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Here's a new video from the folks hard at work attempting to get a usable port of Android onto the dying HP TouchPad, and more progress has been made. The touchscreen still doesn't work, which is kind of a big deal (but one they're working on), but what's new now is a bit of command-line accessible dual-boot action with Android 2.3.5. Again, not much your average weekend flasher can take advantage of -- this is still very, very pre-alpha. But the progress is exciting, and is starting to make a believer out of more of us.

Source: Team-Touchdroid; via Rootzwiki
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Seven2k says:

getting close! Hopes it comes fast the more i play with webos the more i like it.

micl9 says:

Dual Boot

mihocik says:

Personally, I feel that time would be better spent porting some of Android's better apps to the Touchpad, like Google Maps, Google Reader, and Google+. But maybe I'm in the minority.

dondizzle87 says:

I'm pretty sure the touchpad has Google maps seeing as though the palm pre and of all cool apps u wnt Google maps webos was better than android in my opinion but people didn't give it a chance also they didn't have the developers making great apps webos is just so different and innovative

Nirvana328 says:

I'm pretty sure that's what they are doing. If you get the operating system to work on the Touchpad then all those apps automatically come with it.

Mikey47 says:

Nope, the poster wanted Android apps ported to webOS, not just Android apps running on Android OS on the Touchpad.

Nirvana328 says:

So he wants WebOS but with better apps? Good luck, even Palm couldn't pull that one off.

Mikey47 says:

Why port apps to a dead platform? webOS is dead. HP said they will continue development, but how long will that go on with nobody manufacturing devices? Answer? Not more than 6 months.

Sure it may live on for printers (and toasters ;)), a very remote chance on tablets, but as for phones it's dead.

Fumetsu says:

Hahaha, love the title of this post!

BigTex says:

I would still rather see an android emulator like the RIM playbook

ScottJ says:

The Touchpad got to second base? That's further than the majority of its users.

Bought 2 Touchpads for $198 and sold for $560. I love webOS. Time to go buy a real tablet.