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Download the app that Apple wouldn't approve for the App Store

We all love Android around here, but we also recognize that there are other platforms that hold a special place in many user's hearts. That's why we have different sites that focus on the other platforms -- iMore, CrackBerry, WPCentral -- as well, and now we've also released an app that lets you access the forums for every site in Mobile Nations. The Mobile Nations Forums app is now available in the Play Store for you to download and participate in all things Mobile Nations, meaning that you can keep up with every platform without downloading individual apps for each.

And remember that if you just need access to the fantastic Android Central forums, you can look no further than our new Android Central app, which has just been updated with even more interface and feature improvements.


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Download the Mobile Nations Forums app to keep up with every site!


Yeah. They want quality apps and ones that follow design guidelines. Google is nice though.

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Wow, that was fast... Everyone asked for this mere weeks ago when that article showcasing each nation's own app came out, and here we have what we wished for. Good job everyone involved!

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I prefer a Mobile Nations app that lets you read the latest stories and news.

Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App

+2! This is great, and now the next step would be to have a Mobile Nations App that would let you see your favorite sites (some of us are not interested in just one OS :P). And the neeeext step would be to bring the two together and have a single app for everything MobileNations.

Was referring to news specifically from CrackBerry, AndroidCentral, WPCentral, iMore.

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