Motorola Droid 2

A bunch of vendors were showing their wares at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently, and a helpful reader stumbled upon the Droid 2 and shared the story with Gizmodo. Most of it you've already heard. New keyboard, better camera, and some new Motoblur UI (which the tipster says might not be there at launch, instead opting for stock Froyo). The one line that really stood out to us was this:

The device was running 2.1 and it had 8GB of internal memory as well as an 8GB micro-SD card. The model number says A955 and on the bottom of the device it said "G4DR 4722," but I believe this is just because it is a demo device. The representative did tell me that it had a 1 GHz processor, but she didn't say what kind.

So the proc is pretty much confirmed. Sounds like somebody's demo model number just got outed (oopsie), and there should be plenty of storage to go around. [Gizmodo]


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Droid 2 leaks out from JPL (hopefully not the high-security part)


Your right thanks, all the pics i seen have been poor quality and make the phone look like shinny cheap plastic.

I like the look of the silver bezzel, but why did they have to rearrange the buttons?

I'm not sure if I'd want an X or EVO, just because of the size. Even with the Droid 1, if it's in my pocket and I squat down, I can feel pressure on it from the crease in my pocket. If it was a thinner phone, or a larger flatter phone, I would be worried about it cracking. If you are a holster-only person, I guess this wouldn't be a problem. Just not for my tastes, though.

What the hell is wrong with Moto, why they put another crap keyboard on this thing, how bout some spacing. Hopefully these keys are actually raised and it doesn't feel like I am using a calculator from the 80s to type. The droid I had before I got my Incredible had horrible flat keys. I tried to exchange it a few times and they barely got any better.

Including myself, I know eight people who own Motorola Droids. Not a single one complains about the keyboard.

Mine has the slightly raised keys and my wife's Droid has the flat keys. I can type just fine on both.

The keyboard on this new version of the Droid looks like it may be better than the original.

What is it with all the Droid keyboard hate? Maybe I'm just too stupid to know any better since I've never owned a phone with a keyboard before, but I vastly prefer using the physical keyboard over a virtual one for entering more than a couple of words.

Haters gotta hate, that's just how it goes :-)

Honestly I tried the Droid in the Verizon store for about 15 mins and wasn't impressed enough by the keyboard to buy one. I found myself using the onscreen keyboard whenever possible. I am sure I would get used to it but those tiny flat square little keys just grate on me for some reason. And what's the deal with the huge D-pad off to the right? I was playing with the phone and thought the whole time "wtf is that for, there's a touchscreen for god's sake. just make the keyboard bigger"

Sometimes it's the little things.

I love the d-pad on the Droid for the precise cursor control it gives me when editing text. I don't have to stab around on the touch screen to move the cursor and I don't have to use an inaccurate trackball or trackpad.

Maybe the designers should have used arrow keys on the first Droid like they're doing on the revised one, but the d-pad works very well for its intended purpose.

I agree. At first when I saw the d-pad I thought it was going to suck. Then once I started using it on my phone I loved it.

Argh, now why can't VZW/Moto bring around the latest and greatest and demo it at my office (we are just as cool as JPL)?

Anyway, the device does not look that cheap to me, but who am I to judge, I actually like the look of the 2010 Acura TL (which most of co-workers and friends think is ugly and cheap looking).


I dont know if it is just me or if I am misinformed, but is that not 2.2 on the screen???

Just from what I have seen and heard it seems to have a 2.2 widget and the 2.2 launcher...

Not that it matters that much but it seems to be a little weird they say 2.1 and it appears to be 2.2...

I really like that keyboard.
Since I was so used to normal computer keyboard, whenever I have to press something at the 3rd row of Droid keyboard, I make a typo.
If I want to press x, I usually press something under s, which is not the right one.

But that keyboard looks more like the normal computer keyboard, and that will definitely reduce my typo.

Well, not very good for game gripper, though.

damn between this and the x its kinda a tough decision. i like the fact that the x is a brick but i love having access to a keyboard, But the x has a huge screen so it means the touch screen keyboard is hugee....just going to have to wait this one out......and hey listen check out my blog Mophomovement DOT com all pictures taken with my motorola droid!