Droid Pro

For those of you picking up a Motorola Droid Pro, listen to that little audio clip above. Go ahead, we'll wait.

Yeah. It's that bad.

First things first: Dive into the settings and replace that default ringtone. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 -- don't even set up your e-mail. Replace that ringtone. In fact, while you're in the Verizon store and some misguided (but well-intentioned) sales rep shows you the pre-installed task manager, have them swap it for you. You'll thank us later. So will your roommate, spouse, parent and neighbor.

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MowDownJoe says:


Jason0x21 says:


(actually, several, but I was thinking of the first in the list)


Actually, those Geico ones are funny compared to this one that is just straight up cringe worthy.

BKVic says:

My kids have the Geico ring tones and I kinda like them, I have them on my phone and set to ring when ever the kids call. :)

xarophti says:

Actually, I was going to say "and you thought the Geico Ringity Ding Ding was bad..."

Ramathorn says:

That is HORRIBLE! Who would even think that is a good idea?

Cyrilmak says:


TheBronze says:

Motorolla. Remember the hello moto ringtone?

SparkyXI says:

Wow. As a guy who used to work for a mobile carrier in the retail store... that most definitely IS the worst ringtone I've ever heard. Whoever approved that needs to be shot.

20feetall says:

Omg that is awful

Darkshneider says:


ebarr727 says:

And people have problems with waterboarding? Ship a few Droid Pros to Gitmo! Post the phone numbers on Al Jazeer, and voila! Terrorism problem solved!

darkmax says:

Has the machine's invasion finally begun?

In a very very odd way, that is exactly what a ringtone should be.
annoys the hell out of you until you pick the damn phone up and answer the call.

beastcmg says:

The Droid X has the same ringtone

ZDriver says:

Where can I download it at? I want to annoy some people on purpose today!

8balls1970 says:

Only one word.......OUCH!

crichton007 says:

I'm glad we were told that was an actual ringtone. If I had heard that coming out of my phone I would have assumed it was broken.

jbsyst says:

"daddy is that a deception?..make it stop!" (4 yr old)

mullrat#WN says:

They gotta do that on purpose so you'll look at the settings and change not only the ringtone.

unseenme#WN says:

Yep the DX had the same one. Those Moto guys know how to party...lol

jayhammy says:

Irritating to no end.

Wow...WTF?!?! Horrendous.

Smokexz says:


smacsteve says:

Yep. That's the most annoying ring tone ever.

Eazail70x7 says:

Droid love makin?

jwhipple says:

My MyTouch4G is RUINED now - I visited from my phone and played that ring ... It's ruined - never again will it be the same LOL

ricbon says:

Its like a transformer having a seizure!!

moosc says:

I've been using this ringtone on my DroidX . I love it

beastcmg says:

This is your Droid. This is your Droid on Drugs.

IceDree says:

This is my Ringtone since the release of the Droid X
I really love it & what i love more about it that its Irritating people
I've it as my Ringtone & BlackBerry's Sonar for Notifications
Now people hate it when phone rings . MileStone 2.1

crowchaser says:

Would not even give it validity as being annoying or horrible. That is just plain stupid and whoever was given the task of making it needs to get an evaluation based on proper use of work time and equipment.

It's on the D2 as well. Everyone hates it. I use it only if I want to annoy people.

skbgiants says:

"brown note" LMAO!

rizoh66 says:

I think there is a brown note in there somewhere as I just shit my pants...

DeeMat says:

I almost punched the monitor (although it should have been the speakers)!

freddyc says:

Wow ... I thought my PC speakers were broken. It's suppose to sound like that? Like ... on purpose?

fiskadoro says:

Yikes. That genuinely frightened my cats.

katvo says:

My laptop volume was at 100% when I hit play. At first I thought something was wrong with my speakers...

UncleMike says:

WTF? The people who come up with and/or approve the inclusion of these things... do they have any friends (left), or ever go out in public? Seriously - who would want that as their ringtone? I have to say though that I could (and do) say the same thing about most ringtones included with cell phones these days, but this gives a whole new meaning to the word annoying.

NickF227 says:

Um, is the whole radio static, droid from hell thing supposed to be happening or do I need a new headset?

Clow says:

This is nothing new. Its been on the x, at least its original

dchawk81 says:

I can picture a board meeting.

grandebob says:


neoman1314 says:

I'm sitting, mouth agape. WHAT THE **** WAS THAT?! I think my speakers actually cried in pain!

Mr.Miagi says:

And a collective of well paid people probably picked that over many other choices. SAD

Phoenix Rev says:

The sad part is that someone actually received a salary for designing that.

Nexus.Pryme says:

I just played it and my dog went NUTTY BONKERS!

Digiflame says:

its like the dial up noises in a blender

linkish says:

I actually listen to music that sounds like that, and I still wouldn't use it as my ringtone. Too poorly executed.

dougeetx says:

I love that ringtone. I had it on my evo before I had to factory reset my phone. I've been trying to find it to put it back on.

Adiliyo says:

and mototola slides further into lunacy.

supersanborn says:

OMG. I imagined how awful it must sound, but even that couldn't prepare me for what "this" is. Who designed this ringtone? Also, my cat probably thinks I'm dying now. Thank god I have an EVO.

TvTechGuru says:

Wow that is bad. I mean I still love the altered voiced over "DROID", but the rest is junk noise.

And those Geico ringtones? Those are just as bad!! Please don't get me started. The "ring dig-a-da-ding-dee-dong" are SO annoying, I hate them. Wouldn't be caught dead with them on my phone.

Go Android! says:

I actually like it. Where can i download it?

feragola says:

That one and the Droid Labs is pretty cool.

Wow! Can you imagine the folks at Motorola having a meeting and then they go over the ring tone options and they all are like "ya that sounds great, lets go with that one!"

brackett5 says:

LOL I actually used this ringtone for my Droid X!!!!!!

dscott23 says:

Well, I actually like it. And anyone else into Industrial will probably like it too ;) For anyone wanting to download it: Zedge (in the Market)

Really, REALLY?!

Slow news day I see.

This is a good ringtone, and I don't understand the bashing. It serves its purpose, and is pretty damn interesting.

/micro rant over.

Glenn says:

Worst. Ringtone. Ever.

How could anyone have thought this was a good idea, let alone approve it for public consumption?

Echoes says:

I actually like the ringtone haha. I went out of my way to put in on my Incredible, and it's currently my default ring.

justin282 says:

It reminds a bit of Conky from Pee Wee's Play House. :-)

haha, wow, I'm wearing headphones and even so when I hit play it woke up my cat

mouseglider says:

yup, truly the worst I have ever heard - I am sure you can change the ringtone thank god - just the droid part wouldn't be bad

Nothing new... I actually like this ringtone. There is NO mistaking when you're phone is ringing and I happen to be into electronic music so. Droid X.

finanandroid says:

Yeah But One cool thing...you never will miss a call.

BDHN1 says:

I guess what astounds me is that this phone is supposed to be marketed towards the BlackBerry / professional type that have yet to see a form factor in Android that they like. And yet, that's a rington made for 16 year old boys, more or less. Imagine what a stuffy white-collar, high-power business type is going to think when they buy the phone and THAT'S what they hear upon receiving their first phone call.

tompro53 says:

As the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons would say WORST RINGTONE EVER

biln says:

that ringtone has been out for months, its nothing new if your one of the millions of people with a droidX

sword_chucks says:

It was originally a joke:

Hey man! listen to this!

Wow, that's incredibly annoying, you should make that a ring tone.

Dude, I already have, on all the droid pros shipping out...

That's funny. Wait! Are you serious?

Yeah, they're already loaded on the truck and everything...

o2bnclemson says:

To quote the dad/grandfather from Everybody Loves Raymond -- "HOLY CRAP!"

bradleynj219 says:


raulnsocal says:

that is nasty

p08757 says:

Lol- That's the ring tone I have set for my wife.

kmo97 says:

Raped by a transformer. :(

I would definitely set that to be an ALARM and use it to wake up every morning! Sux as a ringtone though.

Clow says:

Cool ringtone, one of the 5 that's any good on the x. But really, was it really worth writing about?

dannyp78744 says:

Made me cry in pain a little.

nathansnyder says:

I have a strict no tolerance policy for something like this!
Unhear it!

jayman1972 says:

OMG! Sounds like that poor phone is being sodomized.

mugen says:

ah great "file not found" :(

sookster54 says:

That's just brutal

tkfox007 says:

That one came out with the Droid X. I use that on my Droid 1 because it's loud and annoying to make sure I answer it fast enough to shut it up and so I can hear it if I'm in another room.

JohnPA2006 says:

Its so bad if I heard this for realz.
It would make me beat the nearest iPhone user to a bloody pulp.

bleedblue says:


That is hilariously terrible.

SeanBlader says:

There are no words to describe how bad that is, so I used small ones in this comment.

Jaime313 says:

That hurt my ears...

Jowlah says:

It sounds like a race between two Androids to see which one can drill a hole in your brain first and implant the memory of PrimeEvil from the cartoon Bravestarr! That, or a Droid X caught in an electrical storm. Either way, its 30 seconds of Hell that I can't get back!

TheBronze says:

I just had a snow crash.

slayerpsp says:

my wife just slammed the door to the bedroom when she herd it whats that noise why is it so loud to funny

MasterX says:

I dont know whats the whole fuss about the rign tone when we all have it in our phones. I have a Droid X and it comes preloaded but will I ever use it? Never!! lol thank you and have a nice day...

I have the X too. And I love this ringtone because Im a call-in for work, so I never miss the calls. Ha Ha

hema06 says:

That's nice and all but I don't care when they're getting it. I wanna know when the U.S. is getting it. We're always left in the backburner.

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