Droid 2 training guide

The Droid 2 is one of the most highly anticipated devices of the summer. And a leaked Verizon training guide for employees has surfaced that provides every bit of goodness that the new member of the Droid family will sport. Some of these features have already been leaked out, but it's nice to have almost official confirmation now. 

The Droid 2 will release with:

  • Android 2.2 with Adobe Flash 10.1
  • DVD quality video capture with 5mp camera (dual LED flash)
  • 3G mobile hotspot capabilities 
  • 1 Ghz OMAP processor with dedicated GPU

A notable feature is the 3G mobile hotspot, which we reported this morning would not be supported on the original Droid. 

It is also worth noting that their comparison chart, while amusing, is not 100 percent accurate. The HTC Evo is scheduled to receive Froyo (and the original Droid, for that matter), before the Droid 2 is released, so hopefully Verizon employees will not use that as a selling point. 

If you want to see the full training guide, hit up the source link. We are anticipating an Aug.t 12 launch, so get ready for another Droid onslaught! [DroidLife]


Reader comments

Droid 2 training guide surfaces, gives full details of Verizon's newest addition


The brochure just says it's the first phone _to launch_ with froyo. Seems factually accurate to me (if not that much more exciting than getting an OTA).

I like how Verizon claims that the Droid 2 is the only one with a dedicated GPU. The iPhone4 has the same exact GPU as in the Droid 2, the HTC HD2/EVO both have AMD z430 dedicated GPU's. I'm not sure why Verizon decided to make this bogus chart, but it's really obnoxious how they can't even print accurate information regarding hardware specs.

Unlimited Skype Mobile to Mobile. Hmmm. The EVO on Sprint has Unlimited Mobile to Mobile without needing Skype. That is definitely "BEST".

I believe other carriers now have unlimited mobile to mobile as well as I know VZW and AT&T have nationwide, not sure about Sprint or T-Mo.

As far as I know, Sprint is the only company that does unlimited mobile to mobile. Everyone else does mobile to mobile on the same carrier, whereas Sprint is across all carriers.

Ahh yes they do I see what you're talking about now, unless you go with an unlimited plan which is high prices from others :P

yep noticed that and. why only dvd quality video recording when it should be capable of 720p. but at the end of the day ill pass small upgrade. and the chart is just wrong on some counts

Funny, when you apply the Froyo update to the EVO the only differences become (on the chart anyway): EVO has a bigger screen, Droid2 has physical keyboard, and the poor EVO doesn't have the Blockbuster app.

Seems comical that the only greens they didn't give the Evo in their chart was for the network (as if Verizon is better than all the rest... not), their "V-Cast"/blockbuster junk (as if THAT is better than Sprint's junk.... not) and then just stuff that would be comparing 2.1 to 2.2 (which Evo will have before the Droid 2 is even released). So really, The Evo is all green, except for their "unlimited Skype mobile to mobile" which looks interesting...

But I think there is an error- the Evo does not have 8GB onboard flash, I believe it is 2GB. And flash memory is not "Memory", it is "storage". They didn't compare memory at all (I assume they all have 512MB?)

Seems they also neglected to give the Droid 2 credit for having a physical keyboard. And they didn't list front-facing camera, nor HDMI port for comparison (neither of which the Droid 2 has).

Overall, it is a pretty stupid comparison chart.

What the hell am I doing with this blockbuster app-less hunk of garbage Evo?!

Verizon has shown me the way. HERES MY WALLET!

lol, i do enjoy how it has Verizon network rates itself on the "best" category and everyone else is "good"