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Popular iOS email client and Dropbox property Mailbox is coming to Android. The app, which was purchased by Dropbox a year ago, will include an "auto swipe" feature that will allow users to archive an email now and automatically archive similar emails that arrive in the future. Mailbox is launching today on Google Play and you can find it at the Play Store link above.

Apart from that, Mailbox on Android works much the same way as Mailbox on iOS. You can swipe emails to snooze them until later, and Mailbox will learn your preferences and start automating it for you. Mailbox also supports a unified inbox, so all your mail can come into one place. Gmail and iCloud email users can both get in on the action with Mailbox on Android.

Mailbox is also coming for desktop users, though is only launching in a limited beta at this time (if you're interested in playing email gueinea pig, you can sign up at Dropbox also announced collaborative editing within their file sharing service, but won't be sharing more details on that until Friday.

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Dropbox launches Mailbox for Android


Actually not much....I'm surprised that it's still around. Gmail app is much better.

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Well...Luckily we're all allowed an opinion. I happen to think Mailbox is a much better client for my needs and am looking forward to now using it on Android as well :)

while gmail app is great for gmail account. these apps are meant for replacing Mail app in Android.
unified inbox is what may look for in a mail app

take from the description "Note: Currently for Gmail and iCloud accounts. Other email platforms coming soon. " Its a brand new app, what do you expect??? features will slowly rollout

This app is a year old. The main feature of this app is to be able to snooze emails for later.

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I don't really see anybody answering your question here. It's got a unified inbox, but only for Gmail and iCloud. And it learns which emails you want to be snoozed, which I can't imagine I'd have any confidence in.

Now, I understand that there's a market for this on iOS because the stock ones there are so feature-poor. But on Android, I just don't see why Dropbox thinks there'd be a market for this...?

Full Gesture support and Unified full Conversational support IF you'd like. Let's also add a Beautiful UI that's Quite nice AND it learns how you handle each email to learn your habits and then Automatically handles your emails based on your use. It's Gmail on Steroids, Plus!

I mainly like it on iOS for the easy swipe feature to be honest plus it's integration with dropbox which I store all my photos on so it's just easier to use

It gives you the 1gb after install? Do you get to keep that 1gb if you uninstall?

For an extra gig, i wouldnt mind installing this for about 30 seconds.

I think it might only be for the iOS version of Mailbox or the Android version does not have the feature yet. In either case I installed it, logged in, and haven't received the bonus space yet.

The problem for Dropbox is that Steve Jobs was right, they are a feature, not a product. With falling prices of cloud storage I don’t see how the can compete long term with the big boys like Google and Microsoft. Google is slowly on its way to offering free100gb of storage it’s $25 now which is $75 cheaper than Dropbox and Microsoft will not be too far behind since they see the cloud as a growth market for them when windows pc is shrinking. I was an early train rider of Dropbox and I left them simply because I could not justify paying so much more for the same storage. I would not mind paying a little more to support them, but not at a 300% markup.

Downloaded.. Looks nice but not sure if I will use this over the Gmail app in Android.

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I'll try it to replace the default Android mailbox which sucks. Personally I prefer separate apps for my emails because they are for different purposes and I like having separate preferences for syncing, etc. But I do see the appeal of a unified inbox for others.

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Anyone tried Cloudmagic?? my friend +1d it on playstore and google recomendded me.

so far Cloudmagic and mailbox are only descent, free and no limit mail app in play store

I have Cloudmagic but I installed Mailbox, now I use both, so far what I love of Mailbox it's the UI and gestures, but I want more services (IMAP, Hotmail) I know they are working on that but meanwhile Cloudmagic wins, not just for multiple accounts also for the last added feature, the cards

The problem is that they store your emails on their server, which is a no no for my company emails. But for personal emails (taht you don't mind will be on their servers), it's good. Nice UI

Love the design! Part of iOS always look good.. Sick of people always crying "Oooo no HOLO".. After 1 month they will want HOMO... And really happy to see in this site there are not people crying about it (Not like AP)

Is anyone having trouble adding accounts? My just says: "Sorry, we were unable to add your account" and shows no more details on the error or crash. Anyone with the same issue?

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"Apart from that, Mailbox on Android works much the same way as Mailbox on iOS."

That tells me nothing, since I have never and will never use iOS.

I froze the Gmail app with Titanium Backup for the time being. I loved using Mailbox on my iPad and have been waiting for the Android client for quite sometime now. I'm giving it a couple of weeks since I have been so used to the Gmail app on my phone and I want give it a fair try. Though I already know I like it based on my iPad usage. The best part is the email snoozing feature for me.

Can't open, reply, or forward messages. Anyone else having this problem?

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i have an S4 and I can't open any emails. i see them, but nothing happens when i click on them.

i can do everything else, creating new emails, deleting, archiving, etc.

i don't know what the problem is... but it's annoying.

This is the answer I got from the developers. I'll try reinstalling tomorrow and let you know!

"Thanks for writing in, and sorry for the trouble. This is a known issue that we’re currently working on and hope to provide a fix soon. In the meantime, some users have been able to fix this by deleting and reinstalling Mailbox.
Thanks for your patience as we work toward a permanent fix, and let me know if you have any questions!"

Did I read gmail only support, I intended to replace my default android e-mail (yahoo/hotmail etc) app with this.

Posed via Nokia 3310 smartphone

You could give Circles a try, it looks real good and features are being added.

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