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Open your text messages application on your Droid, and notice it's, well, empty? Apparently a new known issue that has been plaguing a group of Droids is this rather random deletion of your SMS and MMS messages from your device. This means that all of those lovey dovey texts you sent your significant other, all the pictures of your friends drinking at the bar while your working, or the video of the guy walking into the street sign are now gone, vanished into thin air. Unfortunately there is no simple way to just back these up so they are able to be restored, unless your all fancy and keep current nandroid backups of your device (if you happen to know what that is), or if you, say, used Google Voice. Well, in all seriousness, if you have seen this issue, or happen to know any magic fixes, please, share your experience with us in the forums. [code.google.com via Consumerist]


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Droid owners, have you lost your messages?


i had this problem on my old droid, got a replacement because i thought t was specific bug in that phone, but it happened in my replacement also.............so heres the fix go into the default messaging app (for those running handcent or other messaging apps) and uncheck the first box which should say "delete old messages as limits are reached" since then i still have all my sms threads with messages going back months. hope this helps

I had this problem happen once, but I now can automatically back all my texts with wave secure, so it doesnt matter to me if they magically delete, i know mine are backed up somewhere

I had this problem when my phone was stock. It was rare, but it happened two or three times (got it on release day). Ever since I rooted about a month and a half ago, i've had zero problems... So far, at least.

I've had this happen though I think it was either an application problem or a memory problem or both. It's happened on every phone I've ever owned a ton of times.

This has been happening to me every other month or so since I've owned the phone; I thought everyone had this problem. I unchecked "delete old messages as limits are reached" as kingofny suggested after the first time it happened a 4 months ago, and its happened a couple of times since. Very irritating, hope someone finds a fix.

I had this happen to me less than a week ago. I was really pissed because my friend had just gone bathing suit shopping and had sent me pictures for my opinion; all of them gone! And a bunch of dates and things that had been texted to me but not set in my calendar. There were texts, my phone mysteriously restarted itself, then they were all gone.

I never had the problem but I also use WaveSecure ...so if I did have this happen I have backed up all my 'Important" messages, photos, etc...

I had this happen once the second day I had my droid, luckily I am paranoid and always am backing up things, and had found three great programs to do it....and was testing them all...actually still using all three. I'm not familiar with Nandroid that the article mentioned.

G-Backup Full - Backs up & tags SMS, MMS, Pictures, Videos, Call Logs. (appears to be missing from the Market Place though...that is too bad, it is really my favorite one)

SMS Backup - Backs up only SMS to your Gmail account, tags them. Does it automatically when you have data and recieve a text, it backs up.

SMS Backup & Restore - Great for backing up to your SD Card as an XML File, can be set to a timer or run automatically. I have it backup each night at midnight. I have used the restore feature when I decided to factory reset the droid once.

I use Google Voice mostly, so I don't have this issue, but the few Service Provider SMS's that I get have never disappeared on me. I've had txt's that go many months back and haven't been deleted.

I was just going to say the same thing - but I checked the prior comments and saw yours! I'm amazed that the editor of a rather well known Android Blog doesn't do his homework!

He/she could've easily PROFESSED to each and every AC Junkie to head on over to the Market and grab themselves a backup utility! But of course if they want the best they'll get MyBackupPro

Except that 2.1 didn't fix it.

And messages restored from the (apparently) corrupted SMS database don't appear correctly like they used to.

If it were that easy to fix don't you think it would say so at the official Google bug report site?

Yeah, not so much, malcolm. All my messages, even those I'd locked, are gone: Three years past your post, and well past that update. So angry. My daughter passed away in December--all of her messages are gone now. I had those locked, and was told as long as I "locked them" this wouldnt happen. Wish I'd known that was false..would've looked to other back-up/protection.

"My Backup Pro" Backs up everything. From emails,SMS and MMS to all of your APK's + DATA. Been using it for a while and it works great. Scheduled backups daily to SD card or online if you want. Retains as many backup files as you want. Check it out. Works rooted or non-rooted.

I encountered this very issue last night after upgrading Handcent. Once upgraded all my previous SMS had been deleted. Needless to say, less than pleased.

@kingofny - unchecking "delete old messages as limits are reached" didn't fix the problem for me.
@thenewmalcolm - it's happened in both 2.0.1 and 2.1

Droid stock 2.1, stock messenger

i've sorta had this problem...it doesn't delete all my txts...but i will get a notification, i'll look at it in the pull down bar, but when i goto the msg it'll be gone...and it's really irritating...

Definitely wasn't fixed in 2.1. It happened to me randomly while I was walking through the mall. My battery was about to die, so I opened it up and I think I got a text message, read it, backed out and everything was gone. Guess I'll get a backup program

I had this happen once when I first got my phone but my friend is having this happen to her phone once every few weeks. Back up programs are nice but they put the message back into your message app all messed up. They don't appear the way they did when they were original. It's frustrating and 2.1 didn't fix this issue if they were aware of the problem.

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Stock 2.1 Droid phone...no handcent...no root

This is clearly a Software problem. It happens to me like 3-4 times a day, so want to talk about annoyed. Verizon told me it shouldnt be happening, but why do i want a referbished phone that had some problem before it got sent it... so im dealing with it and sticking with my Droid.

Maybe with 2.2 or some sort of update the problem can be fixed.

Let me know if you guys also lose your contacts like me.

I've had this problem happen to me twice now with my Droid. Both times it happened was with 2.1. I'm just running to ota build.

I have 3 Droids. Mine and my wife's Droids have never had this problem. My son's, however, has deleted all text messages at least 5 times over the past 6 months. All three phones running 2.1 update 1. A few weeks ago we replaced his phone with a new one because it started to do some weird things. I thought the problem would go away with the phone. Tonight it did it again. All of his settings are the same as our other two phones. VERY frustrating!

I had this happen to me a few times, event though i had the "Delete old Messages" NOT checked, i had a series of apps i downloaded that were quotes of famous people and also a SMS Counter Widget app that allowed you to see how many new messages you had, ever since i installed those i had the issue, uninstalled all of em and going to see how that goes. I guess just watch what you install, that widget was useful but not that useful. SMS count i think is what it was called.