HTC Droid Incredible

Probably the No. 1 question we get day after day is "When will the Droid Incredible get Android 2.2." (The No. 2 question, strangely, is "What should I have for lunch?") Mashable says it has it on good authority that Verizon peeps already are walking around with Froyo on their phones (and if you do, you know where to send those pics, right?) and that the update will push out beginning Aug. 18.

Now, we certainly hope that's the case. But so far, Froyo OTAs haven't exactly had the best track record. (Exhibits A, B). And if this one ends up falling through, we'll likely line up outside the Mashable offices with you, pitchforks in hand. [Mashable] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Droid Incredible rumored to get Froyo on Aug. 18


screw the inc., its fast and smooth enough, let get the DX rolling out! JK to all the inc owners. Hope it comes out for you soon too.

same here. They are taking their sweet time with the update. my friend got it though. Even though my DX arrives on the 17th so it will be a short lived experience until i have to wait again.

Yes! I'm looking forward to the ota just so the devs can cook up some awesome ROMs! As far as Froyo goes, Ive been happy with Cyanogen's take on Froyo for awile, and Im willing to bet I'll stick with it even after the OTA. Im so glad I finally broke the lease Verizon had on my phone. Nice to not be spoonfed when it comes to my phone anymore.

I am soooo happy! not because I have an incredible...
because all of the inc. owners will stop bitching.. lol
but seriously, i'm glad its getting updated, hopefully with less buggs than the EVO update :)

Seriously? It's one of the top phones on the market. There is nothing to complain about. You have no significant reason to complain.

How about this: The Incredible bluetooth stack is missing SPP.

In my world, this is quite significant as I'm unable to maintain a stable pairing with the radio in my 2008 Grand Cherokee. I spend about two hours total per day driving between various clients. Holding the phone to my head while trying to negotiate traffic in Las Vegas is tantamount to a death wish.

I've paid a premium for a device that lacks a basic function that I took for granted with my Palm Treo 700wx and my Blackberry Storm 1.

I believe my complaint is justified, even more so when taking into account the number of times that VZW has told me an update would be coming "any day" to address the bluetooth issue. After 4 months of this, I'm tired of waiting.

hmmmm, no small problem in your situation. Indeed this feature should have been there in the first place. Be safe on those roads man.

Pairs with my Nissan with no problems. I guess they just don't like Jeep...or Jeep doesn't like HTC. I had a similar problem with the Droid . Though research showed it had something to do with the the software in my vehicle not updated with correct stacks, and not the phone.

Not just Jeep.
Add my 2009 Chevrolet Silverado and my wife's 2009 Audi A4 to the list. It's pretty irritating. It's completely random.

I don't have any issue pairing with my 2008 Charger. I can send and receive calls. However if you have an issue and this is such a critical issue, you should have swapped for another model of phone in your 30 day return window.

I agree that hands-free is far better than holding the phone to your head and I want to scream at people when I see them do it. If you feel a phone is going to put your life at risk, don't just complain, act on it and get a different one.

@Blah: Which radio do you have in your Charger? I've got the MyGig RER w/ navigation, updated to the latest firmware of 2.107 (2.201 hasn't made it into the wild yet).

For the record, the Incredible is, by far, the best mobile device I've owned to date. In fact, the only complaint I have is about the bluetooth stack missing SPP. My understanding is that this is not relative to 2.1, but rather has something to do with HTC's implementation of Sense on 2.1.

I saw no need to swap the device mainly because all Incredibles are missing SPP, which was confirmed by HTC directly. Also, the tantalizing prospect of Froyo fixing this oversight has swayed me to tolerate the issue for longer than I normally would have for a lesser device. However, before I received the confirmation from HTC, I attempted to pair 6 different Incredibles in my troubleshooting efforts. All 6 yielded the same results. Previously, any other device I've paired with my RER has worked.

Thankfully, there is a modicum of comfort in the fact that I'm not alone as there are several posts in various forums related to this exact issue. In all fairness to HTC, the MOPAR MyGig devices have their fair share of issues (the inability to browse by artist/album/song being the most notable). That said, I can't imagine any good reason why HTC left such a basic and widely used profile out of the bluetooth stack on the Incredible.

As a side note: I'm not foolish enough to let a phone put my life at risk. The same can not be said for reaching over to grab the old-fashioned chocolate donut I just picked up at the Starbucks drive-thru while zipping around on the Las Vegas Autobahn (aka the 215 beltway). Those donuts are worth risking my life, or at least the life of some other hapless commuter.

Lack of accessory support? No DInc specific car or desk mount/dock. No HDMI cable? I was under the impression back when that it was supposed to do HDMI out to 1080p.

I just couldn't wait any longer! I rooted, updated, and installed Froyo this morning, and let me say....I AM LOVING IT!

Good to hear. The Incredible is a great phone, i just hope the 2.2 release is bug free. Froyo would be nice but eclair is pretty slick as well.

I was going to install the leaked ota 2.2 on my incredible. But I think ill wait. It better not have the bugs like Evo 2.2. I so hope Froyo comes. Us Incredible people with incredible phones need FROYO!

You can't give them too much grief about the Evo, that was partly due to people downloading an unoffical version. HTC does deserve some blame for making it easy to get, but overall, I'd say the Evo got theirs timely, and smoothly.

And I don't feel bad for Incredible owners, who I feel bad for are PROSPECTIVE Incredible owners. Isn't there still a delay on the phone's shipping. How many did HTC even make, 4?

It has nothing to do with how many HTC made, it has to do with Samsung (?) being unable to acquire enough LCD modules, which is why HTC switched to Sony for manufacturing.

I can't wait for Froyo. I can't wait for Swype. Maybe I should go ahead and just root already. Does anyone know if Swype can be loaded into a rooted Incredible?

Actually, you can download and install Swype for neither rooted nor unrooted phones. The beta is still closed. The only way to get Swype right now is to get one of the new phones that have it preloaded. But don't despair; there are market solutions that imitate its functionality.

I downloaded Swype for my fine. (and it wasn't preloaded) Got the link off this site maybe a month ago.

What is so great about FroYo anyway. My DInc rocks as is. The only thing I hope this update brings is improved battery life. Bit unfortunately, I hear it doesn't, but rather makes it worse. : (

While I'm already on board with the the very stable Skyraider rom, it's
nice to see this OTA finally coming out, hopefully, for everyone else out there.

This seems like great news. Problem is, it's seemed like great news a few times now. I'm still hopeful, but I'll count on it when my phone prompts me for the update.

I am quite ecstatic. I have been patient. And in the time it has taken to update everything and get this ota pushed through, I've been finding more and more things about my 3 month old Droid Incredible that make me fall in love with this phone everyday. The single best phone I have ever owned. And Froyo is going to make my phone better? Heavens!

Guys! We all want Froyo on our Dinc's. But what we really want is a bug free update. If Verizon rushes this thing out and our beloved Dinc's start acting demon possessed we will whining more than IPhone 4 users. Let's hope they take their time and get it right the first time.

very true! look what happened to the Eris.. finally got 2.1 and all sorts of major bugs happened! Sad thing is they don't plan on ever releasing a update that will fix these issues. :/

You are absolutely correct. That is why I am not going goo-goo gaa-gaa over any of this. When the update comes, and it is proven that my phone won't usher in the apocalypse, then more icing on the cake for me.

a 'Dinc' is a failed attempt to make a word catch on like hotcakes. See also, Dinc-Dincs from Space Balls.

*Fingers Crossed* I hope I hope! This is the best phone I've ever had and Froyo will only make it that much better! :D

"That's what you said two dunes ago..."

My friend back home in Chicago just got the Froyo update on his Moto Droid this weekend so there's still hope of other D1 users. Now I hope the Droid Incredible update comes out Wednesday but not going to hold my breath.

Man, do i hate it when people make up there own words cause they think its cool or funny. Lets see theres Dinc, Pwn, Brangelina, Bope, Tomkat, what else is there, too many for me to think

I don't think people use DInc to be cool or funny, nor do I think people walk around calling their phones dincs. What I do think is people find it easier to type SInce instead if typing Droid Incredible everytime they want to mention their phone...... brangalina.... get serious dude!