DoubleTwist has just been updated with the long-promised and highly-anticipated wifi syncing feature, which has been dubbed "AirSync." Unlike the player itself, which is free, AirSync is an add-on that will run you $4.99 (or 99 cents for the first 10,000 users), you will see a link to purchase it when you start up the updated DoubleTwist Android player. In addition to the phone app, users will need to make sure to update their desktop client, which is available for the Mac and PC.

If you jump on the DoubleTwist wagon, make sure you visit the Android Central Forums to discuss the new update. If you haven't used the program (or any syncing app), check out our handy guide to syncing music onto your Android phone. [DoubleTwist]


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DoubleTwist update brings WiFi syncing with paid 'AirSync' add-on


I started a thread over at DT's site as I'm having trouble syncing my Droid X. The 99 cents isn't enough to cause a stink about, but I am hoping this works out.
I have been using the WinAmp version for a few weeks, but it was really buggy.
Why did these have to be updated/released the same day?! I have been fussing with DT too much to try the updated WinAmp sync.

Talk about timely... I just sat down to do a little research and figure out what music play would be best for my wife's phone. I liked the idea of wireless sync for her, but haven't been able to get Winamp to find my phone. Here's to hoping DoubleTwist does better. I just bought the Airsync extension for both of us. I think $0.99 is a decent price if it works easily, but I'm not sure I would pay the full $4.99 for it. Luckily, I didn't have to!


I've used both; WinAmp seems to sync smoother and faster. And the WinAmp desktop client kicks DoubleTwists desktop clients ass, IMHO.

I can't download the airsync. I got it for $0.99, but it just keeps says "Authorizing." I already got charged, but when I cancel the download, and try to reinstall same thing. And I restarted my phone and tried getting a refund by nothing workss. On EVO.

Downloaded the Doubletwist app, the Airsync app, and the desktop Doubletwist client, I couldn't get the desktop client to find my phone over my university's wireless network. However, that's understandable since there are 36000 other people here...

TuneSync has had this feature since, hell, since it came out. Too little, too late. Doubletwist has always ran like crap for me.

I don't want to have to sync my music on every device I have, and worry about which ones have enough storage and which ones are up to date. I just want to stream my music from my desktop to my portable devices wherever I am as long as I have an internet connection. Is there anything that does this?

I can't wait for them to implement podcast subscription on the OS X version! And to optimize the code.. I mean even iTunes launches faster than this...

Spent a very frustrating hour+ trying to make this work last night before giving up and going to bed. Will have to dig around in the DT forums tonight. The new desktop client isn't picking up changes in iTunes playlists any longer.

I had to wipe the settings on my phone and desktop and have it re-sync, but it works now. Pretty cool.

Seconding someone elses recommendation for "Tunesync". The app is awesome and worth every penny if you can stand using iTunes. I just wish Tunesync would be least add smart playlists.

Thanks, giftguy, for the tip on Audiogalaxy. Just learned of Subsonic, which also does music streaming to android.

I purchased it since i figure a buck wasn't too much, very easy to set up and works like a charm. Only thing is oddly for me it was $1.99, anyone else have this problem?

I installed AirSync ($1.99) and cannot get my PC to authenticate with my phone. When I installed AirSync on my PC, Stopzilla immediately recognized a virus, known as Vundo.A4. I had Stopzilla quarantine it. (My PC was virus free according to a Stopzilla scan about 6 horus ago. Coincidental?).

So two questions:

1. Anyone else run into this virus upon install of AirSync?
2. Any recommendations on getting the authentication to work?

The alternative is to remove and use one of the products mentioned in the thread. Thanks!

The player is okay but AirSync is crap. It transfers MP3s okay but the playlists it transfers are proprietary. Hit the reset button in the player and the playlists are gone for good unlike the .m3u playlists that other players use.