One man's trash is another man's treasure. Help out by donating your old Android phones to a worthy cause.

If you're sitting on any old, unlocked Android phones and are headed to Google I/O this year, Android for Good is ready and waiting to take them off your hands. They have plenty of good homes, filled with people who will appreciate a working Android phone.

Donate your old, unlocked Android devices and make a difference. Android for Good (located on the second floor of Moscone in the Develop for Good Sandbox) will be a part of I/O again this year, helping to bring used Androids to organizations such as Village Reach in Mozambique and Save the Elephants in Kenya. Although the device may seem antiquated to you, it could make a world of a difference to an organization that needs it.

Remember, they don't stop working -- or being useful -- we outgrow them. Spread a little Android love, and help those in need while you're at it.

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Mobile-dom says:

typo in the last line? "we we outgrow them" is that meant to be "When we outgrow them" ?

eahinrichsen says:

I think there's meant to be a clause stop in the middle of the sentence. Like "They don't stop working; we outgrow them."

On2Vegas says:

Awwww...who's OG Droid is that? That should be kept for sentimental value, like a G1.

Man, those are some nice phones. I just bought another Galaxy Nexus on eBay for $150 the other day. Drowned my original. :-(

chaint says:

I've always wondered about donating a basic wipe secure enough to get rid of personal information on them? Any suggestions?

On2Vegas says:

I've turned in old phones at one of my carrier's (VZW) locations. They often have programs where they'll wipe it and give to assistance programs such as battered women.

eahinrichsen says:

Yeah, I think a lot of retail locations have things like that. I've donated an old phone to an abused women's non-profit at a Radio Shack before.

A factory data reset will remove your Google account info, contacts, & any apps you had loaded. You can also format the internal storage to wipe any files that may be left.

zapika says:

isn't it asking too much that the cells must be unlocked? most people doesn't even know what that is.

No, at Google I/O everyone will know what unlocking is. If they don't, they shouldn't be there.

zapika says:

yeah but if they want more cells donated, shouldn't be much of a bug for them to unlock the phones.

ConTejas says:

I think you're confusing "sim unlocked" with an unlocked bootloader. They do not want carrier specific devices.

Citrik says:

I still have my OG Droid sitting around here somewhere. I should donate it somewhere. It feels so puny in my hands now after palming Nexus phones for the past year.

miknxn says:

Jus donated my old Gnex to a friend over in Mexico. Pass on the love!

bsannes says:

You could donate the galaxy nexus and the D1 to me.

redragn5 says:

These are the kinds of programs I would love to contribute to but then realize that by the time I switch phones it's because they don't work anymore: My Droid 2 is a fatally bricked paperweight (that I'm going to recycle - the precious metals in it are still good even if it won't respond to anything) and the USB port on my Galaxy Nexus completely stopped working (I keep it around as a backup since I have an external battery charger/several spare batteries). Maybe one day I will actually manage to take care of a phone enough to pass it on...

I recycle mine by selling them on eBay or Craigslist

Sid Ashley says:

Are you guys still donating old phones? If so share some love with me. Thank you