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Yesterday, a dark point-and-click adventure game, was launched on Google Play today. Players follow three different characters that are trying to piece together a series of grisly murders while staying alive themselves. Puzzles litter the path to solving the mystery, but there's a hint system if things get tricky. Though Yesterday looks like it's mostly very grim and gritty, apparently there's some solid humor in there too. 

Yesterday enjoyed solid reviews during its stay on iOS and PC, and though I haven't given it a shot yet, it looks like a refreshing, adult experience with a strong narrative. There's a free lite version linked above, or you can get the ad-free version in Google Play for $4.99. Anyone interested? What's your favorite point-and-click adventure game to date? 

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Maven454 says:

I just want to know why an ad-free point and click adventure game needs my location.

If it's the free version, I guess maybe because located adds ? not sure, but probably.

cjbrigol says:

Did you even read what he said?

dextorboot says:

Favorite? That's easy. Star Trek 25th Anniversary for PC.

DROIDDNAer says:

dextorbot is correct, along with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, my reason for buying a new 386 computer and a Soundblaster CD drive that hooked to the Soundblaster card!

socal says:

+1 on Fate of Atlantis

etnpnys says:

"Yesterday, a dark point-and-click adventure game, was launched on Google Play today." At first I was like... "Wtf, was it released today or yesterday?"

:facepalm: "Yesterday" is the name of the game.

laurel25 says:

I had the exact same response to that sentence! :)

Ultimate1983 says:

Confused me as well. Like you did in your post, it would reduce a lot of confusion if they put it between quotation marks. I'm fairly sure that's a perfectly legitimate use.

youngjediboy says:

The Monkey Island will always be my favorite. Hopefully Disney can do something to bring them back.

gligor_kot says:

True that! Nothing can ever beat Monkey Island, hopefully Disney can bring this on Android soon...

col_krismiss says:

Theyve already been brought back. Couple years ago they were completely remade and iy was done amazingly well

youngjediboy says:

Sorry I didn't mean remakes but NEW games. LucasArts seemed to only really care about Star Wars. I know there were those episodic games but they were made by other studios.

I loved Full Throttle back than and I'm a fan of the Runaway series

capt4chris says:

I love all the point & click games of yesteryear! I'm glad to see I'm not alone!

rigor1980 says:

No one remembers the zany hijinks of Larry Laffer or Willie Beamish?

Detroitvibe says:

How has no one mentioned Leisure Suit Larry, Kings Quest, Space Quest or Maniac Mansion!!,