Documents to Go 3.0

Weren't we just talking about Docs to Go 3.0? And sure enough, it's now available in the Android Market. Version 3.001 will run you $14.99. But judging by the number of e-mails we've already gotten, that likely won't be that big a deal for many of you. Download link after the break, folks. Thanks to everybody who sent this in!


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Docs to Go 3.0 for Android now available


I went to the Android market and clicked menu and then clicked on my downloads. The update was right there with no hassle.

I'm feeling a little stupid.. how do I upgrade from my paid version 2 to 3.. when I go to the market it appears I'll be charged again.

thanks for helping

You should be able to download the free version of DTG 3.0 and when it installs and replaces 2.0 the premium features will already be unlocked... at least that's what happened when I did the 3.0 install over my paid 2.0 version.

Google announced a new version of Google Docs that’ll allow you to edit and synchronize your documents on your Android device last month and its free. Data viz has been sucking money from me for over 15 years starting with my Palm devices. After paying over $40.00 for Docs to Go on my Blackberry A few years ago I am done giving these guys my money. Until Google releases their mobile app (Hopefully it will be an app) I just upload my documents to Google docs and edit through through my Evo browser. Makes editing time cards in the field a breeze and I dont have to do it when I get home after fighting traffic on the 405.

Yeah, I've been giving Dataviz my money for well over a decade, myself. I bought version 2.0 during one of the seemingly frequent sale periods. I am THRILLED with the update. The integration with Google Docs is spectacular. I haven't been able to install the desktop application, but the tight integration with Google Docs makes that almost a moot point.

So glad I bought DocsToGo when it was 10$. I have a question, are they going to offer the file sync between computers for Macs?

If you go to the dataviz website on your phone and buy it from there, it is only $9.99. Download the free version from the market and then your confirmation email will give you directions to activate it on your phone thrugh the free version. Don't pay $14.99 through the market.

If you have a paid version of 2.0 you have both the app and a small key app on your phone. Both the app and the key app have to be updated to have free access to all features. Be sure to update both apps.

Unfortunately for me, I had to change my email address and as typical you cannot get anyone at appbrain or the marketplace to answer a question. Poor customer service at AppBrain despite how much I have spent there.

Awesome! The only thing missing in v2 was cloud integration and PC sync. Now they added both. And free for v2 users!

I installed sync on Win7 64bit last night and it worked perfectly. It synced so fast (2 dozen files) I thought it didn't work, but it did. After using DocstoGo on WinMo5, 6, Palm, and BB, I can't believe this is their easiest and quickest yet.

Now Google Docs is useful too - I can work on the files offline! And the upgrade was free! This seems almost too good to be true.

I am so used to vendors selling version upgrades that don't work or are buggy and disappointing - this was a great surprise. Thanks Dataviz!