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It's a working weekend — clock's ticking on this Moto X review — so I'll keep things short this week. But I do want to mention that we've pushed out the first beta for v1.4 of the Android Central App. It's got a refreshed design, improved stability, and a few other features that you've been asking for.

You can join the beta group here. Please be sure to read the instructions if you're not familiar with the process.

We'll beta test things for a few days until we're sure we haven't broken anything too horribly. And we've still got more features and tweaks in the works (improved tablet design is high up on our list of things to do), so stay tuned for more.

A few other thoughts on the week that was:

  • Our pal JR Raphael from ComputerWorld beat us to writing this, and he's spot-on: Turning on Android Device Manager for your phone — so you can find it and erase it if it's lost or stolen — is the most important thing you can do with your phone tablet right now.
  • The easy URL to remember: Or just go to Google Play and hit the gear icon.
  • Kinda sad to see the death of the Zune Marketplace. OK, not really, but the Zune HD is still the best damn MP3 player I've used. Perfect size and a great build. It did its job, and did it well, getting me through many a long flight. My first AMOLED device, too.
  • Funny, looking back at those old Zune HD stories and seeing the uproar over video ads before (or was it while?) games would load.
  • One thing using a Pebble for a week has taught me: Google News alerts are all but worthless and quickly clog up an inbox. Quickly dismissing the e-mails on a phone or computer requires zero thought. But seeing them on a watch magnifies just how annoying they are. 
  • I'll write up some more thoughts on Pebble after Moto X is done.
  • Can't say enough about the "Trusted Bluetooth devices" feature on the Moto X and new Droid line. It's finally gotten me to use a password on my phones.
  • Hyperloop excites me. (Florida, much like California, long has had aspirations of overpriced and never-built high-speed rail systems.) I love the over-reaching. I love that it scares people. And as much as I hate how the word "disrupt" is used these days, it's the sort of infrastructure disruption we need.
  • Of course, once the government gets involved ...



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From the Editor's Desk: Early morning beta testing


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Best part about this spam post is the font it's displaying in on my Mac. It's one designed to display Cyrillic characters. So, it's likely this spam bot originates in Russia or something close to it and their language encoding told the computer to use that font.

New design looks great! I'm happy you changed the look of the icon as well. The old one was a big square which looked pretty terrible.

Posted via the Android Central App

Design looks good, functionality sucks. Prefer swiping between sections not a fan of drop down menus. Glad I have a back up

Posted via Android Central App

Nice.. Now some more dynamic transitions to keep thing's interesting.. Hints, the "float in articles animation" from the Google currents app and those "sliding animations" from the Google play music app. Love the app!

N4 - AC App

I like the new font, and larger text. Also I like the updated comments section.

I just found out you can now edit and delete comments! I edited this one by the way.

StealthDroid - Working in the Nexus Lab

I like the new update, tabs didn't seem to fit alongside the navigation drawer. I'll be a stickler though and say that things like "Tip Us", "Account", and "Settings"should be moved to the overflow menu. That settings icon is right from iOS.

Posted via Android Central App

I think it would be cool if there were an easier way to toggle between night and day mode, like perhaps even on the main screen. Other than that, one of best apps on my phone, I enjoy using it.

Posted via Android Central App

I LOVE the app. I think it would be cool to crib the swiping and flipping from Flipboard for slicker nav.

Looking forward to Moto X review.

Looks beautiful on the 2013 N7, thanks Phil. I'm not seeing a comment count on articles, just a ... Is that normal?

Posted via Android Central App

The new design looks better but why is not there a refresh button. 2 clicks to refresh is not on

Sent from Nexus 4 using Android Central app

Just became a tester... This app is so amazing... *drool*

*Edit: using the Beta on the New Nexus 7... Would be nice if the scrollable featured on top was a bit bigger

Posted via Android Central App

Waiting for proper 10" tablet support. New design looks great on phones. Preferred swiping to drop downs though.

Posted via Android Central App

Comment count has a glitch with Jerry's name being too long so the count drops down a line, looks ugly. Other than that one part I'm loving the new design!

Posted via Android Central App

I'm liking it Phil, glad to see that you updated to the newer "refresh". Also nice to see some colorful icons in the slide out menu. 2 thumbs way up!!!


Had to uninstall The beta version. It was running fine till I tried to sign in then it just crashed & it was impossible to open the app again.. but it did look very nice....

Posted via Android Central App