Motorola Droid 2

Looks like a Motorola shipment might have fallen off the back of a truck, as the guys from Android and Me had an impromptu roadside hands-on with the upcoming Droid 2. On the outside, it's pretty close to the original, save for a few cosmetic tweaks. The keyboard, which we've already seen, trades the D-pad for arrow buttons (any gamers getting upset yet?).

Under the hood is where the action is with a beefed up processor -- it's got the newer TI OMAP 3630 running at 1GHz (and the same PowerVR GPU), and benchmark tests show it towering over its older sibling. We've got our fingers crossed that Verizon and Motorola will announce the Droid 2 this week, hopefully with Android 2.2 on board. In the meantime, stay tuned, and peep some video after the break. [Android and Me]


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Droid 2 taken for early hands-on, is one speedy (and familiar) devil


Do you need to be upgrading all the time?
Couple weeks ago got a HTC Desire and will buy a new phone next like 2069.

You have to be stupid if you upgrade
from hero to legend
from N1/Desire to 1,2Ghz Android phone etc...

We upgrade because we like new tech. Yeah, this isn't much of an upgrade but people will still buy it. And Hero to Legend was a really nice upgrade (Uni-body design was gorgeous, faster processor, new Sense upgrade, 2.1, etc). You obviously don't appreciate new tech that much. We're also NOT stupid to upgrade, if that's what we want to spend our money on, then so be it

Seems like verizon people should just wait for the droid x. I guess this phone is for people who want a physical keyboard.

With the LG Ally being the other option for Android phone with a keyboard, this is much better.

What a asshole he could had at least said sorry for the bad video quality lol. Looks great I get my D Inc today and im starting to worry i made a bad choice! So many new phones coming out i want them all mashed together!

i love my droid but that droid x is looking more like a monster to me....and by the way check out my blog mophomovementDOTcom all photos taken with my motorola droid

hhhmmm....... i got a droid and a droid incredible now i need to add either droid2 or droid x to my collection. after seeing this it migh just be the droid x, but then again i love the droid2. maybe i will just have to buy both

I wish I knew why but I STILL love my Droid. Even the blogs are trying to make it look like a dinosaur in comparison, I've grown quite attached.

And honestly, there aren't enough asthetic difference for me to want to chuck this phone for an upgrade.

you would be stupid to uprade to this from the original Droid, other than the the processor, its the same damn thing! and the Keyboard isnt that much raised, which was the real issue with the original, not cuz it's not big enough keys!

im thinking that the Droid 2 is going to make them delay froyo for the Droid 1. If Droid 1 users get the new JIT they may be too happy with their vanilla Android and Froyo to see the need to upgrade.

Holy white balance, batman! I know these video reviews aren't meant to be super-polished, but would it hurt to learn just a bit about photography and make something that doesn't look like it was shot underneath a grow light? White balance and holding the camera too close to focus are my big pet peeves about guys who insist on doing video reviews instead of spending a few more minutes and just taking pictures and typing words (the "old fashioned way" apparently).

Maybe I should start a v-blog about how to make good-looking v-blogs? Or would I eat my own tail and get heckled into oblivion for the inevitable mistakes I will make? Ah well. Guess nothing's perfect.

Wow, amazing refresh (slight sarcasm). . .I guess Moto is thinking "if it ain't broke don't fix it. . ." The new keyboard is cool and the upgraded internals should make this bad boy quite speedy. . .but will have to compare to the Droid X to see which one wins the new new baddest phone award. . .

Neh..... I do believe I'd rather wait till the end of the year and see what Moto pulls out from under it's sleeve.
Although... all the Droids:X, 2, Incredible, and Ally seem pretty decent, I still like my original Droid.

What is it with you people and this blur crap? These phones are NOT running blur. Definitely not the blur we've come to loathe. Let it go quit jumping on the bandwagon.