Ausdroid Podcast

Somebody get a pot of coffee going and find a box of krullers -- I'm going down under on Wednesday morning. The folks at Ausdroid have graciously asked yours truly to join them for their biweekly podcast. So I said yes.

And then I realized what time it is in Australia. Whoops.

No matter. If you're just getting up on the East Coast (that'd be 6 a.m.) or just going to bed on the West Coast (that'd be 3 a.m.) or are in one of those parts of the world that actually has sun at the ungodly hour for the rest of us, swing on by Ausdroid and have a listen. And take notes -- I'll likely have no recollection of anything I say.

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Scottatron says:

Nice, look forward to it.

Jeremy626 says:

their podcast is not bad

FreudSlipped says:

I'm not going to be up at 6AM so I'll set my DVR. Oh wait. Different media.

DC Damien says:

Hum. Not sure I can make it 6 AM Eastern. Best of luck and Congrats for being such an Android star !

dancing-bass says:

I was born in Australia, now reside in Canada. And although it's 615 CST, I can't stay for the fun. I gotta get my arse out the door and off to work in a few minutes. I'll be sure to check it out later though!!

TheBigFerret says:

That is a very cool looking logo!

TonyAldo says:

Hey, any decent podcast apps for Android?