Droid Landing

Following in the proud steps of the Droid 2 R2-D2 and the Droid X before that, it looks like Verizon is kicking off it's latest cross-country, Droid-finding bonanza.

The latest tweet from @DroidLanding -- it's back! -- tipped us off to the mystery-in-progress, but not much else. The message is as uninformative and cryptic as ever, but it's good to know that "field agents await instructions."

So what phone are we looking for? The Droid X2? The Droid Charge? Droid Incredible 2? It's hard to say at this point, but we know the jig is up, the game is on. So grab your pocket protectors and sharpen up your sleuthing skills, because it's about time we found those Droids we were looking for. [@DroidLanding] Thanks, @holmesbrandon!


Reader comments

Droid Landing's back -- prepare the search!


I thought the Incredible already had an official launch date of 4/28 so with this being secretive and trying to give off as little info as they can i dont think it would be this phone. A phone without an official release makes more sense imo. The Droid Charge seems like it could fit but we wont know.

I figured since all previous devices associated with Droid Landing were Motorola's, this was for the X2, but the DSC = Droid Samsung Charge is a good possibility.

I don't know, maybe. But they're not called the Droid Motorola X or Droid HTC Incredible. It would be odd to suddenly flip the wording.

Verizon, you had better give me a cool phone. You know...like all the other networks have been getting the past couple of weeks.