Desire HD port

Want to fool around with the new Sense that's coming with the Desire HD on your Droid Incredible or HTC Desire?  Thanks to some hackery and the Desire HD system dump, now you can.  The folks who brought you the IncDoes ROM have ported it over for the Dinc, and a neophyte (seriously, NeoPhyTe.x360) has wiggled it onto the Desire.  Granted, neither are what you would call "production-ready" and there are plenty of bugs, but everyone knows it's cool to play with new leaks and dumps if only for a little while.  That's what Nandroid backups are for, right?

Hit the source links for details, change logs, and downloads; and check the video after the break.  [XDA-Developers (Incredible -- Desire) via Engadget]


YouTube link for mobile viewing

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ben dover says:

looks like they finally brought the WM clock over to android.

homewmt says:

The original android gsm hero had the flip clock, but it was removed as a source of lag...I guess since lag really isn't even a problem for these phones they decided to bring the flip clock back

judasmachine says:

Er yeah you're right, I was thinking of VZW, which I use. But yeah the Hero is where it started.

judasmachine says:

They did it back when the Eris was released

Menno says:

I love the idea of allowing UI customizations without root. I really hope that this is something others will pick up on (or google will make standard)

I have a black notification bar with my current rom, and I've had so many people want me to do that to their phone because they don't understand that I need to void their warrenty to do it.

HTCSense says:

I guess fast boot isn't restricted to hardware.... it actually

likwidsoul says:

Man that thing boots fast. I wonder if the rom community will figure out how they did it so we can get some fast boot on other devices.

rugbyua9 says:

Yessssssssssssss......... some Incredible lovin.

The boot time is awesome. It only works if you choose "Power Off" from the menu screen as the phone goes into a "hibernation" mode where consumption is almost nothing. If you were to pull a battery the boot time is about the same...maybe a few seconds faster than normal depending on hardware.

Badgerboy says:

I've been running this Rom all day on my Amoled Desire, its like using a new handset,
Superb is all I can say. If your rooted and have the right phone give it a go, you seriously won't regret it (unless you want to use the camera of course, in which case your out of luck for the moment. Shouldn't take those lovely people at XDA long though I reckon :) ).

rugbyua9 says:

gotta love the chefs at xda....

They seem to work faster when beer money is thrown their way too! ;-)

Badgerboy says:

Lol, several pints of the good stuff coming their way then :)


can someone tell me how i am suppose to install it.. i did the update from sd card and it didnt work.. please tell me if im doing something wrong.. do i have to rename it as a help!!!!! my Incredible wants this now!!!!!! lol

jordanetodd says:

When will it be ported to the evo

macdonx says:

I downloaded and flashed a port for the Evo 4G. I loved everything about it, EXCEPT, because it's not totally made for the Evo, there are a lot of bugs, most important of which was it couldn't read my sd card. It says it's unmounted or not present. I would have kept using it otherwise. I'll let the experts work out the kinks before I re-install it.

domero#AC says:

how can i get that on my droidx??