Incognito Mode

The new method would make it easy to hide your data from any application

Steve Kondik took to Google+ earlier today to talk about something new he's been working on called Run in Incognito Mode. Designed to help maintain control over your personal data, it's a per app command that will stop your phone from sending out data to an app that might ask for more than you're comfortable sharing.

We aren't providing ad-blocking or device info (IMEI) spoofing. This feature is designed explicitly to help protect your personal data, and it will remain as such.

So what exactly will Incognito Mode do? Of course we haven't seen it yet, but according to Kondik, the new flag will allow the software on your phone that delivers data (called content providers) to either return the "real" data, or a limited set of data using the following privacy features:

  • Return empty lists for contacts, calendar, browser history,and messages.
  • GPS will appear to always be disabled to the running application.
  • When an app is running incognito, a quick panel item is displayed in order to turn it off easily.
  • No fine-grained permissions controls as you saw in CM7. It's a single option available under application details.

In other words, with Incognito Mode turned on, an app like Facebook will be told that you have zero contacts, nothing in your calendar, no message history and no browser history. Your real contact list, calendar, messages list and browser history will remain unchanged, but the third party app will never know the difference. If the app queries for a location, it will be told that GPS is turned off. All of this will be easily toggled on and off in the quick panel.

No word on when to expect this feature, or even a promise that it will make it's way into CM. It sounds like a pretty easy way to keep your valuable data safe, though, and we hope to see it soon.

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'Easy privacy' may be coming soon to CyanogenMod via Incognito Mode


Now that is something I've wanted for a long time. Especially since we don't have granular control over permissions granted for the many apps we use on our phones. Going to keep an eye out for this. Hope that other builds follow suit.

It takes a hacking team to secure your privacy, that puts a new spin on what a hacker does. It's too easy for an app to do whatever it wants because the permission system is too vague. This is something that is long overdue. An app should have to be thoroughly screened before it's allowed anywhere near your personal data. My $0.02.

Ethical hackers are an amazing asset to our national security. Not all of them are bad.

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"We aren't providing ad-blocking..."

D'oh! Lol. Seriously though this is cool. Thank you. I think it's interesting that there is a type of code that provides this data when requested.

Love CM. Great for a little older device. I'm running it now on the og TF101.

I'm guessing that by now some of you have seen this in action, and I just didn't see the latest. It "appeared" on my galaxy s2 today and I can't get rid of it! I always want to see my Web history. Help anyone?