Nexus 4 for just $249 outright. 

This is a really good problem to have, and the year's not even done yet. Figure we'll see a new Nexus in the next month or two. And it wouldn't surprise me to see another fairly major release on Verizon — Motorola or HTC would be my guess.

You almost can't go wrong at this point. Each phone is different, for sure, but I wouldn't steer anyone away from any of them.

A few other thoughts on the week that was ...

  • We've gotten a number of reports from folks who have been unable to activate their new LTE-capable Nexus 7 on Verizon — never mind what Hugo Barra said at the launch event. (For the record, it was "We're shipping a 4G LTE version of the new Nexus 7. It's unlocked, and in the U.S. you'll be able to get LTE data from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon, all from the same device.")
  • Yeah, AT&T did a good thing badly with its (since-deleted) 9/11 Tweet last week. I think its heart was in the right place, paying tribute on the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. But, yeah, no need to frame it through the display of a smartphone. It's at least worth mentioning that AT&T at least scrubbed the BlackBerry branding from the Z10 that was used.
  • Glad to see the apology from Randall Stephenson out of that. But at the same time, I might cut 'em all a little slack. They blew it, yeah. But that tweet was hardly done out of malice.
  • We're experimenting a little with some Facebook promotion (read: small-scale advertising) for our app. It's been an interesting experience for me — and's cool how much targeting can be done with that sort of thing. Chances are if you're reading this you'll never see the ad. (In fact, I haven't seen it either.) It's just something we're trying for the sake of trying something new.
  • Speaking of advertising and experiments ... I'm no web designer by any stretch of the imagination. But my wife needed a place to continue writing after her newspaper tenure came to an abrupt halt. So I tried Squarespace. Not quite as easy as all those online ads make it sound — but on the other hand I didn't see a single line of HTML, either, for which my weary brain thanked me. It's also fairly feature-rich, and easy to set up a new domain. I think it turned out OK, and Squarespace is worth checking out if you're looking to build a new site.
  • Speaking of my wife ... We'll have been married nine years this week. If I remember correctly — and this is the important part, right? — I was either using a Samsung SPH-A500 or Sanyo SCP-4900 at the time. (Probably the latter.)
  • The updated Twitter app (still in beta at the time of this writing) isn't horrible, but it still does some silly things. Oh, well. Some progress is better than none.
  • If you're in the market for some awesome old webOS gear — and want to help out a good cause — check out former webOS developer Josh Marinacci's charity auction. Reminds me that I never actually owned a Palm Pre. Might have to change that. More here.

TTFN. Let's get back to work.


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From the Editor's Desk: A good problem to have


What about the Droid Maxx? When u talk about these new devices I think it should be mentioned. Moto x with more memory, wireless charging, and 3500mah battery...

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Yes, Phil's comment was that these were 4 great phones available on ALL carriers. The moto x is basically the equivalent of the droids just different form factor and a couple different apps for the most part.

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Glad you brought that up... Right now, I too am caught up in the excitement of deciding my next phone purchase. My question is, will the Maxx benefit from the development done via the Moto X community? Do you know if the Maxx will be able to run the same ROMs (not that that'll be needed with a near stock Android OS :~)) that Verizon's X will? I'm guessing it will due to the fact that it was rooted the same day as the Moto X. I would love to have the X but with 32GB of memory, wireless charging & a huge battery. Thanks for any input/advice.

Congrats on 9 years! There are so many good choices right now! I have my money in hand to buy something after they announce the next Nexus. I am loving my S4 GPe in the meantime. If I had to pull the trigger right now it would be a LG G2 or maybe the Nokia 1020.

The Android world does not start, nor end, there. Why hold your breath for an unknown when you are already drooling over something that is announced/released already?

Congrats on the 9 years Phil.

then you comment makes no sense at all.

He has a Moto X
You have a Moto X

But your comment is wait for the next Nexus

OK I will bite, what was your point?

Congrats, on nine years of marriage!! My younger brother just tied the knot, last night!!

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I agree, there has never been a better time to be in the market for a new phone. I am a phone fanatic, always drooling over the latest & greatest. I am torn between getting the G2 now with its OIS, KnockOn wakeup and gorgeous IPS LCD display...or waiting for the Note 3 with its massive 5.7" screen, removable 3200 mAh battery & sd card, and virtually guaranteed dev support. Decisions, decisions...

True, but I am Verizon's bitch for another 3 months so the N5 and Z1 are unlikely options for me, and a Verizon One Max probably won't be available until Q1 2014.

What's another 3 months of waiting to decide, don't sign another contract until you've decided. The next Nexus will be out/announced by then.

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I buy all my phones off contract, I am not about to extend my contract any longer. I'm in a Verizon store picking up a G2 right now. I'll get a Note 3 when it comes out, keep the phone I like best and sell the other on craigslist or fleabay.

Another Nexus on Verizon ain't gonna happen. The Verizon GNex was a complete disaster for Google from day one. Google is done with those douchebags, and soon I will be too.

It would be awesome, to have a true unlocked handset, capable of LTE on all US carriers. I was hoping the next Nexus would accomplish this. Here's to hoping...

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Why would you buy a phone off contract for Verizon. You are then paying for a subsidy that you aren't getting.

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Verizon screws you one way or another (which is another reason why I cannot wait for my last line's contract to expire). If there is a way to bend the customer over, Verizon will find it.

Speaking of Nexus, interesting little thing: my new '14 N7 doesn't like it when I use one of those pen things instead of my fingertip. The earlier version was fine. Also, the 14 display is way easier to wipe clean. Different glass?

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lol, interesting way to keep track of life's milestones, by which phone was in your pocket. instead of 'where were you when...', it's now 'what phone were you using when....?? Lincoln was shot??'
btw, (old joke) What's the best way to always remember your anniversary? .... forget it once.

the funny thing is my wife and I both don't remember what our actual anniversary date it.

We did the destination wedding thing and we chose our spot at the resort then based the day on when the spot was available.

We have decided that the Friday closest to the 5-7 of may is our anniversary day. We are pretty confident that the 5th is the date....some day we will look it up.

The other fun fact that no one on AC will care about is that Jamaican marriage certificates are awesomely done documents. Colorful, intricate and kinda cool. We would display it somewhere in the house but it is like 2 feet long, no exaggeration.

Use Google, should be able to ask it about what the date was on the Friday that year. Good luck and made me chuckle. :D

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Saw an HTC One at Verizon a few days ago. Needed a napkin to catch the drool. Makes my HTC Desire HD/Ace very jealous!

Congrats Phil, we hit nine in October, time sure does fly when having fun! I was rockin a LG VX4500.

I agree, it's a good time to be in the market for a smartphone, plenty of good options for everyone. Have a good week AC!

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Y'all are still children! 40 years here. Seriously, congrats and may both of you continue to be blessed.

I just love how the Nexus 4 is nearly a year old and yet still considered to be a contender with the heavyweights!
I so don't regret buying one.

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Agreed. However, it would be an even stronger contender today had it shipped with broad LTE capability and a toggle for disabling LTE when unneeded/unavailable.

Congrats to your nine year anniversary, Phil. My wife and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary this week too (on Tuesday). :-)

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I sure do miss my old Palm pre, at that time webOS was far superior to Android and iOS (still better than iOS)! However with the total screw up job Palm did for the year after release, and what HP did once they purchased Palm only made sure this beautiful OS to the graveyard.
Android owes a lot of their great design to webOS, helps that Google hired the head designer from Palm.

I totally agree, the card multitasking has yet to be matched. The lack of support sucked, but the OS was rock solid and silk smooth. I wish someone like Samsung or Nokia would have bought Palm instead of HP.

Posted via Android Central App On my LG G2

Congrats Phil!

I didn't even have a phone nine years ago. I got my first phone after high school and a few years later I became hooked mobile. I wouldn't mind trying a Moto X but I will hold out for the next nexus.

Posted via Android Central App on my converted T-Mobile GPe HTC One

I crossed to the dark side. I am now a believer in the "under specs" Moto X.

Decided to buy it and try it out. Let's just say after a day and a half, my HTC One is going on eBay.

Still with that said, I think the only phones to buy this is is the HTC One, Moto X (Droid Maxx also) and the Nexus 5.

I am a long time Android owner, user and hacker. I was a nothing but Nexus guy until the last few devices. Just don't like their hardware at all. They take away the sd-card and don't even give the phone shit for internal storage. Forget about it. Enough said about that. All the talk about the best phones available, just wait until the 20th and IMO the best Android phone to date becomes available. The Note 3 with all it's internal Horsepower is the phone for the Android user. This has it ALL including great Developer support. This phone is fantastic right out of the box but if you are looking for some mind blowing hardware to hack on, this beast is your phone. I will probably keep mine completely stock, that's how good it is. Just My Opinion.
PS Don't hate on me but I'm also buying the iPhone 5S. I sold my iPhone 5 last week just to update to the 5S. What can I say I just enjoy all SmartPhones, why not have the best of both worlds.

I too think the Note 3 looks appealing spec wise I feel its too large to be practical for my use case. 4.7" or less are more versatile IMO.

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Congrats on the Anniversary Phil & Shannon .. Sucks about Shannon's job.. 9 years ago I was still using TracFone I believe.... Probably the Nokia 5100 with the giant battery that kept falling off lol

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Got a question for y'all. I went into a Best Buy today and saw the HTC One for $49 in blue. I could use my wife's upgrade to get that phone, and Best Buy will buy back my Galaxy S3 for $183. Is the HTC One that much better than the S3?

Just ordered a Nexus 4 today and possibly making the jump to tmobile. Just tired of waiting on Sprint to get it together and paying for service I cant and/or dont use. Hopefully it was a better choice than the s4 or sticking with my currently bipolar evo lte.

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If you live in an area with T-Mobile LTE then you can root it and flash one of two hybrid radios that will give you LTE. It's worth it

Posted via Android Central App on my converted T-Mobile GPe HTC One

I finally stopped vacillating after spending some hands on time with the G2 and pulled the trigger on the Woven Black Moto X. I must say that I feel i made the right choice. This is a very nice piece of hardware!

Phil there is also the 800 pound gorilla (Nexus 5) to consider which should hit anytime now. That is another phone to consider waiting on (like I am) before upgrading to some new hotness.

Congrats on your anniversary Phil!! And many more to you! What's funny is my wife had that Samsung flip phone when we got together. Lol I was still rolling with old school Nextel!!!

Posted via the AC app on a nexus 4

Congrats! You two are my journalistic heros!
Were you rocking Brew technology then? The first glimmer of hope...

Congrats! My contract is up next July; looking forward to what will be out then...

Posted from my Nexus 7 via Android Central App

I just had an "Inept" conversation with an Apple Fanboy!, I should know better! Do'h!!, In this conversation the Apple Fanboy was trying to convince me that having "TO MANY CHOICES?" was a bad thing?, I was trying to convince him that wearing the same blue shirt was his choice but not any I would consider to join too. I like the fact of having so many choices of different manufacturers are a plus not a negative, and besides who wants to eat the same baloney sandwich everyday?, and when he pulled out his same as everyone else iPhone to show me his same as everyone else background and setup I could not help but laugh and feel sorry at him....Ignorance is Bliss!, I don't mind his loyalty to Apple just his blindness to all things Apple, as I also had an Apple product!, in fact I had one of the first Apple 6502 cpu personal computers!, I just wanted as everyone else something different to my needs and personality!