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The folks behind DoubleTwist promised that support for internet radio was coming, and here it is. You can browse every genere imaginable, and each major genere has a bunch of sub-generes so you can zero in on exactly what kind of music you are in the mood for. The playlist editing features are a nice bonus, especially for those who aren't already syncing playlists from iTunes using the DoubleTwist desktop client. The only drawback is that I could not figure out how to create a new playlist directly on the phone, but hopefully this is an issue that will be solved in a future update. Until then, check out download links past the break along with a few more pictures. [DoubleTwist, Changelog]

Internet radio screen Settings screen


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DoubleTwist updated, now with internet radio and playlist editing

It was actually quite slow the first time I synced after the update. Not sure if that is a one-time thing though, it might be alot faster the second time. I'll post in the forums what I find.

Still very slow. Windows Media Player syncs sooomuch faster. And it doesn't add weird shit to my file names like Π√¥€#&.

In iTunes on the Mac, you can create a smart playlist that contains all your podcasts. Do this by selecting "media kind" "is" "podcast" in the rules list of the smart playlist.

Yes, yes, yes..... Podcast SUBSCRIPTIONS in DOUBLETWIST please. The issue is not that they don't support podcasts, as we can clearly find and listen to them online, but it is the SUBSCRIPTION feature that is lacking and sorely missed.

With each update to DOUBLETWIST I just get more disappointed and doubtful that they will bring full podcast subscription support to the application and therefore the Android platform.

I can sync my music to my HTC EVO with any number of apps from iTuneMyWalkman and Missing Sync for Android, but it is the podcast feature that I really want. I've tried the smart playlist and it really doesn't equal native support for subscribing to podcasts within the application itself.

I wonder if Apple is interfering with this in some way.

Why do you Apple refugees think you need something to sync your podcasts?

Break free of the itunes mentality.

Google Listen will download your podcasts for you automatically. No wires. No syncing.

Come out of the garden and enjoy the Android world.

I've tried and it doesn't do what I need. I just searched for 3 podcasts I listen to and only found 1.

Have you tried TuneIn? I just started using it a couple of weeks ago, and I really like it's depth, interface, and ease of use.

Update: Just tried to add a podcast as a preset, pseudo subscription, and it couldn't. So finding and listening works great but you have to do it every time. Still a very nice app.

You are not restricted to the podcasts on Google's list.

If its not in the list, go to your Google Reader page on the web and paste the url into the subscription area. Probably easier to do on the computer, but I've done it on the web browser in the phone as well.

Navigate to the podcast page, copy the url, and paste into reader. It will fetch the current episode and back issues if you wish.

You then have a synced source of podcasts on your device and in your Google Reader. If you listen at your desktop machine, it will be removed from the queue on your phone, and vise versa.

Oh, and a couple hints about Google Listen:

Check the settings to make sure it checks for new updates at least once a day. Set it to download when ever you prefer, I just tell it to download any time, but you can also restrict it to only download when plugged in or only on wifi.

Your subscriptions are the things you want to listen to. (DUH).

Your Listen Items is a bit different. It is a Queue of selected items from your subscriptions that you want to listen to in a specific order.

You don't have to add anything to your Queue of items. If you don't it will listen in order from your subscriptions in order.

Queue Add and Queue Remove just add/remove things from the queue, not from the phone. The phone will keep the number of items you set in settings on the microsd card. (The app does not install to microsd card, but its storage does reside there).

To add a podcast not in the google index, find the podcase on the browser, copy the url, return to Listen, and press Add a Subscription, and paste the url.

The list of thing you want to listen to is maintained in your Google Reader (A great blog reader). You can visit that from your phone or your desktop. You can listen from your desktop. They get marked listened on your phone.

If you subscribe to a listen item on the desktop it will appear in Listen on the phone immediately.

Try it out before you go buy something. Its from Google labs, so you know its still a work in progress.

There is support for podcast subscriptions in Doubletwist, and they sync with the device. I have 5 that is currently subscribe to and they sync just fine.

You must be using the Windows version. My up-to-date copy of DoubleTwist on the Mac still display "Podcast Subscriptions Coming Soon).

The radio still needs work, it stops playing after a few songs. I'm sure they'll get better. Also you can't flip between widescreen and full screen. -HTC Evo

You'd be surprised a to how many people don't know how to drag and drop files into their phone but know how to use software like itunes.

Creating a new playlist seems pretty straightforward to me. Press and hold first song to be added to get menu with option to add to playlist. Add to playlist menu has "New Playlist" option. Choosing that option allows you to name the new playlist. Easy peasy.

I prefer using Pure Music Widget for playing and itunes agent for syncing. I did the drag and drop. . . but it was too time consuming considering I don't sync whole albums most of the time.

caused problems with video, deleted and found the stock player to be more than adequate. TuneIn Radio does everything else perfectly.