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Here's a new video from the folks hard at work attempting to get a usable port of Android onto the dying HP TouchPad, and more progress has been made. The touchscreen still doesn't work, which is kind of a big deal (but one they're working on), but what's new now is a bit of command-line accessible dual-boot action with Android 2.3.5. Again, not much your average weekend flasher can take advantage of -- this is still very, very pre-alpha. But the progress is exciting, and is starting to make a believer out of more of us.

Source: Team-Touchdroid; via Rootzwiki
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Dual-booting TouchPad flirts with Android, reaches second base


Personally, I feel that time would be better spent porting some of Android's better apps to the Touchpad, like Google Maps, Google Reader, and Google+. But maybe I'm in the minority.

I'm pretty sure the touchpad has Google maps seeing as though the palm pre and of all cool apps u wnt Google maps webos was better than android in my opinion but people didn't give it a chance also they didn't have the developers making great apps webos is just so different and innovative

I'm pretty sure that's what they are doing. If you get the operating system to work on the Touchpad then all those apps automatically come with it.

Nope, the poster wanted Android apps ported to webOS, not just Android apps running on Android OS on the Touchpad.

Why port apps to a dead platform? webOS is dead. HP said they will continue development, but how long will that go on with nobody manufacturing devices? Answer? Not more than 6 months.

Sure it may live on for printers (and toasters ;)), a very remote chance on tablets, but as for phones it's dead.