EA Mobile has decided to hook folks up for the Holidays. If you've been holding out on purchasing The Sims 3 or the oh so awesome Need For Speed: Shift now is likely as good a time as any to pick them up.  EA has put their whole catalog of games on sale for only 99 cents in the Android Market. We like games. Especially when they go on sale and we can get them on the cheap. [via @EAMobile]

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Uncle Louie says:

99 cents? But the pic shows them at $1.00! (just kidding...)

hurricanes15 says:

all FOUR of ea's android games? thats so kind of them


dmnall says:

I just took advantage of NFS Shift for $ 0.99. Why not I love the NFS series and for $ 0.99 hard to pass up.

blckz28 says:

&^%RF^& I just paid full price yesterday for NFS! Those &Y^*^&TG mother*&*&^ H&*UYGH*& dipY(*Y7

anotherxyz says:

Anyone else have any problems with nfs shift on the droid incredible?

BKVic says:

Im having problems with it on the Droid X. When the box comes up after and before races where your crew chief or what ever he is gives you advice you cant read what he says. The box is just filled with a multi-color mess. I even removed the game and then reinstalled and its still messed up.


Wow.... We're getting iOS deals now? I'll bite... Got NfS on the iPad for 99c. Not bad

chaz_uk says:

Just downloading NFS: Shift. Great deal!

Corrosive says:

I picked up NFS... Figured the price was right. First android market purchase (yes, I am a cheapo). So Far So good on an EVO.

Go Android! says:

As soon as I saw this, i ran to my mom asking for her credit card. lol.

bubbasixx says:

What no Madden? iOS has Madden for $.99. Come on EA

Oops wrong box :-/

icebike says:

Don't forget to visit the Android Market forum thread and weigh in on the 15 minute rule.

Thanks for the link. I also have them a piece of my mind about that stupid 15 minutes rule.

jbluther says:

It can easily take more than 15 minutes just to download the game. What you get from EA Mobile is a stub app.

WhoIsThis says:

Best to download on wi-fi in that case. It's more reliable than any cellular tower and faster.

Even then, you also have to complete the setup process, you cannot start playing straight away in your most comfortable setting ... 15 minutes just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

envoy510 says:

And please vote by starring the issue here, too:

daveloft says:

Ever since the last update to NFS Shift the game no longer works on my Galaxy S. Any other Galaxy S users have that issue.

geotronico says:

sooo... i bought 'em but keep getting a download unsuccesful message... im on a g2 running cyanogen... any fix?... in my apps list they appear as Purchased... so my card was charged but when I try to download it it hangs there and then get the Download Unsuccesful message... I cleared Market Cache, Restarted, went from WIFI to 3G Network and still nothing... any idea what might be going wrong? Also... I don't see NfS Shif on the market! Nor Sims 3!

Out of curiosity, can you try un mounting the sd card before downloading? See if that helps.

sookster54 says:

I bought all of them, can't beat em at $1 apiece. The tetris one is so worth it.

Also got Madden 11 and Bad Company 2 on my iPod for 99 cents.

Kromen says:

I looked on the EA mobile site and I don't think none of the apps can run on the Captivate, or other Galaxy S phones. Some people in the forums say they have no problems, but I'm seeing more minuses than pluses. Anyone else having doubts?

AaronTV says:

Bought NFS-S, Sims 3 & Tetris. All work great on Evo. Surprisingly well polished.

intheb0x says:

What a joke I even get charged 5 cents for sales tax since when am I charge tax on a a?

intheb0x says:


NFS Shift + Nexus S = pure sex.

Same opinion on my HD2 :)

bllackkman says:

I am pissed I bought shift last week for $5!!!!!!! But I did buy Tetris and Sims 3

stoneworrior says:

WOW I have been running a hijacked version of NFS on my EVO waiting for the official version to come out. I took the time today to go into the market to pay and be "Legit" and saw it for .99 I thought I was seeing things at first. I came here to let everyone know but I guess that was not needed. Man that was lucky I was willing to pay the $5.00

hansonator says:

Nice! Thanks for the heads up AC. You guys have been rolling lately with the cheap/free game deals. For $1 a piece you can't go wrong. USE WiFi!!! C'mon you guys, you should know better. I see all the complaints on the market page and just laugh. Downloaded+installed+extra content+tested in less than 10 mins. 6 Mins of game time!!!

But hey, it's a buck. I could recover that just digging in the couch. XD

icu says:

Bought on Fascinate and it is working great. Part of my motivation was that I have a NFS stub app I can't remove so I figured why not get rid of it and replace with the full game? Now I have the full game...and the stub. Excellent. Fun game though.

erhangulsum says:

i live in Netherlands, i have samsung galaxy s i9000 and i cant see fifa 2010 on android market!

Can anyone see?

I bought Need For Speed shift but its not opening. FORCE CLOSING...

JusticeAA says:

Just bought NFS:Shift yesterday :(

It is worth $5, so if you can get it for $1 do it.

Downloading the Sims now, Use Wifi and plug in your phone during the content download to prevent problems.