Droid 2 panoramic picture
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Taking panoramic pictures isn't unique to the Motorola Droid 2. But Motorola's way of doing it deserves mention. (Click here for our Droid 2 camera test.) The above picture was taken with the Droid 2, and it's dirt simple. You set the phone to panoramic mode and press the shutter button, which starts the process. The phone tells you how much to move to take the next picture, and beeps when you're in the right position, which is helpful when the sun's in your eyes. Press the shutter button again when you've got what you want. The phone then stitches everything together into what you see here.

It's a pretty sweet deal and is a no-brainer. For another version of this same picture taken with the Droid X, ease on past the break.

Droid X panoramic
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Droid 2 feature: The panoramic picture


That is an awesome feature! Ok, im a newb when it comes to rooting... but would it be possible to get this feature for the Incredible?

On that note... does anyone have maybe a tutorial on rooting I can read up on while im at work? ;)

Look in the Marketplace for an application named Photostitch. It does the same thing as the Droid 2 sans beeping. The free version allows you to take up to two photos, while the paid one allows you to take up to five. It works great on my Evo.

The D2 picture is taken looking into sun. The DX pic is taken at a different time of day when the sun is behind the photographer. Of course it's going to look better. To test the difference, both pix need to be taken at roughly the same time. Otherwise the light qualities of the scene are too different to compare picture quality.

Well given the fact that the D2 picture is distorted as hell, I don't care what time of day it is, the DX picture is better.

You should try the panoramic camera on the captivate. Way easier than droid 2. One click of button and then all you have to do is turn.

I'll buy this app for my Evo if it ever becomes available. It's the only thing on the DroidX that I'm envious of.

Look above... there is an app in the Market that does this already. Its called Photostitch. Works fine on my DInc.

photostitch seems to have been pulled from the marketplace. I cant find it through my phone or through several websites that I use. :( poodoo

i swear those balconies on the white apts building look familiar from another website ran by some bros that are banging.....i'm just saying

Meh. Lots of distortions and stitching errors. If you want better results, Google "Microsoft ICE". It works much better and has a number of customization options.

I agree with an earlier poster who said this is much easier on the Galaxy S phones. You just hit the button and rotate and the camera does the rest of the work.

I love the panoramic feature on my droid x! I took a picture of my livongroom and it came out fantastic! No errors, and super simple! I tried photostich on my old samsung moment and it was ok. But the x does 6 pics! And it higher res. Photostich fc and rebooted my moment (on android 1.5 & 2.1).

The DX pic looks a lot more convincing. Not to threadcrap, but the D2 pic looks like butt. I have seen more compelling panoramas come from Paint. I suspect part of it is operator error; judging by the lines on the buildings the phone is being angled up quite a bit; this makes it impossible (without a keystone adjustment) to get a good panorama. Try it dead level; if you want a more compelling skyline try doing it while holding the camera vertical (portrait orientation), if the app lets you.

Now what part of Pcola is this? I've lived in Mobile all my life and often travel to Pcola for McGuires, but never seen any of these buildings Phil.Does the panoramic setting create imaginary cities as well? Lol

C'mon. Seriously? My i900 Omnia had a better panorama shot than this. It'd take the photo automatically and stitch it together flawlessly.

The Samsung Vibrant, Captivate, Epic 4G and Fascinate also have this panaramic feature.

However, it does it even better than the Droid 2. You dont even have to press the shutter to capture, it will do it for you. All you do is follow the directional arrows, once its done, the phone will stitch everything for you.

Check out the video: